Exchange releases: December 2014

Editor's Note: Updates added below for important information related to Exchange Server 2010 SP3 Update Rollup 8.

The Exchange team is announcing today a number of releases. Today’s releases include updates for Exchange Server 2013, 2010, and 2007. The following packages are now available on the Microsoft download center.

These releases represent the latest set of fixes available for each of their respective products. The releases include fixes for customer reported issues and minor feature improvements. The cumulative updates and rollup updates for each product version contain important updates for recently introduced Russian time zones, as well as fixes for the security issues identified in MS14-075. Also available for release today are MS14-075 Security Updates for Exchange Server 2013 Service Pack 1 and Exchange Server 2013 Cumulative Update 6.

Exchange Server 2013 Cumulative Update 7 includes updates which make migrating to Exchange Server 2013 easier. These include:

  • Support for Public Folder Hierarchies in Exchange Server 2013 which contain 250,000 public folders
  • Improved support for OAB distribution in large Exchange Server 2013 environments

Customers with Public Folders deployed in an environment where multiple Exchange versions co-exist will want to read Brian Day’s post for additional information.

Cumulative Update 7 includes minor improvements in the area of backup. We encourage all customers who backup their Exchange databases to upgrade to Cumulative Update 7 as soon as possible and complete a full backup once the upgrade has been completed. These improvements remove potential challenges restoring a previously backed up database.

For the latest information and product announcements about Exchange 2013, please read What's New in Exchange 2013, Release Notes and Exchange 2013 documentation on TechNet.

Cumulative Update 7 includes Exchange-related updates to Active Directory schema and configuration. For information on extending schema and configuring Active Directory, please review Prepare Active Directory and Domains in Exchange 2013 documentation.

Reminder: Customers in hybrid deployments where Exchange is deployed on-premises and in the cloud, or who are using Exchange Online Archiving (EOA) with their on-premises Exchange deployment are required to deploy the most current (e.g., CU7) or the prior (e.g., CU6) Cumulative Update release.

Update 12/12/2014:

Exchange Server 2010 SP3 Update Rollup 8 has been re-released to the Microsoft download center resolving a regression discovered in the initial release. The update RU8 package corrects the issue which impacted users connecting to Exchange from Outlook. The issue was insulated to the MAPI RPC layer and was able to be isolated to quickly deliver the updated RU8 package. The updated RU8 package is version number 14.03.0224.002 if you need to confirm you have the updated package. The updates for Exchange Server 2013 and 2007 were not impacted by this regression and have not been updated.

Update 12/10/2014:

An issue has been identified in the Exchange Server 2010 SP3 Update Rollup 8. The update has been recalled and is no longer available on the download center pending a new RU8 release. Customers should not proceed with deployments of this update until the new RU8 version is made available. Customers who have already started deployment of RU8 should rollback this update.

The issue impacts the ability of Outlook to connect to Exchange, thus we are taking the action to recall the RU8 to resolve this problem. We will deliver a revised RU8 package as soon as the issue can be isolated, corrected, and validated. We will publish further updates to this blog post regarding RU8.

This issue only impacts the Exchange Server 2010 SP3 RU8 update, the other updates remain valid and customers can continue with deployment of these packages.

The Exchange Team

Comments (98)
  1. PF hierarchy updates are a welcome addition, but are increases to the number of public folder mailboxes on the roadmap as well?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Update Rollup 8 For Exchange 2010 SP3 (KB2986475) was applied to our Exchange server last night.
    All appears to be fine, but users are having all kind of trouble using the Outlook Client to connect to their mailboxes. Note: OWA is not affected

  3. Installed in production (2013CU7). Looks like working normally.
    OWA sounds working again, great.
    But ECP problems with Chrome >=37 not fixed.
    Also, Russian time zone changes not completely fixed (I have many meetings in shared rooms which are not overlappings in Outlook 2013 in January 2015, but they overlappingshas non-correct time in OWA).

  4. Gulab Prasad says:

    Microsoft has history of recalling updates after releasing it for their several products, not just exchange. I hope other updates for Exchange 2007 and 2010 has no issues with them…

  5. Jean-LucCh says:

    .. sorry I can see it has been corrected!

  6. OceanOB says:

    What is the problema with backups before CU7, that CU7 is said to solve? I can’t see anything about backup in the solved issues section of KB2986485. Please help to assess the urgency to install this CU7.

