Mike Hendrickson’s Bio

My name is Mike Hendrickson, and I am an Escalation Engineer on the Exchange Team in Washington State. I have been working with Exchange server since 1999, and have worked with every version since Exchange 5.5. I originally joined the Exchange team in 2003 as a Support Engineer, and worked in that position for a year. After leaving for a few years, I came back in 2006 as a Support Escalation Engineer, and just recently became an Escalation Engineer.

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  1. cevans says:

    I need symbols!  I have a minidump of store.exe that my exchange 2003 generated.  This was configured for a case several months ago but was never removed.  I run dumpchk against it and it tells me it doesn’t have the symbols.  I have not been able to find them.  Can you point me in the right direction to download exchange symbols?

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