Exchange Server Deployment Assistant Updated with New Exchange 2016 Scenarios

We’re happy to announce the latest addition to the Exchange Server Deployment Assistant!

You can now use the Deployment Assistant to help you configure an Exchange 2016-based hybrid deployment in organizations where Exchange 2010 is already installed. Configuring an Exchange 2016-based hybrid deployment gives you access to features like cross-premises e-discovery, enhanced secure mail, multiple Active Directory forest support, OAuth federation support, and more!

In addition to this new scenario, the following scenarios are already available in the Deployment Assistant:

  • Deploy Exchange 2016 into an organization with no existing Exchange deployments
  • Upgrade to Exchange 2016 from Exchange 2010

And, we’re working on adding more scenarios to the Deployment Assistant as fast as we can! We’ll post announcements here when they’re available.

In case you're not familiar with it, the Exchange Server Deployment Assistant is a web-based tool that helps you deploy Exchange in your on-premises organization, configure a hybrid deployment between your on-premises organization and Office 365, or migrate to Office 365. Supported on most major browsers, the tool asks you a small set of simple questions and then, based on your answers, creates a customized checklist with instructions to deploy or configure Exchange. Instead of trying to find what you need in the Exchange library, the Deployment Assistant gives you exactly the right information you need to complete your task.


Do you have a deployment success story about the Deployment Assistant? Do you have suggestions on how to improve the tool? We would love your feedback and comments! Feel free to leave a comment here, or send an email to directly or via the 'Feedback' link located in the header of every page of the Deployment Assistant.

Happy deploying!

The Deployment Assistant Team

Comments (3)
  1. sime3000 says:

    Thanks, but where is the 2016 Hybrid and 2016 on-premises deployment guidance where the on-premises environment is Exchange 2013 ? They’re both still listed as "coming soon!"
    When should we expect delivery of those two scenarios ?

  2. Shawn Larkin says:

    Any update on the 2013 to 2016 guides? It’s been several months now and they still just show as “Coming Soon”…

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