iPhone 2.0; Welcome to Exchange!

If you've not heard; Apple released iPhone 2.0 today which includes a software update to the existing iPhones in the market (yes, we mentioned it when it was announced as well).  We're thrilled to add them to the family of Exchange ActiveSync licensees that enable all sorts of devices to connect to Exchange Server.  For those of you that manage Exchange Servers this means you may see some new devices connecting and we wanted to give you a few notes about what to expect.

What iPhone looks like from an Administrator's perspective

From the server side, you need to look at a user's device from the Exchange Management console (EMC):

From the user screen you can scroll though any devices the users has connected to their account (iPhone circled here - note that the version number will vary by iPhone firmware version, we took this screenshot with beta firmware):

Users using OWA will see their iPhones showing up in the Options > Mobile Device screen as shown in the image below:

Note: If you want to look for connections in your IIS server logs you can do a string search for "Apple-iPhone".

How do I find out more info on what policies the iPhone supports, how it connects to your server and other administrative questions?

Apple has published an Enterprise Deployment Guide for organizations that are deploying iPhones.  This is where you should look for Administrator info on the technical side of what Apple has created.

How can I see how many iPhones are connecting to my server and which users have them?

To see how many users have iPhones and who they are, go though the following steps:

First you need to open an Exchange Management Shell window and execute the following command:

export-activesynclog -Filename:<IISlog dir>\*.log -outputpath:<output path>

An example is shown below though we just parsed one of the logs for simplicity.

Now open the file Users.csv in Excel.  Below you can see the first three columns of this spreadsheet that we're sorted by column C (circled).  You can see that by doing this you will be able to see all the iPhones grouped together and their owners will be listed in column A (circled):

What are your experiences?

So now you know what the iPhone will look like connected to your servers using Exchange ActiveSync (instead of IMAP) and how to find out who is using them in your organization.   We're glad to have Apple connecting their devices to Exchange Server and hope you have fun using these tools to stay informed about when iPhones connect to your Exchange Server.  We're always looking to hear how people are using our technology and we'd love to hear your experiences; are you seeing iPhones show up in your organization?  What experiences are your users having?  Let us know.

Adam Glick

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  1. lee says:

    For those of us who don’t have one to test with, is there anywhere we can see what setup looks like from the phone perspective?

  2. lee says:

    In your export-activesync command, the switch -output should be -outputpath as is shown in the screenshot.

  3. Rupert S says:

    It’s a terrible shame that the iPhone has less EAS problems than a Windows Mobile 6 device … e.g. the iPhone doesn’t dork up Outlook’s reminders on the desktop after syncing!  Do you know if the WM team is actively working on this?  This is a problem with multiple brands of WM6 devices, and it’s a gigantic pie in MS’s face … IMHO.

  4. jim says:

    Will SCMDM have support for the iPhone in the future?

  5. Exchange says:

    Lee: Thanks – fixed that!

  6. GoodThings2Life says:

    Great information, and I have to say that the implementation is very well done… even in spite of it being an Apple product! *grin*

    Once again, Microsoft demonstrates the abilities of Exchange in all its blazing glory, and I’m happy to be an Exchange admin! :)

  7. Ken Merritt says:

    I tried to set up my Iphone to push email and calendar. when I try to access email the MS Exchange keeps saying my password is incorrect even though it pushed all my calendar info through to my phone. Help!

  8. bday says:

    Thanks for the post guys, it answers some questions we had about how it would integrate and show up!

    Would you mind commenting on or making a new post about this? Our TAM tried to get an answer on some Exchange DLs at MSFT, but came up with nothing.


    We’re afraid this will be a very easy way for our clients with Sprint phones to bypass our EAS security policies if this service ies into OWA using only thier DOMUser & Password instead of using EAS to get their mail. This would be a huge security risk to us. Thank you!

  9. Roman says:

    Will there also be Task-Syncing on iPhones in the near future?

