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I am a Sr. Support Escalation Engineer with the Enterprise Communications Support team at Microsoft.  We deal with the most challenging (technically, politically, or otherwise) cases regarding Microsoft Exchange.  Prior to joining the team here I worked in various IT shops, large and small, supporting all manner of gadgets and gizmos.  I spent a few years running a small- and medium-sized business technology consulting business before one of my clients made me an offer I couldn’t refuse to go work for them.  Once back in the corporate IT arena I then jumped on the opportunity to go work at the source of my favorite software product of all time, Microsoft Exchange.

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  1. Dane Lancaster says:

    Good Morning

    I am looking to find someone whow can help me find out the source of my 2003 exchange server memory leak. My office is preparing to migrate to 2010 in the next month however a pesky depletion of nonpaged memory has developed on the 2003 ex svr requiring a restart every day. NPP memory exhausts at around 110mb and OWA stops working and soon the server stops. I suspect it is a driver of some kind. I recently had to move the server to a new Dell. I have removed all 3rd party software inclusing virus. Based upon my initial look with memsnap and poolmon points to Flst and Auxl tag..exifs.sys seems to be chewing up NPP and not giving it back. Never had a problem with this driver before so I am reluctant to make any changes.

    The new R510 Dell has 12GB of ram, configured out of the box with optimized ram. Had to unconfigure the RAM to mirrored 4GB to accespt /3GB USERVA=3030 inthe boot.ini.

    Microsoft has a hotfix posted for that updates exifs.sys. Do you recommend that I install the hotfix?


  2. jtedoff says:

    Hi Dane,

    What’s the KB number for the EXIFS.SYS update?

    If FLST and AUXL are the largest consumers of NPP, you can move those drivers so that they use Paged Pool (PP) memory instead of Non-Paged Pool memory:

    -> Move the EXIFS free list (Flst) and auxiliary free list (AuxL) to paged pool memory
    •Set “AuxFreeListInPagedPool” = REG_DWORD 0x00000001
    •Set “FreeListInPagedPool” = REG_DWORD 0x00000001

    For more info and further troubleshooting steps you can refer to:

    If you’re planning on moving to Exchange 2010, simply moving AUXL and FLST to PP may give you the breathing room to get you through the migration.


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