Released: Exchange 2010 Architecture Poster

You've been asking us about an Exchange 2010 version of the popular Exchange 2007 Component Architecture poster. We're pleased to let you know that the Exchange Server 2010 Architecture Poster is now available for download in all its 36" x 24" goodness! Here's a preview:

Exchange Server 2010 Architecture poster preview

The poster helps you understand how the major components of Exchange 2010 work and serves as a quick reminder and a learning tool. The printed version also looks really impressive on your wall!

Head over to the Download Center to download the Exchange Server 2010 Architecture Poster (PDF).

Those of you headed to Berlin for TechEd Europe next month, you'll be able to pick up your very own full-size glossy version from the Unified Communications booth. Wir sehen uns in Berlin!

Astrid McClean

PS: For transport architecture diagrams, see Exchange 2010 Transport Architecture Diagrams Available for Download.


Comments (15)
  1. John says:

    Can we get one shipped to us like with the 2007 poster?  Will it be included in the TechEd Magazine?

  2. Fantastic, thanks guys! Can’t wait to get a copy up on my office wall.

  3. DJ says:

    Any chance those nice visio stencils/shapes will be released soon?

  4. Bharat Suneja [MSFT] says:

    @DJ: We’re working on it! :)

  5. Danielle Hudges says:

    It looks pretty good. Yeah, definitely it is okay to be posted on the wall whether in office or at room. This is really helpful for everyone so I’m happy that finally a post something like this. Thank a lot really.

  6. Piotr1 says:

    Is there any possibility to order this poster (and other posters as well)?

  7. patamski7v says:

    cool nice,

  8. ChrisLaMont says:

    It’s nice, but I’d love to have something more technical, perhaps not as a poster but a booklet of diagrams illustrating how Exchange works, with relevant ExBPA information where appropriate.

  9. Markj says:

    Great!!!  Visio version please :-)

  10. Astridm says:

    @John, The posters will be available at major conferences like TechEd, but you can’t order printed copies from us. We are looking into the making this available through a magazine.

  11. RobK says:

    Very Nice indeed. Now maybe its just me but under Edge Transport Server Role

    bottom part describing SMTP flow SMTP Send Connector has the wrong arrow pointing inside rather than outside? The same with SMTP Receive Connector. I thought Send connectors are used to send mail out and Receive connectors are for receiving mail. Correct me if i;m wrong. Other than that it looks perfect

    thank you

  12. msexpert says:

    Thank you very much

  13. Himzo says:


    There is an Poster on the HA part only in the booth in TechEd Berlin, is that one here somewhere so we can have it downloaded?

  14. Anandkumardeva says:

    Good job. Appriciated…

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