Hungry for More Info on Exchange 2010? Try some Learning Snacks!

(Edit: 8/28/2009 -- Take another look-We've updated the link to the Exchange 2010 product documentation. In this new location, you can now browse the Table of Contents, and F1 Help links in the RC1 build will function as expected.)  Microsoft Learning has created a series of Learning Snacks to help satisfy your hunger for more knowledge.  Learning Snacks are short, interactive presentations about popular topics created by Microsoft Learning experts. Each Snack is delivered by using innovative Microsoft Silverlight technology and includes various media, such as animations and recorded demos. At the end of each free presentation, you can view more Snacks, learn more about the topic, or visit a related Web site.

Check out these Exchange 2010 learning snacks:

If a snack isn't enough, there's plenty more resources from Microsoft Learning.  Check out these resources for even more information:

PrePress Chapter Downloads:

Free eLearning Clinics:

Instructor-Led Training:

Training Portal Link:


And be sure to check out the updated Exchange 2010 product documentation (updated for the Release Candidate), as well!

-- Scott Schnoll

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  1. adam says:

    Going thru the snacks now, Thank you great stuff…

  2. Mike Crowley says:

    sweet!  when can we expect to see technet documentation filled out?  Expecially the upgrade and coexistance sections?

  3. bobjase says:

    Does Exchange 2010 support a way to handle plus (or minus) addressing?

  4. Mike Crowley says:

    the ms press pdf makes several references to supporting environments that have exchange 2000.  is 2000 and 2010 supported in the same environment?  i thought i read somewhere that 2003 was the oldest supported.

  5. Exchange says:

    Mike Crowley: You can find updated documentation at  Be sure to copy/paste the entire link, because the () break the link in these comments.

    You are correct that Exchange 2000 is not supported for co-existence in the same forest as Exchange 2010.  The MS Press prePress content is a work-in-progress, and therefore not entirely complete at this time. These and any other errors are expected to be corrected by the final release.  In the meantime, the product documentation should give you the information you need here.

  6. Simon says:

    I haven’t seen any info on the differences in STD and ENT editions yet. Anything to share there?

    Specifically what are the HA options for STD edition given that LCR and SCR no longer exist?

  7. pesospesos says:

    My understanding is that there are no HA/DR options for Standard edition anymore – everything needs to happen with DAGs.

    Can someone on the team let us know whether or not Exchange 2010 will have backup capability (similar to what’s coming in ex2007sp2?)  This is critical for many shops since DPM does not plan to support ex2010 until next spring…



  8. Mike Crowley says:

    Windows Enterprise Edition is required for DAG, but not for regular installations, right?  This is also something the book is misleading on.  (it says 50 databases – page 7)

  9. Exchange says:

    Mike, correct that Windows Enterprise is needed only for DAGs.  Yes, that book is incorrect with respect to the maximum number of databases.  It is a work in progress.  :)

  10. Mike Crowley says:

    I understand – and dont mean to be critical!  Just trying to make sure I have got my facts straight.  :)

  11. pesospesos says:

    Cool, thanks for the clarification!

  12. Simon says:

    Thanks for the clarification but the Windows ENT requirements limits one’s "incremental deployment" choices doesn’t it?

    Unless of course there is a Windows STD to ENT in-place upgrade path in Win2008 & Win2008R2. Perhaps that behaviour is now controlled by the PID as it is in Exchange. Can anyone shed any light on that?

  13. Karsten says:

    The Get-AlternateMailbox command introduced in the MS Press PDF seems to be not valid anymore – instead where seems to be a command "Enable-Mailbox -Archive"

  14. Just says:

    Exchange 2007 Service pack 2 is available on microsoft download site.

  15. Nike shoes says:

    I haven’t seen any info on the differences in STD and ENT editions yet.

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