Announcing Cumulative Update 8 for Exchange Server 2013

The Exchange team is announcing today the availability of Cumulative Update 8 for Exchange Server 2013. The Cumulative Update Package and UM Language Packs are now available on the Microsoft Download Center. Cumulative Update 8 represents the continuation of our Exchange Server 2013 servicing and builds upon Exchange Server 2013 Cumulative Update 7. The release includes fixes for customer reported issues, minor product enhancements and previously released security bulletins. A complete list of customer reported issues resolved can be found in Knowledge Base Article KB3030080. Customers running any previous release of Exchange Server 2013 can move directly to Cumulative Update 8 today. Customers deploying Exchange Server 2013 for the first time may skip previous releases and start their deployment with Cumulative Update 8 directly.

We would like to call your attention to a few items in particular about the Cumulative Update 8 release:

  • Calendar and Contact Modern Public Folders favorites added in Outlook are now accessible in OWA
  • Batch Migration of Public Folders to 2013 improves migration throughput and PF migration experience
  • The number of supported Public Folders has increased once again for on-premises deployments (O365 limits remain the same)
  • Smoother migration for EAS clients to O365 with automatic profile redirect upon successful Hybrid migration to O365 (EAS client must support HTTP 451 redirect)

For the latest information and product announcements please read What’s New in Exchange Server 2013, Release Notesand product documentation available on TechNet.

Cumulative Update 8 may include Exchange related updates to the Active Directory schema and Exchange configuration when compared with the version of Exchange 2013 you have currently deployed. Microsoft recommends all customers test the deployment of a cumulative update in their lab environment to determine the proper installation process for your production environment. For information on extending the schema and configuring Active Directory, please review the appropriate TechNet documentation.

Also, to prevent installation issues you should ensure that the Windows PowerShell Script Execution Policy is set to “Unrestricted” on the server being upgraded or installed. To verify the policy settings, run the Get-ExecutionPolicy cmdlet from PowerShell on the machine being upgraded. If the policies are NOT set to Unrestricted you should use the resolution steps in KB981474to adjust the settings.

In Exchange 2013 CU8 we are also delivering another milestone of public folder scalability improvements for our on-premises customers. When you are migrating from legacy versions of Exchange 2007/2010 to Exchange 2013 CU8 we now support migrating up to 500,000 public folders, a 200% increase from CU7. After your migration to Exchange 2013 CU8 has completed, or you are starting in a greenfield deployment of Exchange 2013 CU8, we now support up to 1,000,000 public folders, a 400% increase from CU7. The number of supported public folder mailboxes remains at 100 for the time being. In addition no single public folder mailbox in the organization may contain more than 100,000 public folders. The 100,000 value includes both active and deleted public folders stored within the public folder mailbox that have not yet aged out of the system due to your configured deleted public folder retention settings. Please remember that on-premises public folder scale limits are not the same as those used in Exchange Online. Exchange Online limits can be found at this article, and this documentationwill be updated in the near future to reflect Exchange 2013 CU8 on-premises’ new limits.

Reminder:Customers in hybrid deployments where Exchange is deployed on-premises and in the cloud, or who are using Exchange Online Archiving (EOA) with their on-premises Exchange deployment are required to deploy the most current (e.g., CU8) or the prior (e.g., CU7) Cumulative Update release.

Note: Documentation may not be fully available at the time this post was published.

Update 03/19/2015: we added information about public folder scale improvements in CU8.

The Exchange Team

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  1. alan.debaene says:

    @Vasil L. Michev – You are correct, I did not even think about it like that. It seems silly now. I have access to those public folders now that I have gone to the Calendar Tab. It might be helpful for those instructions to be added to the Blog post, because
    I as well as a few others were clearly caught up by that. Just a suggestion.

  2. Appreciate the new release. Re: the PF migration experience improvements – is this all on the back end, or will the TechNet serial migration process also be updated?

  3. It would be best to open a support case as we can’t troubleshoot here in the comments. The steps I outlined are what we’ve tested to work.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I can confirm that Public Folder favorites for Contacts or Calendar items are appearing in OWA following CU8 for me, just have to do what the poster above me said.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I installed update 8 last night but I am still unable to add Calendar Public Folders to favorites in OWA.
    Please help.

  6. For the PF favorites issue – I think you guys are simply misunderstanding the instructions. You do not have to right-click on Favorites in OWA and select them from there, this will still result in "Only mail public folders can be added to Favorites.".

    Instead, once you have added the contacts/calendars PF to favorites via Outlook, simply open the Calendar or People page in OWA and you will have the folder visible there (under "Other calendars" or "Public Folders" respectively)

  7. @StephenKCEE
    Yep, there is no schema update in CU8. Before and after instantly pre requisite check its 15312.

