Exchange 2013 RTM CU1 Status

Originally, we stated we would deliver Exchange 2013 RTM Cumulative Update 1 (CU1) by the end of this quarter.  Unfortunately, we are not going to meet that goal. We know that many of you will be disappointed as a result of this statement. We understand your pain, however, the decision to delay is due to an issue we found in our final test pass coupled with feedback from members within our Technology Adoption Program community.

Specifically, we found an issue with Exchange 2010 coexistence. The issue actually had an easy workaround, but we made a decision; instead of burdening you with a configuration change on all of your Exchange 2010 Client Access servers, we decided to take a code change in Exchange 2013 and solve the problem so that you will not have to make any additional configuration changes. Given that the goal of CU1 is to enable coexistence with legacy versions of Exchange, we felt this was the right decision; after all, we want to ensure that your upgrade to Exchange 2013 and your coexistence period goes as smooth as possible.

As previously mentioned, Exchange 2013's update strategy is different from previous releases; we are uncoupling security updates and reducing the number of updates we release. In addition to those changes, we will continue to evaluate issues as they are identified during development (even during the final test pass) and if we determine that the vast majority of on-premises customers are affected, we will do everything we can to mitigate the issue prior to release, even if that means delaying the release.

We regret the impact that this delay has on our customers, and as always, we continue to identify ways to better serve your needs through our regular servicing releases. The release date for Exchange 2013 RTM CU1 is currently planned for April 2nd. We will let you know if that date changes, as well as, post an announcement when the download is live.

Ross Smith IV
Principal Program Manager
Exchange Customer Experience

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  1. Charles Derber says:

    We can still wait :)

  2. Amit says:

    Don't forget to look at PF migration. Specially for organization spread globally with multiple servers with low bandwidth site. I gave a script solution to your tier4 engg, how to control the PF storm rather stopping at org level or disabling the PF replication.

  3. Al says:

    Keep up the good work.  We'll check back April 2.

  4. Chris says:

    I'm just glad we have a date. One more week doesn't hurt. Great job guys

  5. IP Technology says:

    We hope that the mapi bug will be fixed… We're losing a lot of e-mail :-(

  6. Monty says:

    With all the crummy half-baked RTM and updates released lately, it is certainly refreshing to hear this news. I'll gladly wait another week rather than have to go through another twice-recalled rollup fiasco again. So, kudos to the Exchange team for having the big ones to just come right out and tell us the not really so bad news. Hopefully on April 2nd we'll finally (and I do emphasize FINALLY) be able to have a usable and finished Exchange 2013 server we can actually start testing and deploy with our Exchange 2010 setups. Yea!

  7. Can we expect an updated 2013 Sizing Calculator as well?

  8. @Tomlinsc – Yes, we will be releasing an Exchange 2013 Role Requirements Calculator, however, I do not have a release date for you yet.  I can tell you we are actively working on it.


  9. deiruch says:

    Thanks for the update. I'm not disappointed – you are just acting professionally.

  10. jan says:

    Any date for Exchange 2007 coëxistance upgrade?

  11. JasonSherry says:

    Thanks for delaying and focusing on quality and simplification. Also thanks for the date, but quality should still come 1st.

  12. As SP3 was heralded as the product level for Exchange 2010/2013 coexistence, I applaud the decision to move required changes to Exchange 2013, as introducing another update for the 2010 platform might require additional test and acceptance tracks for that change.

  13. pesospesos says:

    Disappointing but not surprising.  Keep up the good work, Ross – appreciate the update.

  14. John says:

    This is a good new for us Exchange On-Premises customers, Microsoft is talking Exchange On-Premises CUs seriously.

    Thanks Exchange Team.

  15. Dani S says:

    Wow, a 2 day delay is pretty good :)

    I know we've all been waiting (I haven't been able to test Exchange 2013 in the lab) but keep up the good work guys, and thanks for the info!

  16. Rob C says:

    just be thankful that the window has narrowed..  first from "sometime in 2013" to "Q1 2013" ..  now to April 2.   i dont really care that its delayed.. just nice to be able to plan my week now..

