Exchange 2010 Update Rollup 1 is now released

Just a quick note to share the news!

We have just released the Exchange 2010 Update Rollup 1. You can download the update here and read more information about fixes included in the following KB article:

- Nino Bilic

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  1. bday says:

    Joyous times are here! :) Now to get BES upgraded from 4.1.6. :)

  2. bday says:

    Nino, I think I commented on the wrong article. You can delete the first comment if it refers to BES. :)

    Cool on getting UR1 out the door so quick, congrats. :)

    I’ve got a thread going in the forum, I’ve had 2 spontaneous reboots installing UR1 so far leaving services in a disabled state. : (

  3. Jeff Guillet [MVP] says:

    I installed UR1 on two servers this afternoon. Both installed fine in about 20 minutes each. Not sure if it’s releated, but Outlook Web App seems snappier now. Thanks, team!

  4. bday says:

    I was suprised to see the services stopped and disabled before the .NET assemblies were compiled. For some reason I thought this was going to be flip-flopped so service outages would be shorter.

  5. Karsten says:

    Is this English update for all Languages (German in my case)

  6. Karsten says:

    differnt thing:

    I have heared that possibly with the exchange 2010 sp1 it is possible to split the Archive and the Mailbox to differen Databases. Can this be approved? When will the SP1 probably occour?

  7. williamrace says:

    Thanks Admin..

  8. gerard says:

    OWA blank screen after the rollup was applied. Warning triangle on webpage for flogon.js.

    How do I uninstall the rollup?

  9. soder says:

    Haha, it didnt take too long to get the 1st pack :D

  10. Sean says:

    I am also having a problem with Update 1.  Same problem as Gerard.

    I get a warning about flogon.js.  After doing some troubleshooting, it looks like Update 1 didn’t copy all of the OWA files.  If i go to this directory:

    D:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV14ClientAccessOwa14.0.682.1scriptspremium

    The only file in there is uglobal.js.  flogon.js (and all of the other files that should be are gone).

    This is a clean install on Windows 2008 R2.  Installed OS, installed Exchange 2010, installed Update 1.

    I uninstalled Update 1 and the files came back.  I reinstalled Update 1 and the files stayed there, but i still couldn’t logon to OWA.  It complained about an error in auth/logon.aspx.  I enable anonymous authentication on the directory, tried OWA, it gave a error that OWA could not start which is normal with anonymous is checked.  Next I unchecked anonymous and tried again and OWA was up.


  11. gerard says:

    Thanks Sean, but I dont appear to be able to resolve using the same steps. I can’t see how to uninstall RU1 – my option to change Exchange in ‘Programs and Features’ no longer works.

    Changing anonymous auth on/off in IIS on the OWA folder has not help either.

    Looks like enthusiasm has gotten the better of me in this case, but I would still welcome a workaround.

  12. gerard says:

    I was able to resolve by recreating the owa virtual directory using Remove-owavirtualdirectory and New-owavirtualdirectory.

  13. Jack says:

    You will need to install the rollup as an administrator. Since there is no way to elavate your perms when running an MSP file, try to open a command prompt as an administrator. Run the update from there and you will be fine.

    The patch will take some time as the .net stuff is doing its job.

  14. pesospesos says:

    Is it my imagination or is disk performance greatly improved?  I am moving a large number of things around (thanks to the high items script) and after the update moving thousands of items at a time seems to be going much more quickly…

  15. Dr.Fix says:

    Still users can’t change the OWA theme…

  16. pesospesos says:

    it apears that UR1 may break something to do with mailbox moves for servers in a DAG.  now when I try to move a mailbox into a database that has a copy on another server, the mailbox move repeatedly jumps back to 0% and restarts itself over and over again…  if I remove the DAG copy or try to move the mailbox to another database that has no copies, it moves just fine…  uh oh!

  17. pesospesos says:

    There definitely is something broken with move mailbox when a database copy of the target database exists.  Mailbox moves to a db with no copy works just fine.  On with PSS now.

  18. ian_pick says:

    Same issue as Gerard and others, OWA no longer works, tried re-creating OWA virtual directory, now I get a blank screen with no errors. Will try reboot

  19. Joes2 says:

    So, when will rollup 2 be out?  I’ve heard that it will correct a problem I have with migrated mailboxes – can’t access them via POP, but all other methods work.