  10. TJ says:

    Any comments on how the remote wipe function works from both the server and the phone aspect? There were issues with the iphone doing a wipe not really erasing the data as is, that is supposedly fixed in 2.0, but how does the exchange portion work? How is the data stored on the phone? Is it encrypted? If so what kind of encryption is used? It’s possible to pull data from the iphone using ftp if it’s jailbroken.

    Can you guys expand some more on it?

  11. AGlick says:

    Couple of answers in one.

    Jim:  I can’t comment on what Apple will support in the future.  It’s best to ask Apple if they will support MDM as it uses a public standard (OWM-DM).

    bday:  This would really be a separate conversation but if they are "screen scraping" OWA then there is little Exchange can do there.  From an admin stance you can block those requests at your firewall looking at the IP address they are coming from (as they use an aggregating server) or you could look at the user-agent string.  This is the same thing BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) does so if this is a concern you might want to look at how your company deals with that kind of access to your Exchange Server.

    Roman: Task sync is in the protocol, it is up to Apple to choose what features they implement.

    TJ: Remote wipe form the Exchange Admin/OWA side is the same as any other EAS-enabled device.  From the device side you would have to ask Apple if they are using encryption and if they do a secure wipe.  (note: their Enterprise deployment guide says the wipe can take over an hour so that might give you an indication but you should ask Apple for certain.)

  12. -KW says:

    The first cmdlet shows *.log, but I have been unable to get that to work.  I noticed in the screenshot that a specific file name is used.  Does the -Filename actually accept wildcards?

  13. DF says:

    How about those of us still living with a FE/BE Exchange 2003 SP2 config?  I’m researching now how to support this but your site is always a time saver.  We currently have a 4.1 BES so I have never used Exchange to natively push/pull messages from PDAs.

  14. franc1 says:

    Hi KW,

    I would like to know that too. How do you get the commandlet to parse all logfiles and not just one. Using wildcards doesn’t work. Get the error:

    Export-ActiveSyncLog : Cannot bind parameter ‘Filename’. Cannot convert value "D:logfilesW3SVC1*.log" to type "

    System.IO.FileInfo". Error: "Illegal characters in path."


  15. Steve Schafer says:

    We started production deployment of ActiveSync via ISA and Exchange 2007 SP1 on WM6 phones a couple of months ago.  We have a few iPhones to test with and a bunch of people who want them, but it does not look like the iPhone 2.0 OS supports certificate based authenticaion.  Have I missed something?  Working my way to getting a cake.


  16. Doug says:

    Ok as a new iPhone activesync user I’m having problems with our server failing to sync dozens of calendar items.  I’ve tried both push and fetch and turned the calendar off then on several times but get the same series of warning emails each time "synchronization with your iPhone failed for 36 items."  Then there are no logs to say why.  Any suggestions?  

  17. slappy says:

    Congratulation on getting Exchange ActiveSync working amazingly well for a version 1 release.  Great job.

  18. zahadum says:

    @lee: yes, there is an app that will let you see the iphone client-side.

    it is the (free) iphone sim that apple makes available as part of the sdk.

    all u have to do is install it … on your mac ;-)


  19. daniel says:

    How would you go installing the Microsoft Certificate on an iPhone 2.0 since we don’t have public certificate installed on our front-end server?  Thanks.

  20. Brian Kronberg says:

    If remotely wipe an iPhone do you also remove any data stored on the device (music, data, etc.)?

  21. Andrew says:

    The show command will not work.  To get the output of all logs try this

    Dir <IISlog dir>*.log |Export-ActiveSyncLog -outputpath:<output path>

  22. Andrew says:

    If you do a remote wipe of an iPhone/iPod touch it will in fact remove all data stored on the device such as music etc.  I tested it on mine :)

  23. bday says:

    From teh Apple deployment guide;

    The following Exchange policies are supported:

    *Enforce password on device

    *Minimum password length

    *Require both numbers and letters

    *Inactivity time in minutes

    That’s it? No encrypt storage? No wipe after # failed password attempts? No disable camera? Yikes.

