Get the Insider’s View of Microsoft Certified Master: Exchange Server 2010

You've been architecting, deploying and managing Exchange Server for a while. You know Exchange well enough and you've taken and passed the Exchange Server MCP tests. What's next? The Microsoft Certified Master program for Exchange Server 2010.

Known as Exchange Ranger in a previous incarnation, training for the MCM program provides you the most intensive Exchange experience that includes three weeks of on-site instruction by the best Exchange experts — PMs from Exchange engineering teams, consultants, architects and senior support folks with a treasure trove of design, deployment and troubleshooting practices. The MCM | Exchange 2010 rotations are on. You can find more details in Microsoft Certified Master: Exchange Server 2010. Also check out Greg Taylor's detailed overview of the MCM program in Do you have what it takes to become a Microsoft Certified Master?

Itching to get an insider's view of MCM Exchange? Want to go behind the scenes of a recent MCM rotation and get the instructors' point of view? Our friends over at Microsoft Learning recently posted this video – check out Microsoft Certified Master - Insider's View.

Bharat Suneja

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  1. I am sure I will attend this training but not now :)

  2. Nuno Mota says:

    Same here… I’ve been dreaming of becoming a MCM for some time now, but I guess I need a bit more experience and just a “little bit” more money…   :(

  3. Aaron A says:

    As soon as I can get a company to pony up the 5-digit cost I will apply :D

  4. Aaron A says:

    As soon as I can get a company to pony up the 5-digit cost I will apply :D

  5. Frank T says:

    Step 1 – Convince boss to pay for entry

    Step 2 – Complete Exchange migration at your company, if you haven't already. You're a master so you do such a great job that it's always up and you hand off the boring stuff to someone else.

    Step 3 – Quit and go in to consulting

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