  8. @FrancWest – We cannot provide support for installation failures on this blog. Please reach out to other community options or open a case with support services so that they can help resolve the issue for you.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Brian, I’ll try that.

  10. @FrancWest – Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will publish the details for 3031133.

  11. alan.debaene says:

    The Tier 2 engineer is going to install CU8 in his lab to see if he can get it to work and rule out any environment variables. He originally pointed me to the KB article for CU8 – – He said that if you read the article it does not mention anything regarding the addidtion of public folder calendars in OWA. I basically said I read
    that and hoped that the KB article was strictly mentioning Hotfixes and not feature adds. My fear is that what is written above is not accurate since there is no documentation to support it and others have had the same issue above. Good luck everyone.

  12. Azure-Amjad says:

    Great work guys. I Like the improvements to Pubic Folders. Will give it a test drive in Azure as a O365 Hybrid Server :)

  13. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t been able to get my calendar / contact based public folders to appear in OWA.

    Same as alan.debaene tried everything mentioned in comments.
    Brian can you please comment on this?

  14. FrancWest says:

    Issue during setup. When starting the upgrade, during the the removing files stage, setup failed with the following error: Product: Microsoft Exchange Server — Error 1705. A previous installation for this product is in progress. You must undo the changes
    made by that installation to continue. Do you want to undo those changes? This wasn’t detected during the check pre-requisites check.

    Setup quit and I rebooted the server. After that I started setup again, but no go. After ‘connect to the internet and check for updates’ step, setup just quits and never continues… When I choose ‘don’t check for updates’ setup finally continues.

  15. But wait there is more! If you’re email subscribed to comments then come back and see the update regarding PF scale improvements in CU8.

  16. Anonymous says:

    The issue discussed in KB2883203 where Managed Availability Responders ActiveDirectoryConnectivityConfigDCServerReboot and ActiveDirectoryConnectivityServerReboot reboot or bug check the Exchange 2013 servers periodically is not resolved in Exchange 2013
    Cumulative Update 8. I deployed CU8 in production on Wednesday and the following day I experienced the first bug check unexpected reboot. I guess the Override command is the only way out of this nightmare.

  17. Anonymous says:

    When will the Set-MailboxSentItemsConfiguration be brought back?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Is the issue where responders ActiveDirectoryConnectivityConfigDCServerReboot and ActiveDirectoryConnectivityServerReboot reboot or bug check the Exchange 2013 servers periodically resolved with CU 8? According to article in KB2883203 this issue should
    have been resolved in Cumulative Update 3 but my servers are running Cumulative Update 6 and they are still rebooting unexpectedly. The Managed Availability Logs reveal those responders as the culprit.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Is there any news about the limitation of the Search Items in Outlook Online mode ? At the moment it fetches only 250 Items, it works fine with cached mode.

  20. @MirekF, for now you have to add the folder to your favorites list in Outlook (full client) and let Outlook synchronize your favorites list back to Exchange. Once Outlook has done the synchronization the folders should show up in your favorites list in
    OWA and allow you to access the PFs.

  21. alan.debaene says:

    @MirekF & @Renat Matveev – I have opened a case with Microsoft and they are investigating now. It has been escelated to a Tier 2 engineer. I will post any updates that I receive.

  22. alan.debaene says:

    If I call my premier support line, what are the chances of me getting someone who is familiar with CU8 and can help explain and/or speak to me on this topic, I am more than willing to do this, as I am delaying my public folder migration until I can confirm
    this works. Several of my users rely on calendar-based public folders being available in OWA. What I find funny is that it is not just me having this problem and that there still is no documentation available anywhere except for in these comments as to exactly
    how this works. I understand if it should just work, but from the sounds of it and my experience, there needs to be a specific scenario in place to get these types of public folders open in OWA. I will contact Premier Support now.

  23. @MattMN – as previously announced in an earlier blog post that functionality is coming back in CU9. Please see this post :

    @Varol – The Batch PF Migration experience requires slightly different commands to be used. It also requires Exchange 2013 SP3 RU8 and Exchange 2007 SP3 RU15 be installed on the legacy versions to work or else Exchange 2013 will be unable to open multiple migration
    streams at once. I’m having trouble pulling up the TechNet page for on-premises so I’ll investigate why that is.

    This should be the article you’d need, but it’s missing at the moment:

    You can also look at this version for legacy PFs to O365 to get an idea of the cmdlet changes from the serial migration method to the batch migration method:

  24. alan.debaene says:

    Has anyone gotten calendar or contact-based public folders to appear in OWA?
    I have tried everything mentioned in the comments and I still cannot get them to display in OWA? Any link to documentation on how to get them to appear correctly as favorites? I have added them to favorites in Outlook 2010 and 2013 client as well as visited
    them at least once. I also tried checking the "Download public folder favorites" check-box in the Account Settings section in Outlook. I have not found anything elsewhere on how to make them appear.