    Can someone update your fancy chart of WinMo 6.0 and WinMo 6.1 and what policies are supported under Exchange 2003, Exchange 2007 RTM, and Exchange 2007 SP1….. and add the iPhone? :)

  24. Ben says:

    What about push updates for folders other than Inbox?  Meaning, if you have rules set up to automatically file emails based on sender or other criteria, it seems the iPhone will not notify you about new emails in these other folders unless you manually check each folder.

  25. bday says:

    Ben, that is the same behavior as Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.1. I kind of like it that way. I filter junk I don’t want to be notified about into non-Inbox folders. :)

  26. mwedward says:


    Sub-folders of the Inbox aren’t being pushed to.

  27. Ben says:


    I do the same, however many of our users do the exact opposite – they set up folders for things that are important and have rules to put things in there.  That way, they can easily glance at their folders to get a breakdown of outstanding issues.  It’s important to have the option to select which folders to push to.

  28. bday says:

    @ben, ok I gotcha. So you’re just trying to find out if you sync other folders besides Inbox? In Outlook the option to choose what is sync’d or not is called "manage folders", but I don’t know if it exists on the iPhone, or what it would be called.

  29. Chingao says:

    How about blocking the iPhone from Exchange?  Is it possible?

  30. Allan says:

    On WM5/6/6.1 you can uncheck "this server requires a encrypted (SSL) connection". but I can’t find that on the iPhone.  Is that a option?  If not is there a easy site that explains how to enable this without messing up what you have?  We are using ISA with forms based authentication to a Exchange 2003 FE, OWA uses SSL just fine and I’d hate to ruin that so two iPhone users can get there mail.

  31. ZFlan says:

    I’m having the same issue as Ken Merrit. I set up everything and my calender will sync and everything appears happy at first. Then the dreaded "Password is incorrect" pop up appears and no matter how many times and variations of passwords I’ve tried it will not sync the mail portion. Any IDEAS pleeassseee…

  32. Chad says:

    @ZFlan : If you have multiple email addresses, make sure that you are entering your primary email address. Also, for the username, make sure that you have "domainusername", with the correct slash.

  33. Tad says:

    iPhone 2.0 active sync crashes my phone.  I have 5,000+ exchange contacts and it crashes my phone.  When I turn off contacts syncing the problem goes away.

  34. EthanM says:

    DF: You can use the information in this blog entry and the ones posted earlier here:

    and here:
    to parse the IIS log files on an E2K3 server.

    Steve: Regarding configuration of Certificate Base Authentication, that would best be answered by Apple.  Have you reviewed their iPhone Enterprise Deployment Guide?  Here is the link:

    Doug: Regarding the calendar sync issue.  Perhaps you could open a case with Microsoft on this?  There are logging features in Exchange 2007 SP1.  You can send these ActiveSync logs from the server, by logging into the mailbox in OWA, going to Options > Mobile
    Devices > and there should be an option here to send logs to your account.  These may be helpful.

    Daniel: You need to use the iPhone Configuration Utility.  For more information review the link I gave Steve above for the iPhone Enterprise Deployment Guide.

    BDay: we can’t update that spreadsheet with non-Microsoft devices due to the fact that Exchange Licensees may add/remove/change the way they support sync policies.  You need to contact each individual licensee to confirm what they support.  Apple explains the
    policies they support in their iPhone Enterprise documentation linked here:

    Allan: Your users should be able to use SSL to connect to their Exchange server in the configuration you mention.  If not then there is a misconfiguration in your environment.  That said, I’m unsure how to configure the iPhone to connect without SSL.  Is it
    failing?  You may need to contact Apple for that information.

    Tad: You’ll have to contact Apple with that issue.  It’s the first I’ve heard of that.

  35. ZFlan says:

    Thanks for the post Chad. Unfortunately I only have one email address. This is my company email. I also used the correct domain and username. It almost has to be a bug because the phone verfication works fine and my calender syncs just fine. It’s only the mail portion that’s giving me problems. Everytime it tries to sync it tells me that the password was incorrect and lets me type it again, but no matter how many times I enter it (correctly) it fails to sync. What’s worse is it ends up locking up my account on the server after a certain number of failed attempts. I’m going nuts!!!

