Released: Migrating From Exchange Server 2010 in Hosting Mode to Exchange Server 2010 SP2 whitepaper

I’m very happy to be able to announce we have just made available for download a guide to help those of you intending to migrate from Exchange in /Hosting mode to Exchange 2010 SP2 installed without use of the /hosting switch.

Like the previous HMC to Exchange 2010 SP2 guidance, it contains a white paper and some PowerShell scripts. The white paper describes the migration process, and the scripts provide a starting point for your own migration toolkit. Of course the exact migration steps and methodology you will need to follow will depend upon what you have deployed, but we hope what we have provided will help you with your efforts and provide you some useful tools and information.

Check out the Migrating From Exchange Server 2010 in Hosting Mode to Exchange Server 2010 SP2 documentation.

We know any cross-forest migration can be tough, and there are also companies out there that provide migration tools and consulting, so if you feel you need more help than the guidance provides, or if you need some form of longer term co-existence, you may want to look at those offerings.

Finally, as discussed several times on this blog, building a multi-tenancy solution is a complex undertaking. We still very much are recommending that you look at existing solutions available in the market today and/or look at engaging solution integration partners to help with your solution. There are several solutions listed on our web site, and more coming, so before trying to re-invent the wheel to build your multi-tenant offering, look at what the market can offer.

Good luck with your migration!

Greg Taylor
Principal Program Manager (though not as awesome as Ross) 
Exchange Customer Experience

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  1. Francisco Javier Sueiro says:

    Is there any expected white paper like this one for developing an Exchange 2010 SP2 in a multi tenant enviroment?. We are waiting the publishing of this document to start the development of this kind of platform becouse we are still working with Exchange 2007.

  2. Nils Wiegerinck says:

    Hi Greg,

    We currently run the Exchange 2010 SP1 in /Hosted mode. It's nice that Microsoft has put out a whitepaper for a migration to SP2 but it's very dissapointing that we would have to build a new Active Directory (again)…

    Kind Regards,


  3. Greg Taylor [msft] says:

    @ Francisco – The guidance we published at…/exchange-2010-service-pack-2-and-hosting.aspx is the document you need. We are not going to produce a step-by-step guide as it's really impossible to do so in a meaningful way. You need to build the solution to meet your needs, and that will be unique to you. Or buy a solution. Those are the options.

    @ Nils – I appreciate the feedback, and understand a cross forest move isn't easy, but do hope the guidance helps.

  4. Nils Wiegerinck says:

    Hi Greg,

    We are currently working through the documentation and we're making plans for the migration! Thanks!

    Kind Regards,

    Nils Wiegerinck

  5. mcmilad says:

    I have recently built a multi tenancy environment with Exchange 2010 SP2, its really amazing, we've got GUI, public folder all the problems in hosted mode fixed, its awesome :)

  6. ExHoster says:

    Wow.  Build a whole new forest just to migrate from SP1 to SP2 hosting methods, AND you lose functionality in the process.  It is quite unbelievable that Microsoft would introduce an entire ecosystem and then abandon it all in the course of a Service Pack.  All I can say is, "Wow."  

  7. Dave says:

    McMilad, Can you please share some details with everyone here…

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