  7. Anon-1 says:

    @Microsoft, PLEASE FOCUS on giving GOOD SERVICE to your Exchange Server (On-Premises) customers I.E. giving solid SPs, RUs and CUs.

  8. Recep YUKSEL says:

    Thank you sharing.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Anyone enabled succesfully TLS 1.2 for SMTP Communication?

  10. Darth Adonis says:

    I am floored. Obscure issues making it thru testing unnoticed is one thing, but the biggest use case of all (Outlook connectivity) not being identified in testing is just astounding. Especially with this release already having been delayed once, it seems
    like there was ample time to find something this glaring. I am not saying I could do it better, but my confidence in servicing updates was already shaken after the last few releases so this really leaves me questioning the future of Exchange On-premises.

  11. Jean-LucCh says:

    Is the ActiveSync with Exchange 2007 corrected (

  12. perhof says:

    It wasn’t only Outlook clients that were affected by the problems in RU8.
    We are running McAfee groupshield on our Client Access/Transport servers and groupshield made RPCServ hang consuming 100% CPU which also brought the Exchange Transport service to a halt.
    Uninstalling RU8 brought things back to normal again.

  13. @wits1 – We have unfortunately identify a problem with Outlook connectivity that was not caught in internal validation. As updated on the blog here, we are working on a fix and will release as soon as possible.

    @RoyceEB – For now rolling back RU8 is the only action necessary to restore normal Outlook connectivity.

  14. Anonymous says:

    You Guys REALLY need to do better field testing before release!
    It’s not the first time we have seen problems with there UR’s lately.

    /Klaus Ringe Nielsen
    (Currently uninstalling)

  15. Please add Exchange 2013 set-mailboxsentitemsconfiguration support. One of the most requested features at customers!

  16. OceanOB says:

    Good point publishing the security update also for CU6 (and SP1). That lets us apply it more quickly, while planning and performing schema update and testing CU7 more thoroughfully.

  17. @Renat Mateev – We are aware of and still working on resolving issues with Chrome and ECP. We are also investigating reports of calendar shift issues with the new time zone updates.

    @ECMaster76 – Since you are running a private fix (FIU) applying MS14-075 on top of your private fix is not recommended. Taking this action could revert the issue resolved by the FIU. The fixes you received as an FIU have been resolved in CU7 (as is MS14-075).
    CU7 would be the recommended path forward.

  18. Ecmaster76 says:

    Is the update for MS14-075 safe to apply to Exchange 2013 CU6 with the FIU (Exchange2013-KB2997209_2997847-x64-en) already applied?

  19. Anonymous says:

    I wasn’t able to post this in the original thread ( so am
    leaving it here instead.

    The problems with Outlook 2010 and 2013 with Sync Issues due to deleted items when communicating with Exchange 2010, 2013 and Office365 that I had posted about in that old thread have been resolved via a Hotfix for the Outlook client: … the Hotfix was issued back in April 2014 but I have only just become aware of it.

  20. Anonymous says:

    wits1 – did you have to uninstall the previous RUs as the article says needs to be done? I thought we didn’t have to do that any more after Sp3.

  21. TammyRSmith says:

    Not sure what you’re talking about Klaus, not a single issue has occurred here!

  22. Super excited about the expansion on PF capacity. Keep up the good work.

  23. Ashley says:

    Good job. Lets hope these are good releases that have received plenty of testing.

  24. MC says:

    The KB’s aren’t showing up for any of them. Just says Oops, page not found..

  25. DavidF says:

    Christmas came earlier than expected. :) Any changelog for the 2013 SP1 CU7 release?

  26. I have a client that has installed a interim update to CU6 to help fix KB2997847, you previously advised when applying CU6 that "A reminder for those customers who installed the Interim Update which resolved this issue: it’s NOT necessary to uninstall
    the Interim Update prior to installing CU6." however I can’t see any advise about this interim update before installing CU7?

  27. Todd says:

    Eh hem! After downloading and extracting CU7, then running "setup /PrepareSchema", should I be seeing "Welcome to Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Cumulative Update 6 Unattended Setup"?

  28. mcmchuck says:

    "Support for Public Folder Hierarchies in Exchange Server 2013 which contain 250,000 public folders"

    Very disappointing.

  29. Asker says:

    Does the powershell policy problem ( still apply to the Exchange 2010 SP3 RU8?