  36. AliG says:

    I would like to know if you can stop the iphone data roaming automatically like you can in WM6? This is to prevent users accidently data roaming while travelling abroad or more likely near a border and accumulating huge data fees? This is an important function I can find no information about. It will basically stop me issuing the iphone for my company if this is not available. It has caused issues in the past with Road Sync’s Activesync.

  37. Mac says:

    Same exact issues as SFlan. Ugh.

  38. gustavohellwig says:

    everyone knows where I can find some iphone emulator?

  39. German_Block says:

    I have the same issues as Mac, SFlan and Ken Merritt.  I have a ticket open with Apple but no response.  I also tried adding a co-worker’s account and got the same thing.  Others in my company have not had this issue.  In fact, I am the ONLY one!  I would love to know what the issue is.

  40. DCO says:

    For the folks having issues with "password incorrect" popping up. . . I just got off the phone with Apple and for some reason changing the "Mail days to sync" from the default of 3 days to 1 week got everything working.

  41. JamesK says:

    Some people still running Exchange 2003 will be interested to know that iPhone supports HTML through ActiveSync while connected to Exchange 2003.  This is something Windows Mobile 6.X only supports connected to Exchange 2007.

  42. JonnyK says:

    Also having this password issue. Changed mail sync to 1 week. didnt help. Any more ideas?

  43. German_Block says:

    Regarding the "password incorrect" issue, I also changed the mail sync to 1 week and it still did not work.

  44. Password incorrect says:

    Add one more password incorrect victim here.


    (1) IP for exchange Active sync server and the name itself

    (2) with and with out SSL

    (3) 1 week and 3 days for the sync.

    Whats happening?

  45. Password incorrect says:

    On the password incorrect issue:

    Looks like the account has to be set up for mobile access on the corp’s activesync server.

  46. EmailUser says:

    We had password issues also.

    If the iPhone was connected to a WAN it didn’t authenticate with the Exchange server although I could see the connections in the log. when we turned off WAN, it connected ok through AT&T.

    Also, on a few occasions disableenable Mobile Services (Exchange  2003) fixed it.

  47. kais says:

    having password problems too.  emailuser do you mean that I can’t connect to exchange through wireless?  And how do you disable mobile services?  Other password people – do these fixes work?

  48. 05slvrscape says:

    I am also having the password issue. Downloads the calendar on initial connection then password issues and shortly after my domain account is locked out. Would this be possibly due to not installing SP1 for Exchange yet or a certificate issue? Our IT has not dealt with mac before so are not sure how it would work at all.

  49. PRA_Admin says:

    I am having a similar issue as the password problem, only it doesn’t give me any message. It comes up with an empty mailbox as if there arent any emails. If I try and send something from there then I get the invalid Password message. Exchange 2003/OWA/ISA server.

  50. Bill H says:

    PRA Admin

    We are having the same issue. It seems to connect to exchange but it doesn’t download anything. When you manually push it it says "Connecting" then it says "Updated:" with the date.

    We have logged about 16 hours trying to figure this out. I’ve been on the phone with Apple Enterprise support and MS Exchange support, neither have been able to help me.

  51. test says:


  52. Sam Herwitz says:

    I have tried just about everything including the fixes on http://www.greghughes.net/rant/HostedExchange2007AndIPhone203GAnAmazingPerfectSystem.aspx

    I have everything setup right but either get a incorrect password or no  

    inbox. Any suggestions?

  53. Verminator says:

    Hey – Having the password problem too.  What a PITA.  Anywho, I’m wtg for a response from my IT guys on "Password incorrect" message about mobile access on the corp’s activesync server.  I’ll let u know what happens.

  54. Travos says:

    Hope this helps you guys with passord issue:

    Make sure you use the username and then a "" backslash not the forward slash and username. You need to dig a little deeper for the symbol backslash.  


