Released: Update Rollup 5 for Exchange 2010 SP1

Earlier today the Exchange CXP team released Update Rollup 5 for Exchange Server 2010 SP1 to the Download Center.

This update contains a number of customer-reported and internally found issues since the release of SP1. See 'KB 2582113: Description of Update Rollup 5 for Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1' for more details.

We want to let you know this rollup contains the Exchange 2010 SP1 version of the change described in this KB article:

    2543879 PDF attachment from a Mac Mail client is not displayed when you use Outlook 2010 to open the email message in an Exchange Server 2007 SP3 environment

We would also like to specifically call out the following fixes which are included in this release:

  • 2556352 MoveItem returning empty ChangeKey
  • 2555850 Unable to delete a folder whose name has a particular character code
  • 2490134 OWA's zip-download does not work for some messages due to invalid chars in the subject

Some of the above KnowledgeBase articles are not replicated/live at the time of writing this post. Please check back later in the day if you can't reach them.

Availability of this update on Microsoft Update is planned for late September. Update Rollup 6 for Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1 is currently scheduled to release in October 2011.

General Notes

Note for Exchange 2010 Customers using the Arabic and Hebrew language version: We introduced two new languages with the release of Service Pack 1, Arabic and Hebrew. At present we are working through the process of modifying our installers to incorporate these two languages. Customers running either of the two language versions affected are advised to download and install the English language version of the rollup which contains all of the same fixes.

Note for Forefront users: For those of you running Forefront Security for Exchange, be sure you perform these important steps from the command line in the Forefront directory before and after this rollup's installation process. Without these steps, Exchange services for Information Store and Transport will not start after you apply this update. Before installing the update, disable ForeFront by using this command: fscutility /disable. After installing the update, re-enable ForeFront by running fscutility /enable.

Brent Alinger

Update 8/24/2011: Link for KB 2543879 corrected.

Comments (62)
  1. mooncalf says:

    So who is brave enough to install this to production?

  2. mike b says:

    It took me forever to install RU4 so I am going sit on this one for a while after testing it in the LAB. Can MS just wait a bit more and release SP2?

  3. says:

    I won't install another update until SP2 RU1v2+ is out after going through the blackberry issues with RU3v1.

  4. Braajun says:

    I guess a LOT of us will wait a few weeks before installing this UR ;-). I'll wait for UR 5 v3…..

  5. Joerg says:

    …waiting at least four weeks, maybe will be brave enough by then.

  6. Good job team, hope with this RU5 we can leave the RU3 and RU4 experience behind us ..

  7. adam says:

    I have had to be brave enough to install this onto a production public folder server, I can confirm it has not resolved the issue recovering deleted public folders. I was lead to believe this update would tackle this issue? Can someone please comment.

  8. Diamondas says:

    Is there anyone still using PF's ? :)

  9. Simon says:

    Could somebody please automate the Forefront process?!?

  10. Jakub says:

    Installed in production environment after checking few scenarios in lab. So far, so good :)

    I wish, I had this fix earlier: A device that uses Exchange ActiveSync cannot access mailboxes in an Exchange Server 2010 environment – caused me some troubles when migrating from 2007 to 2010.

    Thanks Exchange Team for your work !


  11. HotFix says:

    The link for the Mac attachment issue is not working as it leads to  The correct link to the KB article is…/2543879

  12. James K says:


    What is your exact issue with Public Folders Recovery?  How are you trying to recover them?

    On RU4, you can use ExFolders recover the Public Folders from the tests I have done.

  13. Ratish Nair says:

    Im sure this RU wont have any issues coz the last time had… ill close my eyes n install it… :-)

  14. Bharat Suneja [MSFT] says:

    @Hotfix: Thanks for catching that. The link to KB 2543879 is fixed.

    @Mike B: Exchange 2010 SP2 is scheduled to be released this year (as announced


  15. With regard to the ability to recover a deleted public folder, this fix was not included in RU5 as further testing revealed a problem with the identified fix.  We are still working on a resolution to this issue and it will be included in a future Rollup or Service Pack when it resolves the issue satisfactorily and has been fully validated.

