Exchange 2010 SP1 Rollup 3 and BlackBerrys sending duplicate messages

Update 4/6/2011: The update has been re-released. See Announcing the Re-release of Exchange 2010 Service Pack 1 Update Rollup 3 (V3).
3/30/2011 1:40 PM: Please see Exchange 2007/2010 Rollup 3 Status Update for updated status.

We have received notification of an issue impacting some customers which have RIM BlackBerry devices connecting to an Exchange 2010 SP1 RU3 environment. At this stage we are actively working with RIM to identify the exact scenarios in which customers are reporting this issue in order to narrow down the root cause of the problem and identify a suitable resolution for it.

As a precautionary measure we have deactivated the download page for Exchange 2010 SP1 RU3 until we can identify the appropriate next steps.

If you are a customer seeing duplicate messages being delivered when an email is sent from a BlackBerry device and you have RU3 installed within your Exchange 2010 environment, our recommendation is to contact Microsoft Support for assistance in troubleshooting the issue you’re experiencing.

Our recommendation at this time for all customers is to hold off deploying RU3 until we have identified and resolved these issues. If you have already deployed RU3 and you are not seeing any issues within your environment, our recommendation is to leave RU3 in place at this time.

Once the next steps are confirmed we will post an update here on the EHLO blog.

Kevin Allison
GM Exchange Customer Experience

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  1. CW IS says:

    Any issues with Exchange 2007 SP3 Rollup 3 and Blackberrys sending duplicate messages?

  2. Carsten17 says:

    Any technical background, events to look for etc?

  3. waldo says:

    Now they tell me!

  4. Kevin Bellinger (MSFT) says:

    @ CW IS – Not that we know of, we've only been made aware of this issue impacting Exchange 2010 SP1 when RU3 is installed.

  5. bill says:

    We are seeing this as a direct result of applying RU3.

  6. Yuryk says:

    It's a good thing you've posted it 2 hours after I've installed it to one of my biggest clients…

    The funny thing is that it also exactly 2 hours before the client called me to complain.

  7. PJ says:

    Can anyone clarify something?  FTA: "If you are a customer seeing duplicate messages being delivered when an email is sent from a BlackBerry device."  

    This makes it sound like the recipient has two messages showing up in their Outlook/OWA/mobile when the sender sends via a blackberry.  However, our users are reporting that the sender sees duplicates in "sent items" on their blackberry device, no duplicates in Outlook (or message tracking) and the recipient sees _no_ duplicates whatsoever.

  8. AS says:

    We have the issue also and it's the same as PJ said – only see the duplicates on the handheld itself.  None in Sent Items in Outlook/OWA, message tracking shows a single message and recipient receives a single message.

  9. CH says:

    We've experienced this exact issue after installing RU3 with our BES 5.0.2 MR4.

    This seems to only affect messages sent from the device. Messages sent from Outlook do not show up twice on the BB. Outlook's sent items confirm only one copy was sent. Recipients have confirmed only one copy received.

  10. Kevin Bellinger (MSFT) says:

    The explicit behavior customers are reporting have now been confirmed. As folks have reported in the comments here the following scenario is the only impact we are aware of


    Exchange 2010 SP1 RU3

    Blackberry Enterprise Server (all versions)

    Issue Description:

    Users are seeing a duplicate message in their sent items on the device when a message is sent from the blackberry device. The duplicate appears only on the Blackberry device, not in Outlook or OWA. No duplicate message is transported through Exchange.

    Current Status (3/15 12:30pm):

    The Exchange Customer Experience team is actively working with the RIM Engineering team to identify a resolution to this issue. Once we have a candidate fix we will post further here on the EHLO Blog.

  11. PJ/AS/CH – The issue is not that BES is sending duplicate messages, it is that from the Blackberry mobile device, you see duplicate messages in the sent items.


  12. SM says:

    Maybe, maybe not related, but since we deployed RU3 in our environment (after RIM said deploy or we can't support you), we're having an increasing number of users lose the ability to receive mail in Outlook w/o having to Send/Receive, or in extreme cases, forced to quit & restart Outlook.  Prior to RU3, client connectivity was working fine.  

  13. Carsten17 says:

    Do not see this at all and we deployed UR3 Saturday. Now we do have a configuration due to using CAS and BES limition to properly function against a CAS Array, we are using a host- file  on the BES machine to let it connect using the CAS Array name but it is infact hitting only on CAS server.

  14. Carsten17 says:

    Sorry about a couple typos in my previous comment; this Exchange rig uses a CAS Array and BES is connected to only 1 CAS server using a hostfile that translates the CAS Array name to 1 CAS Server

  15. AS says:

    Carsten17, we have the exact same config between our BES and Exchange using the host file to one CAS from the array.

    We are seeing both the BB issue and the email delivery delays in Outlook clients since deploying RU3 (also on Saturday).  Have been working with MSFT tirelessly to try and resolve the delays issue.

  16. eli says:

    I have installed the EX2010 SP1 RU3 on many customers and there no duplicate message at all.

