Released: Update Rollup 4 for Exchange 2010 SP1

Update 7/13/2011: Exchange 2010 SP1 RU4 has been removed. See Exchange 2010 SP1 RU4 Removed from Download Center for details.

Earlier today the Exchange CXP team released Update Rollup 4 for Exchange Server 2010 SP1to the Download Center.

This update contains a number of customer-reported and internally found issues since the release of RU1. See 'KB 2509910: Description of Update Rollup 4 for Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1' for more details. In particular we would like to specifically call out the following fixes which are included in this release:

  • 2519359Unable to Create a 'Reply With' Rule on Public Folders Even With Owner and Send As Permissions
  • 2394554Generating DSN fails if original mail uses non-support encoding charset.
  • 2490134 Outlook 2007 does not deliver "Delayed Delivery" Messages against an Exchange 2010 Server in Online mode with any additional Transport loaded in the Outlook Profile

Some of the above KnowledgeBase articles are not replicated/live at the time of writing this post. Please check back later in the day if you can't reach them.

Update Rollup 5 for Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1 is currently scheduled to release in August 2011.

General Notes

Note for Exchange 2010 Customers using the Arabic and Hebrew language version: We introduced two new languages with the release of Service Pack 1, Arabic and Hebrew. At present we are working through the process of modifying our installers to incorporate these two languages. Customers running either of the two language versions affected are advised to download and install the English language version of the rollup which contains all of the same fixes.

Note for Forefront users: For those of you running Forefront Security for Exchange, be sure you perform these important steps from the command line in the Forefront directory before and after this rollup's installation process. Without these steps, Exchange services for Information Store and Transport will not start after you apply this update. Before installing the update, disable ForeFront by using this command: fscutility /disable. After installing the update, re-enable ForeFront by running fscutility /enable.

Kevin Bellinger

Comments (62)
  1. susan says:

    It will be on Windows update and wsus when?

  2. Peter van der Meijden says:

    I read your note on the bottom of the page. I see Forefront Security for Exchange don't you mean Forefront Protection for Exchange 2010?

  3. HotFix says:

    Any word on when Exchange 2007 SP3 RU4 will be out?

    Not to take a swipe at you guys, but can you tell us if you guys tested this a little more thuroughly than Exchange 2010 SP1 RU3? I would hate to apply this only to turn around and apply an RU4-V2 or V3.

  4. says:

    Installed without a hitch…

  5. William Turner says:

    Are the PDF issues with Macintosh senders resolved?…/mixed-ing-it-up-multipart-mixed-messages-and-you.aspx

  6. Brian says:

    Doesn't install here. I even removed the previous Rollup 2 and 3 and retried the install.

  7. Korbyn says:

    I'm wondering along the lines as Bootstrap Bill there, I don't see anything in the KB about the "fix" to Mac emails with attachments, which created problems in E2007SP3HFRU3 and was supposed to be included in E2010SP2HFRU4 here, I'm definiately waiting till I hear confirmation that it is or isn't in there, and if it is, that it's not causing grief.

  8. @Susan – We will release on July 28th for Microsoft Update.

    @Hotfix – We expect to release Exchange 2007 SP3 RU4 sometime next week. We're completing our testing currently for that release. Both releases have been thoroughly tested.

    @William & Korbyn – Yes, the fix for the PDF issue is in this release. Given it was completed late in our release cycle the KB article is still being written, the Master KB will be updated once it is completed.

  9. OWA - "Couldn't find a base theme (folder name=base)" after installation says:

    Had to run "Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV14BinUpdateCas.ps1" post installation to resolve OWA "Couldn't find a base theme (folder name=base)" error when accessing OWA.

  10. Brian says:

    two questions:

    Should we be removing prior rollups first?  After installing rollup 4 the server shows as having rollup2 and rollup4 installed.

    We applied rollup 4 to a server which then showed rollup 2 and rollup 4 as installed patches.  The next day windows update was run and the admin picked the default and installed all updates.  Rollup 3-v3 was then installed.  Why?  I though the rollups were cumulative.  Arn't the rollups smart enough to not install over a higher version?

  11. Anthony says:

    Did this rollup has fix the NDR issue generating who ever are using outlook 2003?

    This message could not be sent. Try sending the message again later, or contact your network administrator. The client operation failed. Error is [0x80004005-0x0004b9-0x000501

  12. Korbyn says:

    @Kevin – is it the Fixed "fix" version, or the screwed "fix" like it was in 2007SP3RU3?  Sorry, a lovely mix of mac users and mac clients, and I can't really affrod to not be clear on if they might break or not.

