Released: v19.9 of the Exchange 2010 Mailbox Server Role Requirements Calculator

We've made several enhancements and bug fixes based on community feedback.

Please go to our Mailbox Server Role Storage Requirements Calculator updates tracking page to see what is in this new version!

A blog post explaining the calculator is here and or you can download the calculator directly.

Comments welcome!

Ross Smith IV
Principal Program Manager
Exchange Customer Experience

Comments (4)
  1. TirTul says:

    Glad to see the improvements. I'm wondering if there's anyway to add scalablity options into the calculator. An example would be, if I started with a environment of 1500 1GB mailboxes, but now need to scale it to handle 3000. Layout a plan to scale out current environment would be cool!

  2. Jim sullivan says:

    How about fixing WNLB to work with 2010 cas servers.

    great job on everything else.


  3. says:

    Hi – I may be missing a trick here but I have entered

    Site Resilience User Distribution Model' = 'Active/Active (Single DAG)'

    'Number of Mailbox Servers Hosting Active Mailboxes / DAG (Primary Datacenter)' = 6

    'Total Number of HA Database Copy Instances (Includes Active Copy) within DAG' =2

    The Roles Requirements and Activation Scenario pages indicate 6 active servers in each data center

      Number of Active Mailboxes (Normal Run Time) 6038 6038

      Number of Mailbox Servers / DAG 6 6

    but the Distribution page indicates to me only 6 active servers with 2 active databases on each and therefore 6 servers with no active databases.  Am I doing something wrong?  Is there a bug?


  4. Aaron A says:

    There are still issues with this calculator.  Did anyone else notice that the Tier-1 group if you change for instance desktop search value from yes to no and vice versa that the IOPS on the role requirements tab never change?  I had to stop using the Tier-1 section and use the other Tier 2-4 which seem to be fine.

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