  17. Not too suprising when I see in my lab coexistence between E2010 SP3 and E2013 RTM working well for most part except for passing correct Authentication settings with Autodiscover to my Outlook clients (got the issue from 2007 to 2013). Typically, my analysis is that _because_ Exchange 2013 is Mapi/Http only then the Autodiscover process send an empty/anonymous Mapi/Rpc and therefore the Outlook client is no longer in 'Negotiate/Kerberos' (the default) and when dealing with connectivity to Exchange 2010 coexisting services (ex: Public Folders or just a Rpc Client Access Array) this goes 'kaboom' :) – the only workaround I found was to reconfigure the Mapi/Rpc authentication scheme to Nego and this worked, but indeed not a viable approach :/

    Let's cross finger that CU1 will provide all that is needed to coexist properly with minimum impact everywhere (including clients ^^).

  18. Doug says:

    I can't argue with your reasoning.  Can you go into any detail abou the issue that you found?

  19. GarrettStevens says:

    Well done team, thanks for making everything more seamless for us!

  20. Dan_IT says:

    What about the E2K13 sizing tool? Thks

  21. Exchange Blogger says:

    I'm surprised at all the positive feedback since Microsoft has completely mishandled this situation.  Did we forget that it's been almost 6 months since the release of Exchange 2013 and really nobody can use it?  How about actually writing good code the first time and then you won't have to keep just saying "just one more week and it MAY work".

  22. Sunder says:

    Nice decision. Better its delayed rather having issues and investing more time troubleshooting it. All the best team…:) We are waiting.

  23. pesospesos says:

    @Exchange Blogger – I have been highly critical of the whole ordeal but at this point, better to have a workable product than have it rushed to meet a deadline.  It's pretty clear that the whole Exchange 2013 debacle was due to an artificial deadline imposed so that the release could meet the rest of the Wave 15 timeline, and Exchange simply wasn't baked yet.  Here's hoping that with CU1, it will be!

  24. Patel says:

    Thank you Exchange Team for testing this again and again before giving it to us Exchange On-Premises customers.

  25. Kyle says:

    Based on how long this has been in development, how long 2013 has been out, etc, and then to announce a couple of days prior to release that a coexistence bug has been found, and then that you plan to fix it over Easter weekend, doesn't instill a giant amount of confidence in rolling this out to my clients.  I have several signed scopes of work waiting on this for coexistence/migration, and I'm not getting the "warm fuzzies" leading up to release.  Think I'll wait a couple of weeks to see if this explodes anyone's exchange org before I take the plunge.

  26. anker says:

    what about all the documentation on upgrading and coexistence?

  27. steve siyavaya says:

    Thank you for the update and clear information – this is the right approach to restore confidence in a process that has been failing of late.

  28. BoredAdmin says:

    Well, who cares?

  29. Steve says:

    Are there schema changes in E2013 cu1 as against e2013 release?

  30. Hasan Rahman says:

    Thanks for the update, nice to have an approximate release date.Looking forward to it.

  31. PF Migration from Exchange 2010SP3 to Exchange Server 2013 RTM says:

    Have Anyone succsessfully Migrate PF from Exchnage 2010SP3 Release to Exchange 2013 RTM? The Step by Step Guide from the Technet Website doesn’t work.…/jj150486(v=exchg.150).aspx

    Get-PublicFolder -Recurse | ConvertTo-CSV C:PFMigrationEx2010_PFStructure.csv

    Get-PublicFolder -Recurse | Get-PublicFolderStatistics | ConvertTo-CSV C:PFMigrationEx2010_PFStatistics.csv

    Get-PublicFolder -GetChildren | Get-PublicFolderClientPermission | Select-Object Identity,User -ExpandProperty AccessRights | ConvertTo-CSV C:PFMigrationEx2010_PFPerms.csv

    I get n syntax Error or Pipelining Error

    Have someone a better Step-by-Step Guide to Migrate PF ??

    THX a lot for your help

  32. Leon Jones says:

    I think a very good decision!! better release good software and wait longer, then release sh*tty software with stupid bugs and during upgrade a break down of your environment.

    good work guys, we will have patience.