  13. Pete P says:

    Won't install on SBS2011 servers.  Fails while stopping services and results with error 1603.  Servers were patched with latest .NET updates prior.


  14. franc1 says:

    @Brian: same here. Installed a fresh new Exchange 2010 SP1 server, updated to RU4. When running Windows Update it installed RU3-V3 also. Now both RU's show up as installed, to be sure I ran RU4 again since I don't know for sure if RU3 overwrites some of the files RU4 has updated already.

  15. @Franc & Brian, RUs do not require installing or removing previously released RUs first. You can always install the latest RU over previous ones and yes they are cumulative. The reason RU3v3 was offered by Microsoft Update is probably because RU4 has not yet been released to MU so the logic to detect it isn't there yet.

  16. franc1 says:

    @Brian: Ok, but if Windows Update installed RU3 again while RU4 was already present, did it overwrote some of the files of RU4 and do you need to reapply RU4 again? Installing RU3 by windows update took quite some time, so it looks like it was actually installing instead of just quitting because RU4 was already installed.

  17. John says:

    Failed to install.  "Ended prematurely" on my test system.

    I think I'll wait a while.

  18. bwrc says:

    @Brian Day wrote : RUs do not require installing or removing previously released RUs first

    But In the KB : Any Interim Updates for Exchange Server 2010 must be uninstalled prior to installing this update rollup.

    So ?

  19. HotFix says:

    @Franc – RU3 should not have installed if you had RU4 already installed. However if you believe it did I would re-run RU4 just to make sure that any files that might have been overwritten were up to date.

    @BWRC – An Interum Update is more or less like an individual hot fix, and a Rollup Update is a collection of IUs packaged nicely. You will know if you have an IU applied because you would have to to request it from Microsoft, and you do need to remove them before you apply an RU. Otherwise if you have just RUs installed you don't need to worry about uninstalling anything.

  20. Johnny Dallas says:

    Tried installing it unsuccessfully on two different CAS servers; both ended with "Setup Wizard for Update Rollup 4 for Exhange Server 2010 Service Pack 1 (KB2509910) ended prematurely"

  21. Ceriel Roland says:

    The RU4 update fixed my online mailbox search problem. Thnx guys!

  22. Johnny Dallas says:

    To get around the "ended prematurely" problem I had to "run as administrator" from command prompt.  

  23. Arthur says:

    How does this impact those of us with BES 5.x in place?

  24. HotFix says:

    @Johnny Dallas – you should ALWAYS run your RUs as an Administrator (through a command window running under the evelvated Administrator context) if you have User Account Control still enabled.

    @Arthur – Microsoft and RIM worked very hard together to resolve some issues with Exchange 2010, and most of those were resolved in the latest versions of each product. Exchange 2010 SP1 RU3 had some issues with duplciate messages showing up, but those were resolved in the RU3 V2 version. So RU4 should have those fixes in place but I would encourage you to reach out to RIM support to confirm what levels they want you at. If nothing else you can check this informative Technet article on the issue:…/gg670940.aspx

  25. spiridon says:

    After applying RU4 to server with HT role, mails to emaill enabled public folders (regardless, if they are in E2007 or E2010) won't be delivered, error msg is:

    #554 5.2.0 STOREDRV.Deliver.Exception:ObjectNotFoundException; Failed to process message due to a permanent exception with message The Active Directory user wasn‘t found. ObjectNotFoundException: The Active Directory user wasn‘t found. ##

    When using a HT server without RU4, the same mail gets delivered without error.

    Any suggestions?

  26. Jens Jensen says:

    I installed this update yesterday, and now uninstalling it from mailbox servers.

    After installing the update, I cannot copy folder structures in Public Folders. When I copy a folder with subfolders, only the top folder is copied. Bad situation for us using Public folders with large subfolder structures. After uninstalling from mailbox servers I can do the copying again… So, not everything is OK with this rollup.

  27. Jens Jensen says:

    Same problem occurs if I move a folder structure from a Public folder to a mailbox or to another public folder. The top folder and messages are moved, but all subfolders and content is not moved, just deleted…

  28. @Jens Jensen – Thanks for reporting these issues.  We will look into them.  Based on the description, have you checked to see if the data that was lost during the move resides in dumpster?  You should be able to recover the data from there.  Also, please open a case with Premier/CSS so that they can assist you and start the escalation process.


  29. says:

    Is this problem fixed in this patch or could you please tell me when it will be fixed?

    Exchange 2010 connects to a random Exchange 2003 PF store when querying the availability of an Exchange 2003 mailbox. Even when explicitly set to a designated Exchange 2003 PF store, it randomly picks another Exchange 2003 PF store.