  55. der_flip says:

    @ben & bday

    so far  the option to push other folders then the inbox isn’t available on the iphone. on wm devices it is possible to check these folders manually. i called apple to check if they are going to implement these features in the near future. but the chick on the other side didn’t even knew what i was talking about ;) so does anyone got other, more specific, information about this ?

  56. der_flip says:


    Exchange ActiveSync Features Not Supported

    Not all Exchange features are supported, including, for example:

    Folder management

    Opening links in email to documents stored on Sharepoint servers

    Task synchronization

    Setting an “out of office” autoreply message

    Creating meeting invitations

    Flagging messages for follow-up

  57. German_Block says:

    I had my IT guy create a new account to see if I could setup the iPhone 3G with Exchange.  Did not work!  I got the same issue from when I tried to setup my account.  "Password Incorrect".  I even tried to setup some else’s account and the same result.  There are 6 people in my company that have their phones working without a glitch!  I am FRUSTRATED!!!!!!  Apple engineering won’t even call me back!

  58. der_flip says:


    did you try to set the iphone back to factory ?

  59. kais says:

    The totally did it!  Worked the first time.  No password problems.  Try it.

  60. Robert says:

    Having the password problem too

  61. Jeff25 says:

    So…is the backslash the official resolution here? Is the problem covered elsewhere? What is the resolution?

  62. Sam Herwitz says:

    Ok. So can you explain the full process here. Like an example setup for this would be great.  I tried calling Apple today but after over an hour wait I gave up.

    Right now I have the current settings for my exchange on the iPhone

    Server: ip address of server

    User: Domainsamh

    Pass: (my password)

  63. lisa says:

    After my convincing my boss I could save him $$ with AT&T (he got e’one iPhones 3G) and being told "as long as you have MS EX 2003 Serv Pk2, yes" and "can you log in remotely from home (webmail), yes", our company can utilitize the iPhones just like our BBerry syncs w/MS EX Serv.  Well, now I am being told we don’t have a "front & rear end server" and it will create an unsecure server for us (???), then on the other hand, I am told it is just as secure as we had it set up with the BBerry’s.  Insight please?

  64. Shamir Dasgupta says:

    My Exchange server (2007) sysncs great with iPhone 3G. Only issue is, mail format is text only – no HTML. Anyone else have this issue?

  65. German_Block says:

    GOT IT WORKING!  I tired the "".  I have been working with one of the IT guys so I don’t know if he did anything but will find out on Monday and will let everyone know!  I am one happy camper now!

  66. Shamir Dasgupta says:

    Update – Figured it out. In order to get HTML formatted email via Active Sync on iPhone (if you have Exchange 2007), you will need to install SP1. (When it comes to Exchange nothing surprises me anymore!)

  67. iphoneuser says:

    The IT people in my company are threatening that they are going to block all iphones accessing exchange server. :( Is it even possible? If so is there any way we could disguise the imprint of iphone every time it accesses the server? Somebody please help!!!

  68. Katrina says:

    I’m having the password issue myself, and the didn’t work. My password still works fine over the web, but my iphone’s throwing a fit.

  69. orejeinc says:


    Your company has either a certificate of exchange?

    can be validated on the Internet?

  70. Beretta 007 says:

    Password incorrect solved here finally!

    Shorten your server address.

    I was trying eg craneman.cpsdigital.co.uk/oma

    or craneman.cpsdigital.co.uk/Microsoft-server-Activesync

    Finally tried craneman.cpsdigital.co.uk      on own that works

    Hope make sense, have diasbled forms on http exchange virtual server too

  71. Beretta 007 says:

    Password incorrect solved here finally!

    Shorten your server address.

    I was trying eg craneman.cpsdigital.co.uk/oma

    or craneman.cpsdigital.co.uk/Microsoft-server-Activesync

    Finally tried craneman.cpsdigital.co.uk      on own that works

    Hope make sense, have diasbled forms on http exchange virtual server too

  72. alan says:

    Hi all

    I was having the same password problems as above and tried all the fixes.

