Microsoft Online Goes Global

Today, we are launching Microsoft Online Services in 19 countries worldwide.  People in these countries can try Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Office Communications Online this month, and next month, these services will be available for purchase. 

As part of this news, we're announcing the availability of the Deskless Worker option, a super low-cost version of Exchange Online and SharePoint Online for people who only use collaboration tools occasionally. 

In related news, leading healthcare company GlaxoSmithKline has chosen Microsoft Online Services as their messaging and collaboration platform, replacing Lotus Notes.  Check out this video from GSK as well as this guest blog post by GSK's VP of IT Strategy, Ingo Elfering, over on the Online Services blog.  GSK is estimating that the move will decrease collaborative tool costs by 30%, as well as improve their ability to collaborate with partners reliably.


Check out Microsoft Online Services for more info.

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  1. TheyCallMePete says:

    Damn you MS! Instead of upgrading to Exchange 2007 , the company I work for has decided to move to Exchange Online. With the Experience (or lack there of) I’ve had with EHS (Hosted Filtering), I think this is going to blow up in our face! I truly hope I’m wrong.

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