  33. @Steve, yes there will be a schema update in CU1.

  34. Gulab says:

    Finally a word from Microsoft we have been waiting…

    I take your words ROSS!

  35. Steve says:

    (posted once already but maybe it did not work?)

    @Brian Day, Thanks for the info, had expected that but it helps to know this for sure

    @MSFT, Thanks for the update.  It's much appreciated.  I have also a hard timetable to meet! The more you can keep us "out here" in the loop, the easier you make our work.  Please keep it up! Also, the quicker you can provide content for the various holding pages in technet, the better.  Cheers, Steve

  36. Bharat Suneja [MSFT] says:

    @Anker: Coexistence & upgrade documentation is currently planned for April 3rd.

  37. DavidJCarr says:

    finally we get an update to this issue and a release date. Hope it will work well for all of us.

  38. M3 Sweatt says:

    Good transparency, guys. And the comments.

  39. Rob Walton NZ says:

    Good to have a date.  I have plenty of customers (via lining up to deploy Exchange 2013 CU1 into their Exchange 2010 SP3 Organizations.  

  40. ryan says:

    Benoit Boudeville: I get this same issue. After using Autodiscover to connect to mailbox, the MAPI Outlook Security settings are set to Anonymous Auth, the Outlook Anywhere Connection settings are set correct.

    Public Folders can't be accessed, until I manually change the MAPI security to Negotiate. I thought there was something I need to change in Ex 2007, but not sure at this stage.?

  41. Vinod S.P says:

    Looking forward for Exchange 2013 Mailbox Calculator and Migration documents

  42. Hafiz Hassan Latif says:

    I hope we will get CU1 on 2nd April 2013.

  43. Rob Peloski says:

    Thank you for the update.  I look forward to the "real" release of Exchange 2013 (the one that can be installed by the vast majority of your customers)

  44. Mo.Ma. says:

    @Benoit and @Ryan I am performing some tests between 2007 and 2013 rtm. Could you please tell me where can I change MAPI/Rpc authentication scheme to Negotiate?

  45. jb says:

    Please fix the DLP issues………… was sold to us as working and great reason to move to new 365…….it is 50-50 chance of it working.  At least let us know when this function will be available.

  46. Rob says:

    Don't worry about it Ross – you're only missing the deadline by a couple of days anyway. I would prefer that you do proper testing on an update before releasing it and if the delay means that we won't need to make changes for co-existence then it's worth it.

  47. Eric says:


      will it be possible to upgrade Exchange 2010 sp3 to 2013 cu1 on the same machine?

  48. Sam Tudorov says:

    Thanks for the update on CU1.

    I look forward to the release of CU1 primarily so that the incessant whining in the comments section of this blog about the integration of 2013 with earlier releases can stop and those that are so inclined can move onto whining about new topics.

  49. BlogThis says:

    @Exchange Blogger – Please share your blog URL so we can all benefit from your technical and professional wisdom.

  50. lee says:

    As an Exchange On-Premises customer I appreciate Ross giving us an update on this. I know many Exchange On-Premises customers are waiting for Exchange 2013 On-Premises CU1.

    Keep the good work Exchange Team for your Exchange On-Premises customers world-wide ;-)


  51. @Eric, no sorry, in-place upgrades are not supported.

  52. mono mono mono mono mannnnnn says:

    Just another voice here saying:

    a) thank you for delaying the patch. The last thing we need is more problems.

    b) a pox on you for releasing 2013 too early. it is beyond fathoming that the exchange product group would release a product in this state and try to pass it off as rtm. it is most clearly not.

    peace. out.

  53. Josh says:

    A+ for professionalism and delaying something that wasn't fully baked yet….

