Troubleshooting Unified Messaging: New white paper

Interested in learning the fundamentals of troubleshooting common Unified Messaging call flow issues?

We've just released a new white paper on troubleshooting Unified Messaging. In this white paper, we walk you through the flow of a simple call in UM and take a look at things that may go wrong at various points in the call flow. We provide tips for what you can do if you encounter one of these issues. You will also find information about some helpful troubleshooting tools and resources.

Whether you're new to using Unified Messaging or you'd like a quick review, this white paper has information that can help you keep your organization's Unified Messaging deployment running smoothly.

Head over to Technet to read Fundamentals of Troubleshooting Unified Messaging in Exchange 2007.

-Seema Rahman 

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