  16. Eli_Shlomo says:

    Good work Exchange Team

  17. Oli says:

    Recover deleted items from the dumpster failed!

    I have the problem with RU4 and Outlook 2010 SP1, if I click to recover the item, it is deleted for ever (from the dumpster) instead recovered. No chance to recover again :-(

    With Outlook 2003 it works (both CacheMode).

    Anybody with the same issue ?

  18. Simon says:

    2543879 PDF attachment from a Mac Mail client is not displayed when you use Outlook 2010 to open the email message in an Exchange Server 2007 SP3 environment

    When is a fix release for Exchange 2007?

  19. GoodThings2Life says:

    Yeah, I gotta agree with others… I still haven't installed RU4 yet either (still on RU3v3), so I'm going to wait until the September updates are released before installing RU5 directly… as long as there are no re-releases.

    Haven't been this timid about updates since the SP2/SP4 releases of NT 4.0…

  20. Bob Hyatt says:

    We have over 50.000 PF / 160GB db in subfolders.

    Power users with OLK2010Sp1 get after 10 minutes the error msg. 'Concurrent connections reached. Cannot display content of PF. Connect your admin….'

    Which parameter should I tune ?

  21. Bharat Suneja [MSFT] says:

    @Simon: As indicated in the KBA, the fix for Exchange 2007 is in Exchange 2007 SP3 RU4.

  22. Chris says:

    Any update on the UDP issues with Outlook 2003 online mode clients? RU3 and the reg keys improved but didn't completely resolve the issue. Can anyone confirm if that is all that is required, or still experiencing the issue after RU3+reg key.

    Thanks for the updates!


  23. mwk says:

    After installing ru5 on top of ru4v2, users can no longer access ecp.  Gets "page not found".

  24. Mohamud Ashoor says:

    I've installed this in a lab and it is all good. I am not seeing the IE 9 issues as well:…/issue-with-ie9-and-exchange-2010.html

    Has this been fixed? I will wait for production for a bit this time.

  25. JSP says:

    I've my exchange 2010 environment with the SP1 RU4 installed without the interim update that corrects the bug.

    ¿Should I install the interim update and then proceed with the RU5 or the RU5 also corrects the RU4 problem?

  26. Pax says:

    Well I just installed this into our production environment after some testing yesterday… everything works fine :)

  27. @JSP – Interim Updates are build specific.  You cannot install a newer rollup if you have an IU installed.  You have to first uninstall the IU before installing a newer rollup.  Since you don't have an IU installed, you can easily upgrade from SP1 RU4v2 to SP1 RU5 (after doing proper validation in a lab, of course).

    @Mohamud Ashoor – the IE9 issue affects the MMC in general; it's not an Exchange specific problem.  The IE team is aware of the issue and is looking into how they can address this problem.


  28. Mohamud Ashoor says:

    Thanks @ Ross Smith. The IE issue is still there after installing RU5. I know it is an IE 9 issue with MMC but I was unable to recreate it in my first tries. I'm not seeing any other issues with RU5. Hopefully no repeat of the previous issues with RU3 and 4.

  29. Dr Pizza says:

    So lemme guess.

    You'll still offer it via Windows Update.

    You'll still allow it to install even with Forefront enabled.

    You'll still allow it to install even without elevation.

    And yet none of these things will work properly.

    How the hell haven't these problems been fixed yet? If your patching infrastructure isn't good enough to detect the problems, FIX IT. It is PATHETIC.

  30. Simon says:

    The re-released RU4 via WU just messed up one of my servers. Probably because it has Forefront installed. Can you FIX THAT?!

  31. D says:

    First one out of the trenche? No thank you!

    RU4 caused enought greif. I will wait on this one and future updates before I even consider an update.

  32. HotFix says:

    @Brent Alinger – not being able to recover deleted public folder will be a major problem for our upcoming deployment of Exchange 2010 as we periodically have to perform this function now in Exchange 2007.

    Deploying older RUs would be an issue for us as there a couple of fixes in RU5, specifically the MAC PDF issue, that we would have to get special IUs for RU4 V2. It also sounds like this public folder restoration issue is in older RUs.