  30. Tzwen says:

    @Jens Jensen and @Ross Smith IV [MSFT]

    I have the same issue when I use Outlook 2010 (without SP1) to copy PF's including subfolders and mail.. Only the empty root-folder is copied. No data is available within the dumpster.

    BUT, when i use OWA to copy, everything is working fine. Every mail and every subfolder is copied well.

    So i think it's a bug in OL 2010 or whats your opinion.

  31. @Jens Jensen and @Tzwen – We have identified the issue.  In SP1 RU4 we addressed the issue where you could not recover deleted public folders from dumpster. However, Outlook incorrectly passes a flag that indicates the item has been deleted when it has not.  As a result, when you perform a copy or move in the manner Jens described, the sub-folders are deleted.  As mentioned previously, you can recover these deleted folders from dumpster.  We’ve contacted the Outlook team to assist in further diagnosis of the issue and to help us determine the right vehicle for a fix, we’ll provide more details soon – in the meantime please open a CSS case.


  32. Jamal says:

    I didn't notice anything in the 'fixed' list mentioning Outlook 2003 delay issues and the BES email issues from the previous RU.  Are these all set in this RU?

  33. jim says:

    Nice to see the move/copy of PublicFolders may be relatively minor. More concerning to my organization though, Is the any update on the non-delivery issue with mail-enabled Public Folders?

  34. @Jamal – Rollups are inclusive and include all changes that were introduced in prior rollups. So if you install SP1 RU4, you also receive all the changes we have made to E2010 SP1 since its release (i.e.,  SP1 RU1, SP1 RU2, SP1 RU3).

    @Jim – I'm unaware of the issue concerning NDRs when sending to mail-enabled public folders.  It would be best to open a CSS case.


  35. Jens Jensen says:

    @Tzwen and @Ross Smith IV [MSFT]

    We are only running our exchange servers in production, so had to remove UR4 from Mailbox servers in order to keep up functionality. So I cannot test the issue more. But as you say, I agree that the problem is most likely with Outlook. Only checked the problem with Outlook 2010, have not tested with Outlook 2007 or OWA.

  36. Rob says:

    Similarly to the Public Folders issue, after installing RU4 on ExSrvr2010, when a Folder is copied from a user mailbox to a PST, only the folder itself survives the copy, all messages are deleted. Singular or groups of messages will copy OK, but not a folder with messages. Tested (and failed) with both Outlook 2007 and 2010.

  37. Jingping says:

    @spiridon, Could you provide more details about how to hit the issue? Such as your topology structure and the detailed steps to hit the issue. With RU4, sending mails to mail enabled public folders works on my side.

    @Jim, Do you meet the non-delivery issue with mail enabled public folders as well? If yes, could you provide the details info? Or you are just afraid that spiridon's post may affect your environment?

  38. spiridon says:


    our current environment is mixed 2010/2007/2003. Public folder stores with mail enabled folders exist in 2007 + 2010.

    E2010 SP1 RU3-v3 with currently 9 Boxes: 4 CAS, 2 HT, 3 MBX. After applying RU4 to all CAS and one HT, every mail for public folders ends with the above mentioned NDR, whether it is intended for E2007 or E2010 public folder. Today I recognized, that even the public folder replication messages (hierarchy + content) which have been routed through the RU4 HT, haven't been delivered to and from E2010


    If I disable the HT service on the RU4 box, which means, mail gets routed over the RU3-v3 box, everything's fine.

    We stopped deploying RU4 (especially MBX) until this issue is fixed and opened a support case.

  39. Joe says:

    Any harm in uninstalling UR4?  We are having the issue where it mail gets deleted when moving folders to a PST.

  40. jim says:

    @Jaiping, That is exactly my fear. My environment has gone from Exchange 2000 to 2003 to 2007 to 2010 with the last 2003 server having been uninstalled two weeks ago. After installing RU2 we experienced an issue related to Outlook 2007 clients scheduling rooms. Troubleshooting that issue took over a month of calls to MS Support and 3 escalations to get to the correct person so I am leery of installing this rollup and having to run through a similar issue.

  41. Joe says:

    Anyone know the correct process for uninstalling Update Rollup 4?  Thinking that Update Rollup 3 should be installed afterwards?  Any help would be much appreciated.  

  42. Jamal says:


    I understand that thanks but my question is with RU3 Outlook 2003 users (operation failed errors and delay when deleting/moving emails) and BES environments (duplicate emails being sent) were having problems still so will I be inheriting these problems with RU4 or did RU4 address these issues and resolve them?  I am currently on SP1 RU2 and have been hesitant to move to anything else — basically trading off one issue for another.  Thanks.

