Upcoming Webcast: Best Practices for Virtualizing Microsoft Exchange

We've got a great webcast coming up next week to discuss recommendations for virtualizing Exchange server and the benefits of choosing Hyper-V + System Center as your virtualization solution.

TechNet Webcast: Microsoft Virtualization Best Practices for Exchange Server (Level 300)

Wednesday, Nov. 4 at 10am Pacific time

Virtualizing business critical applications will deliver significant customer benefits including cost savings, enhanced business continuity and an agile and efficient management solution.  This session will focus on virtualizing Exchange using Microsoft solutions, and guidance for virtualizing Exchange for various Production scenarios. We will go into technical details with best practices.

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  1. Matt says:

    Will there be an offline copy available? The webcast starts at 5am in Australia :(

  2. Mike Crowley says:

    I have yet to see a technet webcast where an offline version wasnt available within a few days.

  3. John says:

    Pingback from; http://blogs.technet.com/ferris/archive/2009/10/29/virtual-exchange-webcast-lets-hope-they-confirm-the-exchange-2010-support-stance.aspx

    Good news, heres hoping for some confirmation on Exchange 2010 virtulization support!

  4. Devin H. says:

    Let’s just hope it won’t be something crazy like "Hyper-V" support only.

  5. @Devin H.

    Basically the Exchange 2010 support policy is just like it was for Exchange 2007. This means that VMware ESX and some other platforms are also supported. I’m sure the webcast will provide more details.

  6. Russ Pitcher says:

    Would it be possible to quote the UTC time of events, as well as the US local time?  It’s a real nightmare working out what time this will be in my zone as there are so many things that could affect the time.  e.g. I’ve no idea if your locality is still observing daylight savings time.

    If UTC (same as GMT) time is specified, then it’s easy as I know my local offset for any given day.


  7. Uwe says:

    why is the sound of Webcasts always so terrible… ?

    And why it is also complicate to download a recorded Livemeeting Webcast ?

  8. Tony Wu says:

    To implement Exchange 2010, does it require migrage AD from 2003 to 2008?

  9. Mike Crowley says:

    Tony – no.  AD 2003 SP2 is fine.

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