    While I know you can't give an exact time frame, is there at least a plan for an IU regarding this issue so that we don't have to wait a month or so for the next RU (assuming it makes it into RU6)? The not knowing and playing the "hurry up and wait" game is a little frustrating for us end users who have project deployment timelines we have to meet.

  33. Brian says:

    I've finally convinced executives that the NT patches are a thing of the past. Installed ru5 in production already…20,000 mailboxes. Don't let me down MS QA.

  34. Tim says:

    I do not see IE 9 issue fixed.  Can you please include it in RU 6?


  35. HotFix says:

    @Tim – you really need to read all of the comments before you post one – the very question you asked about IE 9 was already addressed by Ross.

  36. Some Exchange Guy says:

    I won't be installing ANY updates unless I absolutely have to.   My company policy no longer permits RUs to be installed, we will only wait for service packs now(and for at least a month after that comes out).  Too many problems with RUs..  If I had a vote, I would vote to go back to when we didn't have RUs all together.  It's just not worth it..

  37. Petri X says:

    Ross, do you have more information from the MMC issue? As we all seems to face this issues with the Exchange Management Console, it looks pretty much like Exchange issue.

    So some update would be nice to have, please… :)

  38. Petri X says:

    As the KB says:

    "Important information for customers installing the update on computers not connected to the Internet

    When you install the update rollup on a computer that is not connected to the Internet, you may experience long installation times. "

    I have wonder that is there a really someone who have Exchange mailbox server connected to the internet? I have though that it is the first security "best practice" to keep infrastructure servers not connected to the internet, not even using the proxies.

  39. usftork says:

    I'm not convinced this issue is completely fixed yet from RU3-v3:…/2417084

    I've applied RU3-v3 and RU4 (not RU5 yet) and my users will periodically lose their "Favorites" for any Public Folders that they added.  Typically, just like the KB article says, the user will log into webmail and then that causes them to lose their "Favorites."

    Any advice?

  40. @Petrix X – Most of the customers I visit do provide Internet access for their Exchange servers. It may be very limited to locations necessary for CRL access, Antispam updates, etc… but they do have the necessary outbound access.

  41. says:


    Does anyone know if the NRN issue(…/2471964) that was supposed to be solved in the UR4 is solved in the UR5?


  42. says:

    Has anyone applied this RU5 patch and faced any issues or is it safe enough to apply in the production?

  43. @MadRam – KB 2471964 is included in SP1 RU4.  All rollups are inclusive, so SP1 RU5 includes the changes and fixes introduced in SP1 RU1 through SP1 RU4v2.


  44. Petri X says:


    Ok, I see. But if you can see everyone does so, does it make it right?  ;)

    Somehow, from the security point of view, having internet connection from the infrastructure servers (Exchange, DCes etc..) sounds pretty bad idea basically because of two reasons:

    a) you have been sign-in with your admin account, and if something comes in during that session….

    b) most of time – I believe so – admins are using the remote desktop from their workstation. Why not use the browser there, and using your normal user account rights.

    Unfortunately our Exchange vendor make their tools expecting that there is such a connection ;-)

  45. I installed RU5 on Monday in production environment and there were not any problems and everything works fine, so I think that is safe enough to install this RU.

  46. blozza says:

    Installed update rollup 5 having prevoulsy been on update rollup 2, it appear my blackberry users are not sending/receiving are there any steps that need to be taken?

  47. says:

    @ blozza: what is the service pack level of the balckberry servers. I heard that the BB servers should be upgraded to the latest patch which is service pack 3 with MR4 for 5.0  version..

  48. blozza says:

    @  Mugundhan.aswin: Our BES version is, rebooting our BES server looks to have solved the problem emails are now flowing to the 2010 pilot users.  This is a test environment so no major dramas bit of an oversight on my part should have check with RIM first.

  49. @Blozza: BES should be at _least_ 5.0.2 MR5 when you have users with Exchange 2010 mailboxes. Please see;…/gg670940.aspx

  50. Mohamud Ashoor says:

    I was running RU5 in a lab for a while and didn't have any issues. Last week I installed it in production and so far so good.