  30. MidwestGDB says:

    CU7 install keeps failing. The install keeps disabling the Exchange Services and then gives error that it can’t start an Exchange Service. After failing, the install does not back out the install and renders the server unusable. Guess we will all be opening
    a cases with PSS.

    The following error was generated when "$error.Clear();
    if (get-service MSExchangeServiceHost* | where {$ -eq "MSExchangeServiceHost"})
    " was run: "Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.ServiceCommandException: Service ‘Microsoft Exchange Service Host (MSExchangeServiceHost)’ cannot be started due to the following error: Cannot start service MSExchangeServiceHost on computer…

  31. stephan says:

    After installing on several German Exchange Servers we have just Problems. Don’t install!

  32. Salas says:

    I installed Exchange 2010 sp3 CU7 And CU8 yesterday, and today Outlook 2010 not working correctly in "Online mode". Users cannot send invites. "Operaion failed" error ocures and inbox not displaying items until restart. When using cached mode, everything
    is OK. Registered incident in Premier Support.

  33. vitaly says:

    After installing Exchange 2010 SP3 RU8 bumped into this issue:

    Server have Transport, CAS, Mailbox roles combined

  34. wn says:

    Has anyone installed RU8 for Exchange 2010 SP3? Everything works fine?

  35. Andrew says:

    Is MS14-075 safe to apply on Exchange 2013 CU6 w/ the FIU (KB2997209_2997847)?

  36. ThommyG says:

    After applying RU8 for Exchange 2010 SP3 users (Outlook 2010 Online Mode) are not able to delete messages or to confirm schedule requests. Anyone can confirm this? Now rolling back to RU6.

  37. Patrik says:

    After installation of Rollup 8 on a SBS 2011 we couldn’t access our calenders or send mail from our terminalserver (fully patched Windows 2008R2) with Outlook 2010. Uninstall of Rollup 8 fix the problem.

  38. Steve (WITS) says:

    Update Rollup 8 For Exchange 2010 SP3 (KB2986475) was applied to our Exchange server last night.
    All appears to be fine, but users are having all kind of trouble using the Outlook Client to connect to their mailboxes. not affecting OWA

  39. Pendragon8062 says:

    Same problem as wits1. Outlook clients are having coranaries all over the place, but OWA is fine.

  40. Scott R says:

    Problems with outlook clients after applying this to Exchange 2010 SP3:

    Getting a couple of times an hour:

    Watson report about to be sent for process id: 11776, with parameters: E12, c-RTL-AMD64, 14.03.0224.001, M.E.RpcClientAccess.Service, M.E.RpcClientAccess.Handler, M.E.R.H.ViewCache.IsRowWithinUnreadCache, System.IndexOutOfRangeException, 8e38, 14.03.0224.001.
    ErrorReportingEnabled: False


    An unhandled exception (‘CrashNowException’) occurred in Microsoft.Exchange.RpcClientAccess.Service.exe [11776]. Just-In-Time debugging this exception failed with the following error: Debugger could not be started because no user is logged on.

  41. Cashmo says:

    "Update Rollup 8 For Exchange 2010 SP3 (KB2986475) was applied to our Exchange server last night.
    All appears to be fine, but users are having all kind of trouble using the Outlook Client to connect to their mailboxes. Note: OWA is not affected"

    Same story here. "Cannot open this item" errors in Outlook but OWA not affected.

  42. Pendragon8062 says:

    RoyceEB, our update was applied by Windows Updates and the other roll-ups were left in place. There were no interrim updates installed, however. We uninstalled RU8 (which required a download of the SP3 file for exchserver.msi) and things went back to normal.
    What a mess though.

  43. Jsuboh says:

    I’m having issues with Update Rollup 8 For Exchange 2010 SP3 with Calendars with all my Outlook Clients. Searching the internet, I found a lot of other users having the same issues. Uninstalling Update Rollup 8 For Exchange 2010 SP3 resolves the issue.

  44. Edwin says:

    We had all kinds of trouble after instelling update rollup 8. Some users couldn’t send email anymore. Others could not plan meetings in their calendar and so on. After we uninstalled rollup 8 everything works fine!

  45. Juergen says:

    Your patchdays a getting worse each month!!!!!!!!!!!! KB3004394, Exchange 2010 SP UR8 etc.