    I finally deleted the account on the phone got my account unlocked then recreated using all the fixes above in one go that seemed to work.

    I also unticked the email synnch initially until i could check the appointments and contacts synched ok.

    hope this helps

  73. oreje says:

    which fixes application?

  74. pesospesos says:

    Our iPhones are working great.  Easier for our users to configure than wm5 and wm6 phones.

    Anyone using an iPod Touch yet?  We are thinking of recommending those for standalone PDA use instead of HP iPaqs.  Same price, plus you get the iPod and web browser functionality…

  75. Wim Haanstra says:

    I like the new push feature of the iPhone, but as mentioned earlier: it’s too basic.

    I need to be able to configure the subfolders which to push. Without that, it’s really pointless, because my Inbox only receives about 3 emails per day, when the rest of the folders receive about 30 ~ 40 a day.

  76. WRXGuy says:

    Did anybody bother to search on Apple’s site for solutions? Or do a Google search for solutions?

    I found all the info I needed & then some out on that thing called the Internet.

    Also, if you’d read the iPhone Enterprise documentation located here (http://support.apple.com/manuals/en_US/Enterprise_Deployment_Guide.pdf) you would have found the resolution to your password & servername "format" issues.

    Everything you could need is in that document for basic setup!!

    Also, for the folks with 5000+ entries in their Contacts folder having issues, I have 1 question… WHY??

    That’s what the GAL is for!! Without doing more research I’d imagine that Apple put a limit on the total amount of "Contacts" that can be synced with the device due to space constraints, so you’ll need to trim that down…

    Just a thought.

  77. bill says:

    WRXGuy apparently you don’t really know what you are talking about nor have read any of the threads as it is clear that the password issue, cannot get mail, but can receive calendar, contacts and mail folders is not something that is cover in the helpful apple deployment guide.

    Running server07 with sp1 and still we have problems.  

    It’s not like you have too many choices on the iphone or even within activesync, so the problem is more complex than just a read the manual answer.

    If you don’t have anything helpful to say – then simply read and move on.

  78. lisa says:

    E’one…I got it too work…yesterday I was only getting the cal and contacts and mail folders like you via IMAP, and Act Sync.  I then used some notes I found on IphoneBuzz and got it to work with a combination of different settings.  Jlmk if a’one is still experincing this problem and I will post (runnin’ late for work or Id do now).  Peace.

  79. ML49448 says:

    Changing to backslash on the username worked for me as well, but I had to delete the account and make a new one for it to work.  Just fixing in the first account did not fix it.

  80. Ron says:

    We are contemplating migration from ATT Tilt to the IP3g but am concerned with regards to syncing Outlook calendars (recurrences and adding appointments on the go…)  I have heard lots of complaints regarding this. Is everyone satisfied with this functionality?

  81. WK says:

    I have been trying for a week to use the new 2.0 version with our Exchange server. I tried every solution posted on this board and no success so far. I hope Apple comes with a 2.01 version to fix the "Password Incorrect" issue.

    Ron, if I were you I would wait a few more weeks/months.

  82. Jason Shave says:

    WK: Make sure your exchange ailas matches your username. For example if you log in as "bsmith", check your exchange alias to make sure its "bsmith" too. You can check this in the GAL as well in case you don’t have access to your exchange box.

  83. WK says:

    Jason: Is it case sensitive?

  84. Richard Kenyon says:

    We have connected two iphones to activesync to two different sbs2k3r2 servers.  We are having issues with editing an event notes 2nd/3rd/4th times, any additional edits of an event will not sycn back to exchange

  85. Billy says:

    I’m intereststed in 2-factor Authentication solutions for OWA, especially if the iphone or other phones were the 2nd factor hardware.  Are you aware of any ideas along these lines?

  86. brett says:

    There are quite a few that are emerging.  You might check out PhoneFactor.  Main benefit for those exploring new options is that it is free to try and easy to set up.  Very little commitment to figure out for yourself whether it is right for you.

