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Hi, my name is Chuck Anderson, I am a Program Manager (PM) for Exchange's Customer Experience (CXP) team. I have been with Microsoft for over a dozen years in a variety of roles. I started at Microsoft as a Technical Account Manager, and previously helped ship Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2007 as a PM on the Global team.

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  1. PleaseAddGuiFunctionsBack says:

    Hi Chuck,

    Is there any hope that we will have as much functionality with exchange 2010’s gui as we did back in exchange 2000/2003? In my opinion, the customer experience in regards to managing/administering exchange has dropped significantly, I didnt even roll out exchange 2007 because my 10 years of exchange experience was worthless with it, I may as well have deployed sendmail since I  had about as much experience with that command line mail program as with exchange 2007.

    Dont get me wrong, I am not against scripting as a SECONDARY method, its great to have in some instances, but what made microsoft the big gorilla was its GUI, not its command line. Everything that can be scripted should be available in the GUI.

  2. Chuck *MSFT* says:

    Hi PleaseAdd,

    Thanks for the feedback.  You should check out You Had Me At EHLO… : What’s new in the Exchange Management Console (  Investments have been made in interfaces for our IT Pros as well as some self service options for end users in 2010.

    There are lots of GUI versus Scripting debates in comments found in our blog archives, so I wont get into the pros and cons here on my profile page.    – Chuck *MSFT*

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