  46. Juergen says:

    Rollback of UR8 is not possible, Uninstall is asking for exchangeserver.msi?! HELP!!!

  47. What has happened to testing and validating updates before they are released? Each time you pull an update within hours/days of releasing it you knock the confidence of any IT professional due to deploy it in, and the end result is that many will not deploy
    it at all! The Exchange quality assurance testing needs to be improved, as this is becoming an all to familiar situation!

  48. Mark Hall says:

    Well that solves the mystery and perhaps my biggest headache for today… Patch Tuesday goes out with a BANG for 2014

  49. Pe'eed Off says:

    Had to roll back everything – MS – you broke the server! Big time. Ahh – I now see you pulled the update. This is crazy. You really put me through hell. Thank goodness I have a simple volume backup and finally decided to roll back the entire server to
    previous night’s image. Uninstalling rollup failed. For those interested – is the best,simplest backup I’ve ever used and saved me a bunch of times (including this time).

  50. Rob says:

    This is nothing more than showing the state the product is in.

  51. Cole says:

    I’m unable to uninstall the rollup 8, it gives me an error relating to "the installed product does not match the installation sources". Has anyone else had this issue?

  52. John Doe says:

    Pro-Tipp: Test Outlook functionality as it is the mist common client for Exchange. And you might not believe or recognize: Most customers are on Exchange Server and not in Office 365. So it might be a great idea to test on-premise installations as well.
    Might sound like the nineties for you, but is nevertheless required.

  53. Marco Meier says:

    ok, after the last black-patchday a second shot! I hope MS intention for 2015 is: "Make better Updates!"

  54. Mark Barstow says:

    Our Exchange 2010 servers are at Sp3 (14.3 Build 123.4); we did NOT install RU8, yet our users started having all the same Outlook client problems we’ve read about with RU8. We are using EOP, we have 2 users on Exchange Online (the very beginning of a
    migration), and we have a hybrid server, but our other 120 users are connecting to conventional on-prem servers. We have nothing to roll back, but have the Outlook issues that came with this update. What should we do? Does anyone else have this issue?

  55. RH says:

    When uninstalling Rollup 8 I am prompted to locate the exchangeserver.msi file located on the installation media. I have both Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2010 SP1 ISOs however both of them are rejected with the message "..not a valid installation package
    for the product Microsoft Exchange Server"

  56. Jbirger says:

    Last week I began the installation of RU8 but it failed in the middle and appeared to have not installed – i however am experiencing exactly the issues outlined when the RU is installed. AND i cannot uninstall it because windows does not show it as installed
    AND i cannot restore to the snapshot from last week because i would lose all the email from this week. Is there a workaround or support i can contact for this issues?

  57. Is that a joke??? says:

    How can a problem like that be missed during internal testing? Checking if outlook connects to exchange is the basic step I would have done if i was testing connectivity! Msft internal validation and testing sucks big time. We just became beta testers
    for all of microsoft. That’s why some of us will never move to office 365 as we certainly can’t roll back updates there ourselves!!!

  58. Susanne says:

    oh no …

  59. Holger says:

    Great Job at Exchange 2010. Only 2 times retired Publishing RU8. Take time. As we say in german "all good things takes 3 times". We are waitung for good qualitäty Update for our Environment with 20.000 Mailboxes.

  60. Dave says:

    Is it possible to say more about the problems caused by RU8?
    Installed yesterday on one prod in one of the offices (not very big – a little more than a one thousand users) – until now problems are not reported

  61. Harun says:

    We already installed the RU8 for Exchange Server 2010 SP3 yesterday before this article and we have a lot of problem in Outlook.

    Could I delete the RU8 on the Exchange Server ?


  62. Team Sherr says:

    Removed Rollup 8, issue still happening randomly not to the same intensity.

    This is seriously not funny its beyond a joke. When will this be properly fixed?

  63. Juergen says:

    we have seen issuses on Windows 7 Clients (Outlook 2010 and 2013) connecting to Exchange 2010 SP3 UR6 (not UR8) on Server 2008 R2 when KB3004394 was installed on CAS Servers. Outlook was unable to authenticate, uninstall of KB3004394 from our CAS Servers
    fixed the issue!

  64. seno says:

    The Rollup was installed automatically via Windows Update on our System tonight.
    Now we have all kinds of Problems with Outlook clients.