    F- for not displaying that same level of professionalism in the first place and getting us into this mess

  54. Richard Mans says:

    Since this is obviously the more "shipping" ready version of the product, may I ask why was 2013 released months ago? Did the 2013 group really feel the product was ready or was it forced upon the group to ship the product too soon? I'm not trying to be too negative, but the version of 2013 I've seen so far is nowhere near complete. I'm assuming this is the "real" RTM version we've been hoping for that will finally allow us to, you know, actually install it in our environments and, you know, work right? Massive thumbs up to whomever made the balls decision to delay CU1. Glad to see common sense prevailed.

  55. derbazi says:

    Good news !

  56. carl says:

    "A+ for professionalism and delaying something that wasn't fully baked yet….

    F- for not displaying that same level of professionalism in the first place and getting us into this mess"

    Amen. My thoughts exactly.

  57. John Spade says:

    This is information that would have been useful to me YESTERDAY. April 2nd it is.

  58. pesospesos says:

    @John Spade – umm Ross posted this on the 25th… yesterday was the 30th…

  59. says:

    Release it at last! :)

  60. saeed says:

    Wheres the download link?  2ND April…. where is our CU1…..?

  61. Grega S says:

    I think it is not coming today :(

    Bad 1st april fools day hehe :)

  62. Gunther Stassen says:

    2 April………. and still waiting for the CU1…  They say 2 april…. of what year? 2014?

  63. JT Solem says:

    People, I think we should let the Exchange team get out of bed:…/city.html

  64. Phil Allard says:

    They should not even be sleeping… they are late !

  65. Steve says:

    @JT Solem

    They're not allowed sleep till CU1 appears ;-)

    More seriously, it's a shame the Technet pages will appear the day after the release and not the day (or even a few days…) before.  But I have the feeling everyone in MS is doing their best with a difficult job right now.

  66. iawa2k says:

    Nearly 8am. That's more than a reasonable time to be posting links for download! They can't still be finalising etc. as this must have been ready to go days ago.

  67. I'm here says:

    What the…?!?

    Where is the promised CU1? You're already late with the update and the current version blows chunks so badly that no one can install it. Is something going on with the Exchange product management that we need to know about? Can Microsoft simply not produce a quality product anymore? I'm getting nervous that the CU1 will now be rushed and still have bugs in it as well.

  68. Sad Panda says:

    Half Baked?  Buggy?  Rushed?  

    These adjectives are on the minds of everyone reading this blog.  I don't think we're asking much.  We want to know what's really going on, so that we can plan for our business.  We have timelines based on November of last year, that are now being pushed back again.  

    The delays are understandable.  The lack of explanation and ownership is not.  Get it together.

  69. Kyle says:

    Now download links in my Technet subscription either.  Google search for Exchange 2013 CU1 filtering the last 24 hours shows nothing.  I have a feeling another deadline is missed.  So much for it being an "easy fix."

  70. Warbug says:

    Hi Ross My customers are calling where is the CU ?

  71. JP says:

    So its April 2nd and still waiting.

  72. Steve says:

    If I had to guess –

    The Exchange team needed the weekend to run final QA and stress testing.  If it wasn't going to appear they would have posted an update yesterday.

    They delivered the final CU1 release to the teams managing the download sites yesterday

    The download sites run to their own timetable and the stuff will appear over the course of the day.

  73. Aaron J. Hendricks says:

    CU1 is delayed again? Is Microsoft planning on waiting right up until the last minute of the day to release this?

    That right there tells me there are going to still be bugs in CU1 and it will end up being a rush job just to meet the already late April 2nd deadline. If they are still patching up CU1 right now, then there is no way they have successfully tested it.

    I hate what the new Exchange team has become. I really do. I remember when they were the envy of every other coder. OWA was beyond stellar. Now, it's just sad.

  74. @All – Folks, it takes time for the executable to propagate throughout the Download Center infrastructure.  When the link is live, we'll have an announcement.


  75. bn8959 says:

    Finally released! Fingers crossed all goes smoothly!

  76. shannon says:

    The "more information about this download" link is wrong here at the bottom of this link.…/details.aspx

    Brings you to this.

  77. shannon says:

    Any why isn’t this updated?…/Checklist

  78. says:

    Great job guys

  79. DenisO says:

    Hi guys!

    Great news, but what's about Edge? Will it be available in 2013?

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