  25. JOHNBCW says:

    The public folder increase is nice. However, is there a way to fix the permissions broken during previous migration? I cannot manage my public folders after the migration. If I build the sites new I can manage them just fine. I have had premier tickets
    open for this and the only option is to rebuild the structure and migrate……ouch.

  26. Funny thing is, I somehow managed to fck this up on my own account. Was working fine yesterday, and now I cannot get either existing or new favs to appear in OWA…

  27. FrancWest says:

    The fixlist includes this KB article, but the page doesn’t exist:

    KB3031133: Default folders are duplicated after you migrate mailboxes to Exchange Server 2013

  28. moh10ly says:

    The Fastfeeder (search and search host service) are driving me crazy on CU7. they always pop up and cause the Databases to go into unknown status. even if there’s a DAG both copies become unknown even after creating the contentsubmitters group and clearing
    the old index folder.

    Is this fixed on this CU?

  29. Thanks for explanations about PF calendar :)
    CU8 working absolutely stable since install in my production, even with CU7 I had some random instabilities, especially with IMAP-users, it is great.
    But I found that OWA problems with Chromium-based browsers (tested with latest Chrome and Opera) not completely fixed in CU8. Creating or editing mail rules in OWA (Options -> Organize email -> Inbox rules) fails when I choose "It was received from" or "It
    was sent to" (Infinite loading appears). In IE the same option works perfectly, but it isn’t an option for LinuxMac-users.

  30. FrancWest says:

    @Brent: I know, just posted here to inform others if they encounter the issue. As noted in my post, CU8 did install.

  31. I also tried to add calendar public folder in OWA (all servers updated to 2013CU8, modern public folders) – but fail to do it. In OWA message appears: Only mail public folders can be added to Favorites.

  32. StephenKCEE says:

    Hi, The documentation above says that “Cumulative Update 8 ‘may’ include Exchange related updates to the Active Directory schema”. Looking at the CU8 entry in the Exchange 2013 Active Directory versions table in ‘Prepare Active Directory and domains’ it
    appears that there are no changes from CU7 to CU8, as the Schema (15312), Configuration (15965) and Default (13236) versions remain the same. Are you able to confirm this?

  33. Vasil wins the cookie! :) Apologies if the "how" didn’t seem straightforward at first.

    For others try these steps…

    1. Using Outlook, add the public folder contact/calendar folders to your favorite folders list

    2. Visit each folder in Outlook once.

    3. Allow Outlook to synchronize the favorite folder list back to Exchange.

    4. Log into OWA

    5. Go to the Calendar tab and look for the folder to now be in the calendar list on left

    6. Go to the People tab and look for the folder to now be in the contact sources list on the left

  34. You’re welcome. After adding it to your favorites list you may have to actually visit the folder once within Outlook as well.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Is the "DeviceIdMissingOrInvalid:" error for ActiveSync a known issue with CU8? Ran into it testing a 2010 to 2013 migration. I’m going to test on a fresh install when I can.

    A few others have noticed the issue as well.

  36. Simon says:

    Why the heck can’t you make sure that documentation *is* available immediately? How can distributing static HTML content be so hard? I though you guys ran Azure?

  37. wer83 says:

    •Calendar and Contact Modern Public Folders favorites added in Outlook are now accessible in OWA


  38. Greig Mitchell says:

    Installed and all working in my home environment. Will be deploying at work as soon during an Exchange 2007 > Exchange 2013 migration.

  39. soder says:

    Lets start the Russian roulette: who is the bravest to install THIS in a production environment first?

  40. ChrisM says:

    I signed up for Exchange Online and Office 365. I still don’t see support for viewing a shared calendar in OWA. When can we expect to see Exchange Online updated to CU8?

  41. Kenneth says:

    I’m sorry, I don’t understand IT language. I am navigating Microsoft website to access technical support as my Office 365 is not working, although it was cleaned and fixed yesterday by Microsoft Technical Support. Now I cannot get onto technical support
    and keeps telling me my phone number I always use for phone chat is invalid.

    I wondered if this is because I should now be on Cumulative Update 8 for Exchange Server 2013 ?

    any assistance/guidance would be gratefully appreciated.

  42. Ken Hathaway says:

    What version of Exchange 2013 do you need to be at to install the update

  43. eddy says:

    ECP and OWA did not run anymore after updrade!

  44. Alan Plummer says:

    Can you give a quick example of how to open a Public Folder calendar in OWA?