    When trying to remove the rollup, it prompts for Exchangeserver.msi from Rollup 7, but since installation of the Rollup also happened via Windows Update, i cannot give it the File it requires.

    Any suggestions anyone?

  65. mikhail says:

    ****** ***! You new about RU time zones problem since oktober 2014! But since that time nothing was resolved!!! Today we got a lot of problems!!!!

  66. De-Bonused says:

    Old Conversation.. 0 down time all year long… New conversation jezzz sorry nobody in the entire organization could use their caldera in the middle of earnings session we applied a bad patch… Merry XMAS!

  67. John B says:

    Just confirming. Was there a security patch for exchange 2010 SP3 separate from RU8 or was it part of RU8?

  68. Rob says:

    It is times like this, E2K10 SP3 RU8, that the clear thinking of a Rollup Update that CAN BE UNINSTALLED makes a lot of sense. Imagine the mess if a similar problem existed with E2K13 CU7? Server toast, hours and hours of work and down time. It is why
    we can’t jump on a CU for E2K13 too quickly and we have to wait for others to test the waters.

  69. J Park says:

    E2010 SP3 RU7’s page downloads a file called KB2961522, but the file itself is actually RU8. Now there’s no RU7 available. Try it for yourself. The "RU7" download package will try to install KB2986475.

  70. r0bbie says:

    We are in a coexist environment with Exchange 2007/2013 – so far in our TEST environment the crashing of the store has stopped with CU7 – waiting for other peoples feedback before we do our production……

  71. kotfare says:

    this used to be a solid product with very reliable updates. Since 1 year you cant seem to Publish an update without issues. Outlook connectivity issue (are you kidding me…!!). Disappointing for what used to be an "allstar" team. #nomoreconfidence

  72. alex says:

    Outlook 2010 SP2 don’t connect to Exchange 2013 CU7.
    How can I resolve this issue?

  73. Alexey says:

    After you upgrade Exchange 2013 customers with XP and Office 2007/2010 does not have access to shared folders. Mail works fine. Who knows what could it be?

  74. Unbelievable! says:

    Outlook connectivity issues not find during quality management??? Unbelievable!
    This could happened if you focus on "Cloud first" strategy.
    And whats about KB2563324 "Issues with third party EAS devices" –> Issue 1.9 ?
    This is fixed in Ex2013 but not in Ex2010!
    We have opened this bug since over 18 month on both sites, Microsoft and Apple. But nothing happend.
    You don’t care about business customers ?!

  75. MREdu says:

    Thank goodness for testbed protocols when new patches are released. It’s not just embarrassing to MS that patch testing seems poor, it’s embarrassing for IT staff when enterprise mail can’t be trusted to be HA. Patches pulled from our testbed after simple
    testing proved them unreliable. Production stays stable, while we wait another month (as long as you don’t mind the bugs)?

  76. mikhail says:

    When will be resolved the problem with Exchange Server 2010 SP3 RU8 update?!
    We have a lot of problems concerning Calendar issues with wrong time!

  77. Sinwes says:

    Did it work to "uninstall" Update Rollup 8 for Exchange 2010 SP3 via Control Panel – Programs and Features – Uninstall/remove? No further hazzle?

  78. J Park says:

    Maybe the moderator simply doesn’t believe me, so I’ll ask again.

    TRY to download the file on Microsoft’s E2010 SP3 Rollup 7 page.

    The file from that page is Exchange2010-KB2961522-x64-en.msp, but it actually runs an install for KB2986475, which is the RECALLED Rollup 8.

    The file on the Rollup 7 page is actually a Rollup 8 install.

  79. NPF Networks - says:

    Does the removal of KB 2986475 require a server reboot?

  80. Jeff Essers says:

    Is there any word whether or not the re-release of UR8 will occur within the next week? Or should we expect this to take longer?

    Thank you,

  81. bill says:

    It seems that my Outlook 2013 is using RPC over HTTPS now to access Public Folders instead of MAPI over HTTPS like it was pre-CU7. I have no legacy public folders or Exchange servers in my organization so I was somewhat surprised to see this behavior,
    is there something I need to do to restore it to using MAPI over HTTPS for Public Folders?

  82. Hans says:

    You are a bunch of amateurs, don’t you have a QA for the updates or do you focus all of your remaining ressources on the cloud?

  83. Matt says:

    set-mailboxsentitemsconfiguration is desperately needed here too and I would welcome its return.