  20. thomas says:

    Had the same problem as some people mentioned. A script error in flogon.js with a blank page. Tried some of the stuff mentioned here but ended up uninstalling the rollup. With around 15.000 users, panic came knocking on my door. Still, the uninstall worked and things are fine now. It would however be nice to be able to install the rollup. Any further thoughts on this issue?

  21. Exchange says:

    People having problems with OWA after installation:

    Can you open a support case with us on this? It is not a known issue at this point, but something seems to be going on…

    Also – is anyone running any customizations for OWA when having this problem? Any specific things in environment?


  22. nico says:

    We have the same problem since Monday.

    We have opened a support case to Microsoft and we are awaiting asap a solution.

    What we’ve done is to uninstall the hotfix from one of our two CAS/HUB Servers.

    So we have at least one CAS/HUB server where OWA works !



  23. gerard says:

    Hi Nino, some feedback for you. Clean lab build of AD2k3 with Ex2k3. All patched. Then, interop with Ex2k10 plus AD2k8 R2. Transferred to Native AD2k8 R2 and Ex2k10 – decomissioned 2003 enviroment. Single Hub/Cas/Mbx server with no customizations, bar testing the different themes prior to RU1. Problems were with flogon.js. Recreated the OWA virtual directory Exchange Management Shell which resolved the problem.

  24. jamesm says:

    Similar issues for our attempted install of RU 1.  Install cancelled because BE Remote Agent Service was running.   Cancelled install.  Stopped service, re-ran install.  It appeared to finish successfully.

    Problem 1: it failed to renable and restart all Exchange and Exchange Related services (including W3SVC, that was "sweet").

    Problem 2: After manually reconfiguring and restarting all apropriate services OWA site issues same as noted by Gerard, Sean and others.  Active-Sync web services function fine. Just OWA was borked.

    In looking at IIS 7 under the owa virtual directory there were two folders: 14.0.639.21 (initial gold bits) and 14.0.682.1.  In looking at the ApplicationHost.config file location paths it still references 14.0.639.21.  That can’t be good.  I’d have tried to fix this manually, but I figured there were some mixing of these paths.

    Uninstalled RU 1.  *Almost* everything works.  Today I noticed that the EMC MMC fails and WinRM seems to be having issues.  All are related to the OWA virtual Directory.

    I’m gonig to try to reinstall and try deleting and recreating the OWA virtual directory.

    Our E14 bits were the final bits available to the E14 TAP participants (R4-DFF – build 639-21).   These are the RTM bits.

  25. Maksim says:

    Same problems with OWA after rollup 1 installation.

  26. Tubbe says:

    Noticed the following line in UpdateCas.log

    [20:08:40] There are no Exchange 2010 OWA virtual directories.  Aborting.

    This wasn’t the case in my lab environment where the OWA virtual directories could be found.

  27. Tubbe says:

    Also noted an error in the Application log with the following content:

    (PID 7684, Thread 3) Task Get-OwaVirtualDirectory writing error when processing record of index 0. Error: Microsoft.Exchange.Management.Metabase.IISGeneralCOMException: An IIS directory entry couldn’t be created. The error message is Access is denied.

    . HResult = -2147024891 —> Microsoft.Exchange.Management.Metabase.COMDetailException: Access is denied.

    One could assume this relates to a permission issue but the user running the rollup is an enterprise administrator so it must be something else related to security. Also note that I’m currently working with MS on this and posting updates here for other people with the same problem.

  28. johnathan says:

    We ran into problems getting the patch to install on one of our servers. It turned out one of the Tech’s had run the install off a network path and when the patch was installing for some reason it was trying to access that network path. We uninstalled the server and reinstalled with the files local and now everything works fine.


  29. nico says:

    Hi Guys,
    I’ve spoken with MS-Support and we’ve done the following :
    Requirement :
    The Hotfix RU1 was installed, OWA didn’t functioned !
    Open Powershell
    1. Get-OwaVirtualDirectory
    The OWA Virtual Directories from both Exchange 2010 Server were displayed
    2. We copied the Identity for the OWA Virtual Directory from CAS-Server
    3. we run the command
    Remove-OwaVirtualDirectory -identity "the identity what we copied earlier"
    4. We recreated the OWA Virtual Directory on this server
    New-OwaVirtualDirectory -Name "owa" -WebSite "Default Web Site"
    5. We checked that OWA Virtual Directory was correctly recreated
    6. From Exchange Management Console we checked the OWA settings. We add the InternalURL according to the URL from the second CAS


    7.We checked the IIS settings, everything was ok
    8. From Command Prompt we made an IIS reset
    9. We tested OWA. It was working !!!