  43. @spiridon – Can you fill out the form…/contact.aspx so that we can discuss your issue?

    @Jamal – Yes SP1 RU3 addressed the BES duplicate sent item issue and does include UDP notification support for Outlook 2003.  See…/announcing-the-re-release-of-exchange-2010-service-pack-1-update-rollup-3-v2.aspx and the associated articles for more information.

    @joe – Yes you can uninstall a rollup.  Once uninstalled the system is back to the state it was in prior to teh installation (so if you upgraded from SP1 RU3 to RU4, you will be back with SP1 RU3).


  44. spiridon says:


    PSS case has been solved:

    After deleting the „servers“ container in one of the old still existing e2003 admin groups through adsiedit, everything’s fine. Public folder content gets replicated as well as the hierarchy.

    Regular emails to public folders get delivered as expected.

    The reason for being aware of this issue during deployment of RU4 may be, that the E2010 HT services have been restarted the first time after the E2003 servers have been deinstalled in this admin group.

  45. Joe says:

    Since RU5 is slated for release in August, does that mean RU4 breaks something in the meantime?

  46. @Joe – we follow a regular release pattern (every 6-8 weeks) for delivering code fixes for issues discovered within the product.


  47. Exchange Support says:

    We are seeing a mailbox size mismatch issue where the Server Data is much larger than the Local Data … and the bulk of the Server data for the mailbox is sitting in the Outbox folder.  Anyone else seeing this issue and know of any fixes?  Thnx.

  48. Vako says:

    Any update on the moving content situation that is described in the posts of Jens Jenson and Rob.

    I would like to know if we can advise the update to some customers…

  49. Geekcroft says:

    Top link is wrong – took me to the 2010 RTM rollup 4 page (was curious as to why it wouldn't apply hehe)

  50. Geekcroft says:

    Top link is wrong – took me to the 2010 RTM rollup 4 page (was curious as to why it wouldn't apply hehe)

  51. Bharat Suneja [MSFT] says:

    @Geekcroft Thanks for the heads up – it was erroneously updated to wrong URL yesterday. Fixed now. You can always get to the latest update for Exchange 2010 SP1 using this short URL:

  52. AnnoyedChris says:

    Rollup 4 introduces another bug, when copying folders to a PST, only the folder survives.

    Guys, this is getting beyond a joke, how many rollups and intrim fixes to we need to apply? We applied RU4 from RU3.3 to fix a major issue with migrating users from 2003 to 2010  now to find out Ru4 has introduced another bug…. so now I am 90% into my migration of 4000 high profile users and I now find out I have yet another issue? This is becoming extremely tiring, can you guys just get at least one rollup right? Ru3 was a joke, Ru 3.3 then came out, then a few weeks later I had to repatch all my servers again with Ru4 (which requires a LOT of work after hours for myself).. Seriously guys get it right please. Can you address this issue ASAP? We are a major international corporation, having just finished the migration for APAC to ex2010 and now at the tail end of EMEA migration, we are now halting migrating users in our Americas site because of this. – Extremely frustrated chris

  53. Neothwin says:

    I have installed exch2010 with SP1 in my lab. After that install RU4.

    Exsetup version shows 14.01.0323.001 as RU4 version number.

    When I check Windows updates after reboot, it still shows that RU3 V3 is required to install.

    Is RU3V3 still required to install after RU4?

  54. su27 says:

    What happened with the file? Cannot download it from the link.

  55. says:

    Same problem here as for Su27. Cannot download the install file from any browser :(

  56. Jody says:

    Any update on this?

    Copying folders to a PST, only the folder survives…

  57. TK says:

    According to Exchange Team blog, the file was pulled due to the issues discovered. Here is the post:…/exchange-2010-sp1-ru4-removed-from-download-center.aspx

  58. JD says:

    could you please confirm that the RU4 is overwriting custom throttling policy with default values?

  59. says:


    I had same problem with mail enabled public folders, also with RU4 v2. Then I copied public folders to PST files,deleted mail enabled public folders and recreated them. Copied content back and then mails got to public folders. I have just about 10 public folders so it wasn't such a big deal.

    I hope this helps.

  60. Sahin Boluk says:


    I just got a e-mail from our TAM, and Exchagne 2010 SP1 RU4 is listed there, with a link.  I went to the link:…/details.aspx

    and RU4 is available for download.  The publish date is 7/27/2011, is this a updated version????????

  61. Doug Swanek says:

    I did not notice the note for Frontfront protection to disable before installing this update.  After applying the update,  I checked Information store & Transport services and see they are still running fine.  Is there implications I'm not aware of?

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