Announcing the new Exchange Online

Yesterday we announced worldwide availability of the new Microsoft Office 365 services for businesses, including the new Exchange Online and introducing Exchange Online Protection.

Since launching in 2011, Office 365 has become the fastest growing business in Microsoft history and we’re excited to be an important part of it. As we had mentioned in July, we have been hard at work building the new service to better prepare customers of all sizes for the future of communications and productivity including the following benefits:

  • Remain in control, online and on-premises: Exchange lets you tailor your solution based on your unique needs and ensures that your communications are always available, while you remain in control, on your own terms – online, on-premises or a hybrid of the two.
  • Do more, on any device: Exchange lets your users be more productive by helping them manage increasing volumes of communications across multiple devices and work together more effectively as teams.
  • Keep your organization safe: Use Exchange to protect business communication and sensitive information in order to meet internal and regulatory compliance.

Check out this video of Exchange team members who have been hard at work and why they want you to check out in the new Exchange:

You can see more videos here.

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll have blog posts addressing some cloud topics such as public folder migration and Exchange Online deployment so stay tuned.

Check out a few links to:

We’re excited to deliver the power of new Exchange features and benefits to our Office 365 customers.

The Exchange Team

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  1. Meh says:

    Too bad you had to strip out all the useful on site features in order to promote your cloud. Using the new office is about as much fun as pulling teeth and we still can not integrate exchange 13 with our 10 service.

  2. Mohamed Gamal says:

    As I can see from the above that for "Try the new Exchange online today" which gives ability to download of a 180 days trial version of the new Exchange ; the question is : is this copy for Exchange 2013 CU1 or it is just the RTM ?

  3. BMAC says:

    Is Exchange Online Protection only available for 365 customers?  We have Exchange on-prem but also subscribe to the FOPE service, when will we see changes?  I was told FOPE would become Exchange Online Protection.

  4. Bharat Suneja [MSFT] says:

    @Mohamed Gamal: Exchange Online is a cloud-based service. The Exchange Server 2013 trial link on that page is for Exchange 2013 RTM.

    Exchange 2013 CU1 will be released in 2013 Q1 (this quarter), as announced.

  5. Don says:

    Enough with the camera! I want to like the new Exchange but with camera work as sloppy as this video I can only hope everything else is not so poorly done.

    I get trying to make it peppy and exciting but that is no excuse.

  6. @BMAC, all FOPE customers will be upgraded to

    Exchange Online Protection
    . You don’t have to opt in. There’s more information at

    Office 365 Service Upgrade Center for Enterprise

    Some specific links for FOPE customers can be found under
    Resources for Admins

  7. Exchange Online Protection (EOP) product information can be found here:…/email-security-exchange-online-protection-FX103763969.aspx

    If you are already a FOPE customer, don't sign up. You will be upgraded.

  8. Bharat Suneja [MSFT] says:

    @BMAC: Office 365 is not a requirement – you can also get EOP by itself.

  9. pesospesos says:

    Can someone from the team speak to hybrid scenarios?  Currently we do nothing in office 365 but archive mailboxes.  We are looking forward to moving our on-premise system to Exchange 2013 once CU1 is out but I am wondering where the guidance is as far as how to move to 2013 when we are hooked into a hybrid o365 solution.

  10. gareth.douce says:

    Any eta on when you will be upgrading existing A plan Office365 tenants to 2013?

  11. ManU PhiliP says:

    Is new features available to existing customers too?

  12. GG says:

    What's up with the cameraman? is he drunk? :)

  13. Rajesh Bhattacharya says:

    MS office 2010 file not opening properly through MS office 2007.

  14. Hobo Joe says:

    Are all the members of the Exchange team this drunk on camera? This certainly explains A LOT about why Exchange has so many issues today.

  15. Hobo Joe says:

    Another thought. You launched the new Exchange co-existence in the cloud, but still don't have it available for onsite use 6 months after RTM? What a bunch of clowns you are.

  16. @Pesos: The Exchange 2013-based hybrid deployment guidance is located here:…/jj200581(v=exchg.150).aspx

    We are also releasing the new Exchange Server 2013 Deployment Assistant very shortly. Please check back here for an announcement soon!

  17. Bah Humbug! says:

    Announcing the new service that we will be forcing all on-premesis solutions to in the very near future as we drop the well established maintenance/support procedures for the on-premisis solution and force everyone to update their system every 6 months at a minimum (to an update that can't be uninstalled if there are issues) until they get exhausted of trying of playing "chase the update" and eventually move everything to the cloud.

    Serioulsy it seems like you have completely lost your minds and forgotten about your on-premesis deployments that got you where you are today. Not everyone wants to move to or agrees with your cloud solution, and if you keep pushing is into the cloud model more and more (and yes dropping the well established on-premisis maintenance/support procedures and forcing us to mirror the one you use for the cloud is doing just that) we will go elsewhere (for probably a lot less $$$).

  18. pesospesos says:

    Thank you Robert.  Does that doc cover moving from an existing ex2010 hybrid config to ex2013?  Do we need to wait for cloud changes before we change things on prem, etc?

  19. @Pesos: Not specifically, but the new Exchange Server 2013 Deployment Assistant will eventually cover the options and configuration guidance for existing 2010 hybrid deployments wishing to incorporate Exchange 2013 servers in their on-premises organizations
    and existing hybrid configuration. This specific scenario isn’t planned for the initial release, but we’re working on it and it will be available in future updates.

    In the meantime, please see this topic about Exchange 2010-based hybrid deployments and the requirements for operating with the latest release of Office 365:…/jj945383(v=exchg.141).aspx

  20. Considering that we are blocked from migrating our hybrid solutions to E2K13 until our Online Tenant is upgraded, this can't come soon enough.  Even if E2K13 comes this month, no hybrid solution can migrate to it.

  21. DonnyAndHobo says:

    It sounds like Donny and HoboJ oe need to focus more on professionalism and stay off of message boards.  Hobo Joe-  Excellent observation.  Maybe post your real name, credentials, and blog so we can all benefit from your superior intellect.  Oh, and yes Don, the quality of the Exchange product is directly proportional to the quality of a brief marketing video.  Thanks for the tips.

  22. Exchange user says:

    When is the GA data for Exchange 2013?

  23. Bharat Suneja [MSFT] says:

    @Exchange user: We announced Exchange 2013 GA on 12/3/2012. See Exchange Server 2013 Reaches General Availability.

  24. Blaherer says:

    "We announced Exchange 2013 GA on 12/3/2012."

    You make me laugh. You may have announced it last year, but it still is not finished. You are just barely getting around to adding co-existence support and the web ECP is a mess with too many missing features. I mean, how can you consider it finished without being able to upgrade from the even current version?  Sloppy, unfinished releases and multiple RU versions are not winning the Exchange development crew any points as of late I'm afraid. Yes, you should have delayed the launch.

  25. WhyCloud says:

    I don't trust the cloud future, but everything is built around it. So we have to accept all discrepancies (bad managament with the web frontend, no major releases anymore, much more expensive). To me it´s simple: no recconmendation for our customers to use cloud products and looking for alternatives for on-premise collaboration solutions – there are still opportunities.

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