Windows Server 2012 and Exchange

Windows Server 2012 RTM became available a few days ago. Many of you have been busy downloading and testing this latest and greatest version of Windows Server and now you're waiting to find out when you can install Exchange on it.

If you’re testing or planning to test Exchange Server 2013 Preview, it is compatible with Windows Server 2012. For details, see Exchange 2013 System Requirements.

Exchange 2010 SP2 is not supported on Windows Server 2012 (see list of supported operating systems in Exchange 2010 System Requirements). We’re working on updates to add Windows Server 2012 support to Exchange 2010 and will announce on this blog when we have more to share.

Exchange Team

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  1. FuN_KeY says:

    No server core support for Exchange 2013?

  2. Exchange 2013 is not supported on server core, however it's easy to turn Windows 2012 server core into server with a GUi by adding the User Interfaces and Infrastructure features.

  3. A German guide what you need to do, to install Exchange 2013 Beta on Server 2012 is available at my homepage…/vorbereitung-fur-die-installation-von-exchange-2013-preview-unter-windows-server-2012-rp.html

    It was written for Public Preview of Server 2012, but the stepts are the same.

  4. Mahmoud Shoaala says:

    I need to konw why Microsoft take action for the products


  5. Tom Isak says:

    I also found a very detailed document about the deployment of exchange 2013 on Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 at



  6. Jack says:

    i also found two cents next to my house:)

  7. Martin says:

    How much time will it take for this Updates? I must do a new installation of Exchange 2010 in the next days and would like to use Windows Server 2012.

  8. Brian Moore says:

    I am also deploying a new server within the next week and would like to use Server 2012 and Exchange in a production environment….either Exchange 2010 or 2013.

  9. RobK says:

    tried installing exchange 2013 on pre-rtm edition of windows 2012 and with rtm edition and always the same problem. Setup never finishes step 8-9 out of 15 steps. i will wait for the rtm exchange 2013. just too much pain at the moment(yes i carefully followed all the detailed instructions on how to install exchange 2013)

  10. says:

    Exchange 2012 SP2 supports Windows 2012 as Domain Controller?


  11. Peter Hale says:

    It would be very helpful to all concerned (and I mean the Whole Wide World) if Microsoft was a lot more communicative on when Exchnage 2010 will be ready to run on Server 2012

    You are looking like absolutes gooses (and so are the SharePoint team) in not having this ready at Server 2012 launch

  12. Brian Moore says:

    Peter Hale – I agree, this is not good. No timeline, no meaningful communication. How do they expect anyone to do any planning. Fail.

  13. NK says:

    What about Exchange 2010 (on Server 2008) in Active Directory 2012?

  14. says:

    Microsoft – Any updates on when Exchange 2010 will be supported on Windows Server 2012?  At least a ballpark timeframe?  Hours/Days/Weeks??  Not sure how the release of Windows Server 2012 could have caught the exchange team off guard.

  15. Craig Wentz [Microsoft PFE] says:

    jwyoung –

    Support for Windows Server 2012: With Service Pack 3, you will have the ability to install and deploy Exchange Server 2010 on machines running Windows Server 2012.…/announcing-exchange-2010-service-pack-3.aspx

  16. Ajay Paul says:

    I need to dplot exchange server 2010 on a wondpws 2012 server ASAP. When will the SP be out?

  17. Matt S. says:

    Wonderful for all the Small Business Server 2011 customers…. since they're essentially discontinuing that line (which includes Exchange and SQL integrated into the product), they grant software assurance customers a Server 2012 Standard license and an Exchange 2010 license.  Too bad they're not compatible with each other.  Why not an Exchange 2013 license?  Really?

  18. Alex Wellings says:

    I've just installed it anyway – MS Supported or not I need t use it. Simple. Lack of Exchange 2013 co-existence forced my hand

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