Announcing Exchange 2010 Service Pack 2

The Exchange Team is pleased to announce that in the second half of calendar year 2011 we will be releasing Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 2 (SP2) to our customers. With SP2, the following new features and capabilities will be included:

  • Outlook Web App (OWA) Mini A browse-only version of OWA designed for low bandwidth and resolution devices. Based on the existing Exchange 2010 SP1 OWA infrastructure, this feature provides a simple text based interface to navigate the user’s mailbox and access to the global address list from a plurality of mobile devices.
  • Cross-Site Silent Redirection for Outlook Web App With Service Pack 2, you will have the ability to enable silent redirection when CAS must redirect an OWA request to CAS infrastructure located in another Active Directory site.  Silent redirection can also provide a single sign-on experience when Forms-Based Authentication is used.
  • Hybrid Configuration Wizard Organizations can choose to deploy a hybrid scenario where some mailboxes are on-premises and some are in Exchange Online with Microsoft Office 365. Hybrid deployments may be needed for migrations taking place over weeks, months or indefinite timeframes. This wizard helps simplify the configuration of Exchange sharing features, like: calendar and free/busy sharing, secure mailflow, mailbox moves, as well as online archive.
  • Address Book Policies Allows organizations to segment their address books into smaller scoped subsets of users providing a more refined user experience than the previous manual configuration approach. We also blogged about this new feature recently in GAL Segmentation, Exchange Server 2010 and Address Book Policies.
  • Customer Requested Fixes All fixes contained within update rollups released prior to Service Pack 2 will also be contained within SP2. Details of our regular Exchange 2010 release rhythm can be found in Exchange 2010 Servicing.

In order to support these newly added features, there will be a requirement for customers to update their Active Directory schema. We’ve heard the feedback loud and clear from our customers on multiple occasions regarding delays that can be caused to deployment as a result of needing to update your schema and as such with the release of Exchange 2010 SP2 are communicating the required changes ahead of release in order to assist our customers with planning their upgrade path ahead of time.

We hope these announcements come as welcome news to you. It is our custom to provide ongoing improvements to features, functionality and security of Exchange Server, based largely on customer feedback, and to provide continual innovation on an already great messaging product. We look forward to receiving your comments and announcing more detailed information as we continue to develop the features that will be included in SP2.


Kevin Allison
General Manager
Exchange Customer Experience

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  1. says:

    Any idea based on the current development cycle when we'll see a public beta to begin modeling the changes in our non-production environments? I've been the unlucky recipient of a project that was started without understanding the implications of moving off a 2003 segregated system to 2010 without unwinding the segregation… As a result, the project is completely stalled. I desperately need to see how the ABPs will work to remediate this environment without forcing us into a Hosting install.

  2. Scott says:

    Looking forward to the release so we can lab it up.

  3. Bernd Kruczek says:

    Will there be a public beta of Exchange 2010 SP2?

  4. Devin L. Ganger says:

    Any chance of timely discussion around what kinds of changes required schema updates? Even without specific details, knowing what kinds of things were changed and why helps us prepare our customers better.

  5. GoodThings2Life says:

    Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add the ability to Exchange Management Console to add/remove users to distribution groups directly from the USER PROPERTIES dialog tab?

  6. alex says:

    Will there be any resolution on the issue of not showing email addresses on oof emails? As noted here, I am experiencing this too:…/exchange-2010-out-of-office-doesnt-show-original-senders-email-address

  7. Bruno says:

    It's seems OMA comes back. Great news!

  8. Bruno says:

    One again … will there be a rollup 4 or will we have to wait for SP2?

  9. adam says:

    Can you also please improve the repair functionality of new-MailboxRepairRequest on public folders at present you can just check and fix replication issues using replstate which is not good enough to repair corruptions in public folders! I know you are trying to get rid of Public folders but withdrawing ISINTEG functionality is not the way to do it.

  10. Good news. Exchange keeps evolving… .

  11. Vince says:

    After the wonderful experience with SP1 I will be sure to get right on this SP install.  Maybe they can fix the problem where the databases grow uncontrollably and sucks up every bit of disk space you throw at it.  Or maybe take away the wonderful throttling policies thrown in with SP1.

  12. Skooter says:

    Is there a detail list of all the fixes?

  13. Bharat Suneja [MSFT] says:

    @Skooter: The details of fixes included will be included in a KnowledgeBase article which is published when the service pack is released. As incidated in the post, Exchange 2010 SP2 will be released in the second half of this year.

  14. Petri X says:

    Feature request for the SP2:

    Is it possible to get CAS role to be cluster aware. Think about small companies, who would like to setup two node DAG. But where to put CAS role and how to make the load balance between CAS roles? If you can make it as a cluster aware service, then you can move it between different nodes. And in small companies it is not a performance issue.