  51. says:

    I can't get this to install. I keep getting a 1603 error, the same one that I got when trying to install Rollup 4 v2. I'm stuck on Rollup 3.

  52. HotFix says:

    @zl1 – A quick search on the Internet for Exchange Rollup 1603 shows it could be a couple of things, but most likely you are trying to run update on a server with UAC still enabled, and not running the update as an admin through an elevated command prompt:…/exchange-2010-update-rollups-and-error.html

    I have also seen the 1603 error be attributed to corrupted downloads and even GPO settings:…/981474

    But I would start with trying to run the roll-up through an elevated command prompt.

  53. XXaK says:

    RU5 completely F****D OWA (No stylesheet – looks like "plain text", cannot log in)… I need to update exchange 2010 SP1 after migration from SBS2003 to SBS2011 to solve some post-migration issues (Outlook asking for password, switching to offline etc…), shall I go for RU4?

  54. HotFix says:

    Any update on the public folder issue? It's been about a month since you all release RU5, and at the very least we hope you are looking into an IU for the PF issue.

  55. RobK says:

    HotFix# – you mean there is PF issue after applying RU5?

  56. HotFix says:

    @RobK – I am referring to the statement made by Brent Alinger from MSFT:

    With regard to the ability to recover a deleted public folder, this fix was not included in RU5 as further testing revealed a problem with the identified fix.  We are still working on a resolution to this issue and it will be included in a future Rollup or Service Pack when it resolves the issue satisfactorily and has been fully validated

    It has my team very worried and essentially we have to keep our 2007 PF servers around *just in case* we need to recover a deleted item.

  57. says:

    we upgraded to sp1 and update rollup 4-v2 a couple of weekends ago.  it's been nothing short of a cluster…..after everything was complete and updated, owa was broken, that cost the company some bucks to fix.  the backups have been failing since and that's a critical issue.  our mailbox server, ex01, is pratically useless if we need to do anything on it.  on our cas server, ex02, 99% of the time we cannot emc to launch. most of the problems point to winrm, but all of the solutions i've been able to find, do not work.  ems completely disappared and that appears to be a known issue as well, but the fixes i've been able to find do not work either.   i just now found out about update 5, but i do not see anything, again from what i can find, doesn't address any of the issues.  we are dead in the water as far as managing goes.  if anyone has any ideas, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING HOLY reply to this.

  58. says:

    xxak, we still have that problem.  owa looks like crap….i don't know if it was sp1 or the rup4v2, but luckily, users haven't complained………..yet :)

  59. KY says:

    In our E2K10 environment, each of the Exchange servers has its own role installed.  In other words, there are no mixed roles on each server.

    In July, we installed RU4.  After the issues were discovered by MS, we had to install Interim Update (KB2581545).  

    Now if we want to install RU5, what would be the installation order (Hub, CAS, and then MB)?  Can we just install this RU5 on Mailbox servers only.  We also have Edge servers in our environment.  Can we skip the installation on Edge?

    RU6 is going to be released in this month.  Do you think if it is worth a wait?

    Any comment would be appreciated.



  60. Found Nowhere says:

    We've found that Update Rollup 5 breaks our SSL Offloading configuration health check configured through our Barracuda Load Balancer.  More info here:…/exchange-2010-sp1-update-rollup-5-breaks-ssl-offloading

  61. says:

    Hi all,

    yesterday we brought our enviroment 3 Node DAG – NLB CAS / HUB from RTM RU5 tp SP1 RU5. We had some problems with executionploicy-settings on servers (Why does no precheck handle that ?!), but finally we succeed.

    Two things which came up now:

    a. Store.exe on "one" craches while moving datebases from that Server (where store.exe craches) to another server.

    b. Fullseed is extremly slow, only 10-20 % of network is used. On RTM it was up to 80-90 %.

    Regrads Timo

  62. Tim Gone says:

    Any update on the release of Update Rollup 6? October is almost out…

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