  17. Same issue here. We are using BESX 5.0.2 MR1.

  18. BD ADMIN says:

    Has the issue been identified and resolved?

    Is there any update available on the same.

    Can we proceed with RU3 Deployment in our environment?

  19. I know it's impossible to check compatibility with every 3rd party product, but since the integration with Blackberry is tight and number of (enterprise) customers is significant, why not have people at QA test this properly before releasing it?

  20. Sven J says:

    After applying RU3 on my Exchange server AND management station (Win7 SP1) I'v getting errors on my management station like this:

    "You must close all dialog boxes before you can close exchange management console".

    This is wierd. I simply open management console and did not modify anything. And when I'm trying to close, I'v got this error.

  21. Sven J says:

    Sorry, this MMC bug is related to IE9 RTM.

    Please disregard my pervious message.

  22. AB says:

    Can someone provide me with a link to the RU3 Original File? Microsoft have killed all Download Links, but today i had a problem with one of our MBX Servers in a DAG.

    I have to reinstall SP1 and after that the RUs. We already deployed RU3 to the other mbx Servers and i can´t file the file in the whole internet.

  23. ThommyG says:

    @Michael de Rooij: +1

    QA at MS? Have I missed something? It is the customer where the software ripes to get an apple…

  24. David Bolton says:

    We are not running BES, but since the RU3 update, we are having major problems with browser freezing/crashing in both Firefox and Safari. I posted on Exchange forums about the ongoing issues:…/2a26685e-5702-407e-84f9-6fcdeb16c4bf

  25. Issue Update (3/16 9:30am):

    We are testing a candidate fix for this issue currently with RIM. Once we have confirmation that the fix works for all BES MR versions we will set in motion the processes required to release an update to RU3. We will also provide guidance at that time for customers with respect to environments which already have RU3 installed.

    On the topic of QA, we work very closely with partners and RIM in particular – our releases are tested in conjunction with RIM prior to going live every other month.

    Unfortunately this particular scenario was not caught during that testing – we will be working with RIM to ensure the likelihood of this occurring again is minimized through updates to our joint processes.

  26. RG says:

    After applying RU3, I'm also seeing duplicate calendar appointments for previously configured recurring appointments.  There are also 4 copies of some contacts.  This is only on the BB handheld; not in Outlook.

  27. BD ADDMIN says:

    Has the issue been identified and resolved?

    When can we expect the resolution?

  28. Kevin C says:

    Experiencing exact issues described since updating to Exchange 2010 SP1 RU3 and BES 5 MR4.

  29. JBH2941 says:

    @ Kevin Bellinger MSFT

    Is rolling back a viable option?

  30. BD ADMIN says:

    Has candidate fix for this issue been released.?

    Have not yet found an update on this issue.

    We need to update our customers regarding the same.

  31. Lono says:


    Any update?  We would like to close a slowness issue with Outlook 2003 clients connecting to Exchange 2010 – Referring to the UDP notifications.


  32. Smappy says:

    Is it possible to make a separate release for the UDP issue for Outlook 2003?  This is holding back our deployment.

  33. MB says:

    I also have seen duplicate contacts / calendar appoinments. not 100% sure if this is since RU3 but would be good to know if RU3 was the cause as it does fit in with when i applied the patch.

  34. Gulab says:

    I hope we get this fixed ASAP, i have few clients waiting for this update, as it fixes three issues they are facing.

  35. Carsten17 says:

    Any news here?

  36. Carsten 17 says:

    May we have some more insight in the RU3 release?

    Seems there are more than BES impacted as we see several blogs of folks uninstalling; this (See below) is one we see quite often in our environment after the upgrade to UR3. We decided initially to hang on to RU3 since it solved some other issues we had. I just want to get a feeling of how mcuh more is coming my way :)

    Watson report about to be sent for process id: 9176, with parameters: E12, c-RTL-AMD64, 14.01.0285.000, OWA, M.E.Clients.Owa, M.E.C.O.P.ConversationUtilities.ClearAlwaysCategorizeRule, System.NullReferenceException, 7068, 14.01.0287.000.

    ErrorReportingEnabled: False

    Source is Exchange Common

  37. Issue Update (3/21 6:21pm):

    We are investigating the issues that customers have reported with our initial release of SP1 RU3.  When we are confident that we completely understand these issues, we will provide a timeline moving forward with regards to releasing SP1 RU3.  Until that time, we ask for your patience as we continue to solve these issues.


  38. Dave says:

    Since applying Rollup 3 to our environment which does not include BES I am getting increasing reports of users being unable to receive email via Outlook 2007 promptly without exiting Outlook or waiting for up to an hour when a batch of emails arrive at once.  Intermittently seems to hit users with mailboxes on one active member of a DAG one day and then a different one the next day. As rollup 3 fixes problems for our ALPINE clients I do not want to remove RU3. Anyone seeing this problem since installing RU3?    

  39. says:

    I too have seen latency in new email notification in Outlook (2010 & 2007) since applying SP1 RU3.  Mail delivers promptly to our handhelds (Droid, iPhone, etc…) and OWA.  However, Outlook delivery notification is intermitently sluggish or simply does not work until the application is quit and restarted.  Asynchronous notification seems to be intermitently broke since applying SP1 and RU3 for us (We came from RC RU5).