  15. pesospesos says:

    @Petri, many people already do this.  We recently implemented this because it was a waste for us to have two separate CAS/HT servers and two mailbox servers.  We collapsed from 4 servers down to 2 multi-role servers and set up a cluster group with an ip address that can fail over between the nodes.  The cluster group has a name/ip that matches the cas array.  So we have failover but no load balancing – perfect for our needs.

  16. Manju says:

    Why introducing OMA ?

  17. Petri X says:


    Yes, I can believe so, but in case of troubles MS might complain it :)

    So I would like to get some "official statement" from MS, that it is valid configuration from their side as well.

  18. Tushar says:

    It great to hear that Microsoft is releasing exchange server 2010 service pack2 . Really hats off to team Microsoft that they change the world of computing…….

  19. Paul N says:

    @Bharat –

    I know we won't get a full list of fixes/enhancements until closer to the release of SP2, but do you know off hand if there will be any updates/fixes to Retention Policies/Tags?  Specifically, will you be able to target the default Calendar and Tasks folders for Retention periods?  

  20. Bharat Suneja [MSFT] says:

    @Paul: Support for Calendar and Tasks default folders in retention policies isn't included in SP2.

  21. says:

    I don't want to sound like a jerk, but will this service pack be thouroughly tested before RTM?  After the ru3 rollercoaster, I don't know what to trust..

  22. Sandheep says:

    It will be good, if we could add option expoprt/import contacts via OWA.

  23. Randeep says:


    Is Content Indexing function error (Event ID 9877) fixed in EX2010 SP2?

    Thanks paji

  24. Bharat Suneja [MSFT] says:

    @BBQSteak: Thanks for feedback re RU3. Service packs go through extensive testing.

    Nevertheless, it's a general best practice to test all updates to critical production systems in a non-production environment before you deploy them in a production environment. This is true for all code/updates/patches/firmware updates and config changes.

  25. Bharat Suneja [MSFT] says:

    @Randeep: The list of fixes included in Exchange 2010 SP2 will be available when we release SP2.

  26. brad diamond says:

    Archiving: since notes is not a "email" folder" will thre be a fix in sp2 as to not archive this folder when "all other folders in the mailbox" is selected. contacts, calendar are also not email items an they already are not archived. thanks

  27. LEWIS says:

    Seems EAS support on Online Archive mailbox access is still missing. Am I overlooking something?

  28. Jeff Girotto says:

    Will the online archive be accessible via the Outlook Web App (OWA) Mini?

  29. DE says:

    Is there a list of Exchange ActiveSync features included with SP2?


  30. Bharat Suneja [MSFT] says:

    @Lewis: Synchronizing the archive mailbox to a mobile device with limited resources isn't practical. In fact, we don't even synchronize the entire primary mailbox – only a few days'/weeks worth of email is synced to a mobile device. Additionally, archive mailboxes don't receive new email – messages are moved from primary mailbox.

  31. Bharat Suneja [MSFT] says:

    @DE: The list of fixes included in Exchange 2010 SP2 will be available when we release SP2. :)

    The major new features and capabilities have been announced in this post.

  32. Pat says:

    How can I tell what service Pack I am currently running?

  33. says:

    I have two questions:

    1) Is there any plan to reintroduce EMC in the SP2 with Hosting switch turned on?

    While I understand that the Hosting mode is a thorough rewrite and not just a hack, I find it a real pain to deal with PowerShell which in my opinion has a syntax which is not clear and which kept being changed since it was first introduce. I and probably masses of people too, like to see the Exchange Management Console back!

    2) Is there any plan to improve the ECP features?

    It is nice that the customer can now manage itself his Exchange system. However, I would like to point out that customer is either a savvy and will find it frustrating to have such a light panel or will either be an uneducated  user which will not even know what is ECP and what to use it for.

  34. Rabbani says:

    logs are not truncated in exchange2010 sp1 my question is this problem is addressed by MSFT?

  35. says:


    Get-ExchangeServer | Format-Table Name, *Version*

    For Microsoft Exchange 2010 base, the ProductVersion will display 14.00.0639.021.

    For Microsoft Exchange 2010 Rollup 1, the ProductVersion will display 14.00.0682.001.

    For Microsoft Exchange 2010 Rollup 2, the ProductVersion will display 14.00.0689.000.

    For Microsoft Exchange 2010 Rollup 3, the ProductVersion will display 14.00.0694.000.

    For Microsoft Exchange 2010 Rollup 4, the ProductVersion will display 14.00.0702.001.

    For Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP1, the ProductVersion will display 14.01.0218.015.

  36. Ry182 says:

    Is there anything we can include to change OOF from the EMC?

    This is problem when users call in sick and cannot change there own!!

    "Just a thought"

  37. Donell Kut says:

    will be possible to add the IP DAG using the graphical interface?

  38. @Donell, that is possible today with SP1.  See…/dd297985.aspx for details.

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