Want to help shape the upcoming Exchange 2010 MCP exams?

Have you been playing with Exchange 2010? Do you have the urge to influence the shape of the upcoming Exchange 2010 MCP exams? The Microsoft Learning Certification team is looking for Subject Matter Experts to complete a simple exercise that will allow you to give us your opinion. Providing feedback is quick and painless and helps us to create a relevant exam based, in part, on your real world experience.

If you're interested, please email Sandi Resnick (sanres AT microsoft DOT com) to get the details and the worksheet. We're creating two exams for Exchange (TS: Exchange 2010 Configuration and MCITP: Exchange 2010 Design/Deploy). Let Sandi know which exam you want to help out with, or both if you like.

Thanks in advance for your help!

- James Seymour

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  1. Alaa Elmahdy says:

    i think there is no such email it’s bounced back to me

  2. Marc Grote says:

    Hello @all,

    the e-mail address is not correct? I got a …

    mail133-tx2.bigfish.com #554 Recipient address rejected: Access denied ##

    greetings Marc

  3. Oleg Krylov says:

    it’s strange… I receive reply message after 20 min.

  4. Exchange says:

    Apologies to those that had a bounce, please try again… we had a problem where "correct as you type" tried to help us and "corrected" the email address but now it has been fixed in the blog post above. It is "sanres AT microsoft DOT com"

  5. Lakshman Raju says:


    I would like to write MCP exams on upcoming Exchange Server2010. Could you please privide me the necessary stuff?


    Lakshman Raju

  6. Mike Crowley says:

    Can you tell us if there is going to be an upgrade path from current MCITP:EMA holders?  As an MCT I’m always taking tests anyway, but its such a pain to go through the multi-test process to find it holds NO weight when new exams come around.

  7. James Seymour (Microsoft Learning) says:

    Normally there would be an upgrade exam to cover the TS material plus the new Pro exam. But with such a short track it didn’t make sense to make an upgrade when there is only one TS exam. i.e. you take one upgrade exam or you take a TS exam – either way you’re taking one exam.

    Thanks to everyone for the tremendous response! One quick note: We’re looking for folks with experience in Exchange 2010. When you send your email to Sandi, can you include a bit about what you’ve done with 2010?


  8. Claymoore says:

    I would like to see 4 exams rather than 2.  1 exam for recepient configuration and 1 for server configuration for the MCTS designation and then 1 design and 1 deployment exam to finish off the MCITP.  There is a lot of material crammed in to the current 70-236 exam (like the 284 exam before it) and I think splitting the 2010 MCTS into two exams would allow each exam to go further in-depth.  2 exams for an MCITP in microsoft’s most complicated server product would either mean exams that are impossibly large in scope or lacking in depth.

    However, 1 exam for an MCITP upgrade that focuses heavily on the new features is probably all that is necessary.

  9. Mike Crowley says:

    James, thanks for your reply.  Are you saying there will only be one Pro exam?  2007 had two plus the TS level.

  10. Mike, that is correct. Only one Pro level exam this time.

    We had a lot of feedback from Subject Matter Experts that the Design and Deployment MCITP exams overlapped quite a bit and should be combined.

  11. Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help out with the exams. We had TONS of responses! With more than enough data we’re unfortuantely going to have to stop accepting candidates.

    Thanks again for all your help!

    Microsoft Learning

  12. SA SINA says:

    4 exam would be better and 1 exam for upgrade and the upgrade question should focus on new feature with new configurations

  13. Wayne Hoggett says:

    2 exams total for Exchange 2010 MCITP. I’ll be getting this certification. I think it’s going to feel much like MCSE: Messaging – Perfect ;)

  14. johnnyboy says:


    When are these exams available ?

  15. Lenn says:

    Better it would be like Exchange 2007 Exams…

  16. The TS exam will be in Beta around Sepember – Live about 11/2. and the Pro will be in Beta in October – Live early December.

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