  45. Heiko says:

    @FrancWest same issue at us

  46. Mirek says:

    After installing Cumulative Update 8 for Exchange Server 2013, I am still unable to add calendar public folder to OWA favorites.

  47. Alan D says:

    Is there any documentation around the calendar/contact-based Public Folders now being available in OWA? After installing this update in my test environment I am unable to see calendar and contact-based public folders that have been added as favorites in
    Outlook. I have tried Outlook 2010 and 2013, and the mail-based modern public folders are available as they always have been, but I still am unable to find a way to view the calendar or contact public folders in OWA. They still show as unavailable when trying
    to add them as favorites in OWA. I can add them as favorites in Outlook, but after adding them as favorites as the article explains in Outlook, subsequently logging on to OWA I am still unable to view them.

    Any thoughts or documentation/release-notes I can take a look at that can help paint this scenario for me?


  48. Jason says:

    Both the "Cumulative Update 8 (gets the Microsoft Page Cannot Be found site" link and the "KB3030080" links are currently not working.

  49. Erik says:

    The download link seems to be broken. I can’t find the update if I manually search the download center either.

  50. AWK says:

    This looks great Brian. Can the batch migrations be completed over multiple weekends there for minimizing down time for my end users

  51. Karsten says:

    Although I put one of the Public Folder Calender in OLK Full Client in the Favorites and opend it once it doesnt apear in OWA. How do I know that my favorites list has synchronized back to Exchange?

  52. Zoltan Erszenyi says:

    Are there any new stealth features that aren’t documented here and in the release notes?

  53. Pigu says:

    successfully updatet tonight

  54. Karsten says:

    @ MirekF and others
    I had also to trouble to find the public folders in OWA. The problem in my case was that i searched for them in the place the normal public folder are. The trick is: you only see them then you switch to the calender view (in the menu in up right). I still see
    no public folder contacts but whith calender it worked.

  55. Karsten says:

    @ MirekF and others
    I had also to trouble to find the public folders in OWA. The problem in my case was that i searched for them in the place the normal public folder are. The trick is: you only see them then you switch to the calender view (in the menu in up right). I still see
    no public folder contacts but whith calender it worked.

  56. Brian says:

    Brian, when you say, "Allow Outlook to synchronize the favorite folder list back to Exchange." Does this require the ‘cached exchange mode’ to be enabled as I have disabled this function with all users with Exchange accounts with smart devices such as
    iphones and droids. There is always sync’ing issues between outlook and these devices when the ‘cached exchange mode’ is enabled. When I right click and go to properties on the public calendar that I added to my favorites, and go to synchronization, the filtered
    button is greyed out and the statistics show the folder never synchronized, server folder contains 0 items, and Offline folders contains are unavailable.

    I also have a support case open with Tier 2 support, case # 1150319125382086, they refunded me the support fees after the tier 2 tech created an Exchange Environment with CU8, and confirmed, that CU8 does not allow for public calendars and contacts to be available
    over OWA. He even reference the TechNet article, KB3030080, referenced above. This article specifically states the enhancements of CU8 and public calendars and contacts over OWA is not mentioned at all. I’m not stating Microsoft is ‘falsely advertising’ their
    products, but Microsoft needs to fully test this and come clean with their customers. And if it is possible, then they need to release a TechNet article specifically detailing a step by step process of added these folders to OWA.

  57. Robert Richter says:

    PowerShell Script Execution Policy set to “Unrestricted” ? Are you sure? Why not set it to RemoteSigned? Will there be any issues setting it to RemoteSigned? I am planning to install a new Server (no upgrade), can I use CU8 directly, or should I use the
    Exchange SP1 disc ? Installing a new Server with CU8 (if possible), which setting is required (is RemoteSigned sufficient, or should I use Unrestricted ??

  58. Is it just me, but when running the unattended setup within a PowerShell it tells me starting CU5 update:

    Welcome to Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Cumulative Update 5 Unattended Setup

    I’ve double checked that there is no CU5 source started for installation.

    When I run the same in CMD it shows:
    Welcome to Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Cumulative Update 8 Unattended Setup


  59. NVGoldendog says:

    CU8 is working well with public folders. I am able to see them in OWA just as mentioned. I just needed to follow the instructions. Perhaps someone should do a step by step with pics for the people having issues.

  60. JamesR MSP says:

    When will Exchange 2013 support the import of contacts from Outlook Web App?

  61. Krogsgaard says:

    Migrated PF from Ex2010 to Ex2013 for a customer with CU7 – took almost 7 days to migrate the data.
    We had to roll back due to some difficulties we had to sort out.
    We did the migration again with CU8 installed, this time the data migration took only 11 hours.
    I really like batch migration :)

  62. Brent says:

    My monitoring software spotted two missing services after the update, are there any notes on this?

    Missing services:

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