Exchange Partners Share Their Enthusiasm for Exchange 2010

Hi Everyone, I headed down to the Worldwide Partner Conference in New Orleans earlier this month where I got a chance to speak with some of our partners. It's clear from their reactions that they are excited about Exchange 2010. In this video, our partners highlight some of the great new features they think customers will be most excited about such as those that will  help IT lower administrative overhead and some of the cool end user features. Check it out!

-Crystal Flores

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  1. bill says:

    I just want to be able to backup Exchange 2007 using server 2008 backup!  MS is now on talking of Exchange 2010, when 2007 has not been backed up correctly: where is the plug-in?

  2. Wei-Keong says:


    The VSS Backup plug-in you (& me) required will be shipped with Exchange Server 2007 SP2. Please have a look at this:


  3. pesospesos says:

    Thanks for the reminder Wei – that will be a great addition for smaller shops and/or migration scenarios.

    Can you confirm whether or not this same functionality will ship with Exchange 2010?  My concern is that the DPM team has said that Exchange 2010 support will come with DPM v3, which is not expected until next spring – so how does Microsoft expect shops that do not have the money for multiple Enterprise Edition servers/DAG to perform backups in the interim?



  4. Carol says:

    Yes please think about small & medium shops who cannot afford 1 server for each task you can imagine!

  5. Blacktoe says:

    I am having issues watching the video.  Help please.

  6. Es says:

    I’ve also issues with watching the video. It doesn’t start automaticly and stay black.

  7. BooBoo Foot says:

    The video is broken for me too. It’s just black – I can’t play it.

    Is there a direct link to the video maybe?

  8. Mike Crowley says:

    I’m looking forward to the user management via OWA!  Live@edu rocks!

    and the video works for me, btw… aug6 2230EST

  9. RobertSeattle says:

    Will Exchange 2010 allow for server renaming post Exchange install?

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