Here is your citation, Wikipedia

We noticed the following in the Wikipedia article about ESE:

Well, here's your citation for you - and we added a few names:

Developers who have contributed towards the success of JET Blue include Cheen Liao, Stephen Hecht, Matthew Bellew, Ian Jose, Edward "Eddie" Gilbert, Kenneth Kin Lum, Balasubramanian Sriram, Jonathan Liem, Andrew Goodsell, Laurion Burchall, Andrei Marinescu, Adam Foxman, Ivan Trindev, Spencer Low and Brett Shirley.

- KC

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  1. Lukas Beeler says:

    Everytime i see "Jet", it reminds me of Fallout 1&2 ;)

  2. Ramy says:

    Thanks to the Exchange team and the great developers :)

  3. ejdyksen says:

    Primary sources FTW!

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