  30. Tubbe says:

    Try running the following command i mgmt shell:


    If you get an "Access denied", you need to start an elevated mgmt shell and run the following:

    ii Exchange2010-KB976573-x64-en.msp

    This command applies the rollup as an eleveted user. Thanks to MS Support for this solution. Note that I haven’t tried this yet but every clue points towards this solution.

  31. Peter Radig says:

    I had the same OWA blank logon screen in an uncustomised environment as reported above after installing RU1. I can confirm that simply reinstalling RU1 from an administrator command prompt fixed the problem.

  32. Nick Crutchfield says:

    Also had the blank OWA problem. Launched the Update from a Administrator prompt and it worked correctly after that.

    1) Right click "Command Prompt" in the start menu, choose run as Administrator

    2) Navigate the prompt to the location of the update file, launch it

    3) Run as normal

  33. Dean Scully says:

    I had issues installing RU1 as well, it would appear to install OK until the end of the install where it would fail for an unknown reason (Error 1603 in the Event Logs). It would then leave OWA broken.

    I raised a PSS case and the end fix was to run a PowerShell shell as Administrator and run the RU1 install from that (oh, BTW once you have started the RU1 install, close the PowerShell window or RU1 will complain).

    This resolved the issue for me.

    Good Luck.

  34. raman03 says:

    Hello Dean Scully,

    I was also facing this same issue. Once I run RU1 from PowerShell it worked.




  35. hkim says:

    I heard that Microsoft do not recommand usig WLB for exchange 2010, but I can’t confirm it. Also on technet library only talks about DAG. I am completely lost on how I can achive HA for CAS+HT servers.

    I do not want to add CAS+HT server on DAG, my back end servers have 32GB, that is maximum amount of memory I can put it and I need 32GB for the mailbox database to function. I must have CAS&/HT on seperate servers, how do I achive HA in this case? Exchange team do you have an official recommandation?


  36. Dejan Foro says:

    For those who are having issues with the broken OWA after installatin of Rollup 1 have a look at:

    FAQ 000072 – OWA does not work after Exchange server rollup installation

  37. Matthew says:

    I just read this article

    FAQ 000072 – OWA does not work after Exchange server rollup installation

    I don’t quite understand what to does does it mean right-click on the update file and run as Administrator

    or Right-Click Command prompt and run as Administator and run the update executable from the command prompt.

  38. usb flash 4gb says:

    Cool…biggest issue in upgrading Exchange is solved by BES support. now if all antivirus and Backup software confirm they support it then we are ready to start rolling Exchange 2010.. I know microsoft AV and backup product support it but others need to catch up..

  39. Marcelo says:


  40. @HKIM

    When you have multiple HT Servers in the same AD site they are automatically load balanced, there is no need to cluster them or whatever. For the CAS role, you could check out the Client Access Server array possibilities or a NLB cluster. Check out the Exchange TechCenter for more info.

  41. Fredrik says:

    I’m curious about if someone knows when Exchange 2010 SP1 is released.

  42. Craig says:

    Hi everyone be sure to install the rollup with elevated priviledges, otherwise the install will fail. be sure to read the text in the final window of the patch process. It possibly failed….

    what I did was to run a CMD prompt elevated and fire off the MSP from there, as a MSP cannot be run with elevated priv in the Windows UI

    I guess you could do the same in Powershell too…


  43. Bharat Suneja [MSFT] says:

    @Fredrick: No. Release announcements are posted on the blog as they happen.

  44. Daniel says:

    Any dates on when Rollup 2 for Exchange 2010 will be released?

  45. KirkLashbrook says:

    Definitely need Exch2010 Rollup 2…

    Does anyone know how much longer ?

    The broken POP3 issue with migrated Exch2003-to-Exch2010 mailboxes is taking WAY too long to resolve.

    I’m going to lose a big customer over this foobar.

    Not to mention credibility.

  46. Doug says:

    I just installed Exchange 2010 RollUp 2.  Let me save you a lot of heartache.  Download it, open a CMD window in administrator mode and cd to wherever you downloaded the file.  Run it from there.

     On server 2008, even when it asks for admin access it fails.  I hosed my owa trying it common sense way.  Ok, it’s common sense for me.


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