  84. Pigu says:

    CU7 working fine

  85. Pete Connell says:

    I’m on CU5. I was told not to go to CU6 cuz it causes database flapping between dag members. CU5 causes duplicate contact folders so I can’t really migrate people unless I go to CU6. Now CU7 is out and I’m afraid. Pull the trigger or not.

  86. Andrew Perry says:

    we encountered this the day after installing the patch. when we saw the bulletin from microsoft we uninstalled the rollup straight away

    the problem we were having was that it was running out of ram, usually it uses less than 50% of the 18gb installed ram (it’s a vm), it was posting messages in the event log that ir was running low on resources and when we looked it was using 94-97% most of
    the time, after uninstalling and dealing with the outtage, it went back to normal

    i’ve since installed the re-released patch/rollup on monday night

    while it seems to be running ok, it was using 94-96% of the ram again, but no users are having problems as far as i know

    i doubled the ram available to this machine last night, thinking that would be overkill, but vmware reports it is using 32gb, and task manager says 28gb ram.

  87. Kevin Glenn says:

    I would much appreciate it if next time recall information had its own post separate from the original. The original post dropped off my RSS feed after I read it and never came back when it was updated. Now 4 days later I finally figure it out after suffering
    through multiple issues with our mail system. I appreciate the update, but how am I supposed to see it unless I obsessively visit this infrequently updated blog page.

  88. andrew perry says:

    since putting in the second patch. we’ve noticed a similar symptom to the previous time, lots more ram usage. before, with 18gb ram, we usually only used about 40%, after both patches, it sat consistently on 94-97%. with the first rollup that we removed,
    this caused a lot of entries in the event log saying that it was running out of resources. with the second rollup, while the messages no longer appear, we’re seeing the same memory usage. i’ve upped the ram (it’s a vm) to 32gb, and it goes up to about 28gb
    and we’re having some weird issues with undelivered emails. we suspect our sophos pure message also had issues as when we turned it off the problem went away, but after restarting the server, the lost emails were delivered

    the weird issue was that if you sent an email that had both external and internal recipients, only the internal recipients would receive the email. we’re going to log a call with sophos, but it’s working now, but i’m not sure we’re not going to have issues
    again. memory usage is climbing again.

    should there be significantly more memory used after the rollup?

    windows server 2008 r2 standard sp1
    exchange 2010 sp3

  89. DistantMidget says:

    We applied the initial update (and several others), took a day to find that there was an issue.
    No end of grief caused for a huge number of users. Sleepless nights for me.
    I know why not test exchange RU’s on some outlook clients before releasing it into the wild????

    Loss of confidence,

    Thanks Microsoft

  90. Albena says:

    We are experiencing slowness connecting through active sync on all type of phones after we patched prod last night with all the latest security patches plus the RU 8 v2. Anyone having similar issues?

  91. John Deere says:

    I want to compliment the exchange team, updated a 3node DAG from CU5 to CU7, it went flawless. no errors, no problems. everything came back online and works like a charme.

    Thnx exchange team, good update.!

  92. John W. says:

    Has an issue been identified with users who use OS X and Safari or Firefox not being able to use the delete key to delete emails? We just moved up to 2013CU7 and we’re getting several reports of this. We have a lot of Macs in our environment so this would
    be good to know about.

  93. xiaofaguo says:

    Hi Guys,
    I’ve my server running Exchange CU4 (SP1) and today i try to install the CU7, the process hangs on:
    Step 3 of 11: Mailbox role: Transport Service 54%

    No errors shown in the logs.

    Any ideas?

  94. gustav says:

    It looks like .NET Framework 4.5.2 is recommended for Exchange 2013 CU7. Should we apply the .NET update before or after CU7?

  95. Max Yakunin says:

    Exchange 2010 sp3 rollup 8 V2
    Yesterday, after installing the update on two Hub transport servers (both working in NLB cluster, and have only Hub transport role installed) message delivery for some (not for all) distribution groups stopped working. After viewing the tracking logs i see
    that servers stopped expanding groups (no EXPAND action at all) and started sending messages directly to Edge servers, like for external recipients. As result – mail loops.
    After unistalling update from both server all works fine.
    Unfortunately, did not have time to study the problem in more detail.

  96. nicolas says:

    I guys,
    someone has problem with Outlook 2010 SP1, XP client and CU7 ? I have rpc issue with this configuration.

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