    I plan to open a case with MS Support…

  40. POAJR says:


    We have NOT installed RU3 and are seeing similar delays with Outlook 2003. Our Outlook 2010 clients have no issues but the 2003 do. We did install a number of patches along the way to fix BES delay issues so what we have been running for a while you may have just installed.

  41. Folks,

    If you are experiencing issues with Exchange 2010 after installing SP1 RU3, the best thing you can do to return to a known state is to uninstall SP1 RU3.  If there is a particular fix that is within SP1 RU3 that you require, you can work with Microsoft Support to obtain an Interim Update for SP1 RU2.

    Once we re-release SP1 RU3, you can evaluate the new build in a lab environment that simulates production and determine if the issues you saw with the initial SP1 RU3 release are still affecting you.  If you find they are, my advice is to open a support case with Microsoft Support, so that we can diagnose the issue and help determine root cause.


  42. mooncalf says:

    Hi Ross,

    Will the UDP fix that was included in SP1 RU3 be available from PSS as an interim update to SP1 RU2?


  43. ExchangeFan says:

    @Dave and @mhauge

    We too are seeing the delays in emails showing up in our Outlook 2007 clients. Emails promptly are appearing on the many flavors of mobile devices and OWA normally. However, the delays on the OL2007 clients can be up to 10 minutes. The timestamps do indicate the correct sent time.

    Have you heard anything from MS Support? I would be curious to know what the plan is going to be once a re-release of RU3 is announced for customers who have already deployed this one.

  44. ExchangeFan-

    When we re-release SP1 RU3, the version number will be incremented.  This means that you can simply install this on top of an existing server that has SP1 RU3 installed.  

    However, like I said in my previous post, given the issues you are facing, I would uninstall SP1 RU3 and get back to a known state where you are not experiencing the new mail delays.


  45. martin b says:

    This is unacceptable with such a large organization.

    We had to deploy RU3 because of the Outlook 2003 UDP delays, which were frankly ridiculous, now my BES handhelds have duplicate Emails in their send folders, and why?….

    Because Exchange 2010 again is not behaving correctly.  If i had known all these issues were to arise, i would have stuck with 2007 and accepted the loss of a DAG group feature.

  46. davide says:

    We have the same issue with BES 5.02 MR4.

    Do you have some news?


  47. says:

    Is everybody experience problems with duplicating messages on Blackberry Server after updating to RU3. It is a big pain with no UDP support for existing Outlook 2003 users. I'm ready to apply RU3 just to try it and roll back if Blackberry problem will occur but I cannot get any live download links for it. If anyone have the update file itself?

    Thank you in advance.

  48. JBH2941 says:

    @ A[R]

    You will probably have the issue if you are on 5.0.2 MR4, and you can always roll back (I did).  

    At this point I am disappointed with 2010 and should have gone with 2007.

  49. Deb G says:

    Are there any additional updates on this rollout, we really need to get this rollup applied. the rpc memory leak is hitting us hard.

  50. mybentmind says:

    We are experiencing the BES delay as well. We are having about a 25% rescan rate because mail fails to send via mapi the first time. Over 2010 has been a big disappointment. The database size and resource requirements are extreme yet the actual speed is so much slower. Take attachments for example:  they were stored once on 2003 and now on 2010 it is per mailbox. The simple everyday gui functions we once did on daily basis now takes elaborate command lines. If we could return to 2003 we would gladly do it.

  51. JK27 says:

    Exchange team, please provide some sort of update on RU3 with an eta. We are desperately awaiting the UDP fix for Outlook 2003 clients.

  52. Smappy says:

    Hi blog.  Any update?  I need to resolve the UDP notifications with Outlook 2003 clients for our migration.



  53. netghost says:

    Is there a mailinglist or sth. else to inform us when MS rerelease the RU3?

  54. says:

    I have just subscribed to this blog to receive updates, so I would suggest the same?

  55. Folks – please see…/exchange-2007-2010-rollup-3-status-update.aspx for updated status information on E2010 SP1 RU3.


  56. Muhammad Zohaib says:

    Step 1

    Have you uninstalled Sp3 and tested? if not do it


    Still duplication is consist, please go to Exchange management roll back 2nd hub which is re-directed to manual transport



  57. ErGautam says:

    hey, i did not get this issue..

  58. martina says:

    I have had these duplications for many months on my Blackberry and now find out that the Microsoft Outlook 2010 is to blame. It is ridiculous for 250 emails from months ago dump at one time on my hand-held, or a recently sent email duplicates a few minutes later.

  59. Martin says:

    Just updated a setup to RU3v3 to solve the Recoverable Items issue with IMAP and Apple Mail.

    But how should we proceed to empty the users with huge Recoverable Items folders?

    Search-Mailbox -Identity "" -SearchDumpsterOnly -DeleteContent does not seem to do it or manually with MFCMAPI?

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