Oh look, it’s a Public Folders survey!

Seeing that we have been busily working on various things related to Public Folder migration options recently, we wanted to ask you to help us get an updated view of what your migrations plans for public folders are. The survey will only take a couple of minutes to complete.


(Note that ‘2016’ in the link and title does not mean that you have to have PFs on Exchange 2016 already; it references to current calendar year.)

Thank you! We want to make sure that we are going after right migration scenarios.

Public Folder Team

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  1. Peter Nagel says:

    On the third page i lost patience: why do i have to rank activities that we never did? To make it short: the only thing we plan with public folders in the next year is to get rid of them… Back in Ex2007 the word was, that public folders will die and i was verry happy with this. We have Sharepoint on premise and THIS is the point to store collaboration data. You really should work on a better Sharepoint-Exchange-Integration than riding a dead horse… (IMHO) ;-)

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