  87. Katy C says:

    4 of us in our office have gotten the iPhone. 2 of them have gotten it to work, I and another.. no luck. I keep getting the "Exchange account verification failed" message. Our IT guy set up his account on my phone successfully, and then I changed only my username etc, as little as possible, but no dice again. The 2 succeeding people have blackberries. Is there something in outlook that they had already set up to make the blackberries work that we need to do to make exchange work with the phone?

  88. alex says:

    by default the "require password" was disabled on our exc2007.

    got the password problem

    after setting it to require password

    (Exc console -> Org Config -> Client Access -> Default -> Properties -> Password -> tick "Require password")

    everything works just fine.

  89. JJL says:

    I’m guessing this is Exchange 2007, since it doesn’t look like anything in my Exchange setup.  Some info on how this all works with Exchange 2003 would be nice as well.

  90. Ben says:

    My phone was working great until last night.  Now I cannot connect to our exchange server.  It keeps reading "account verification failed".  Help!!!  any suggestions.  IT guy is on his way over this afternoon…

  91. DBag says:

    I’ve got a client using the new iPhone 2.0 with Exchange 2003.  All the requirements seem to checkout.  I know the phone is seeing the exchange server because it syncs the contacts, calendar, and the mail folders, but there is no mail in the folders.  Whats the deal.  I’ve tried everything I can think of!!!

  92. PatRick says:

    I just set up a user to use their new iphone with exchange and all is working wonderfully except they can’t email a picture without getting an error.

    Google provides no info on the error at all, and the apple reps i spoke with had no info either.  their recommendation was to use a pop3 account to send with, which works but is horrible tacky.

    User can take the picture off their iphone, and email it from their Outlook 2007 (RPC over HTTP connected) account with no issues at all.

    Anyone encounter this at all?

  93. mimi says:

    YAY!  I switched the "/" to a "" and it worked !   No more "password incorrect"  Thanks!!

  94. alessandrog says:

    For the Exchange Account Verification failed issue I have seen several cases where the firewall / routers where blocking extended WebDAV verbs response back to the clients. If you are using ISA 2000 post SP1 make sure you have the following reg key setup:

    Value Name: PassOPTIONSToPublishedServer
    Data Type : REG_DWORD
    Data : 1


    It is also key for Win Mobile 6.1. Basically if the enviroment is blocking the extended verbs responses you will have this problem.

  95. Jason Taylor says:

    I’m having sync problems too…

    Synchronization with your iPhone failed for 28 items.

    Microsoft Exchange was unable to send the following items to your mobile device. These items have not been deleted. You should be able to access them using either Outlook or Outlook Web Access.

  96. sandman says:

    Here’s a weird one…  We have a Activesync gateway with certificate infrastructure and are wondering why iPhones sync without installation of the certificate. How is this possible?  Has Apple made things a little "too" self-service?  ps. WM phones do not work without the cert file installed and activated on the device.

  97. Phil_IT says:

    Regarding iPhone password problems – tried many of the items above and in the Deployment Guide. No love, until we rebooted the iPhone – then everything worked like a charm. Did this with two iPhones on different user accounts – both had similar problems, and both were fixed with a reboot.

  98. David says:

    Having trouble with logon. Getting the account verification failed. Wentout and bought a nifty 300 dollar certificate. OWA now works on the outside connecting as https:\mail.domainname.comexchange. I am wondering what I am doing wrong? Are there any settings I am missing? I turned on oma and checked use unsupported devices. We only have one exchange server. No frontend backend. Firewall has 443 opened. The only thing I can think of is blackberry server is running on exchange box as we only have 20 users and limited budget. Any suggestions out there? Thanks for any suggestions.

  99. oreje says:


    I found a solution, but solution to end extremism.

    My problem arose when requested me with uncontrolled password iphone so that my decision to make:

    ! Endorses the history of ISS!

    1 .- Stop all IIS services. and uninstall from the control panel.

    2.For services exchange, the client access and transport hub and uninstall the client access from the control panel, no shutdown, no restart de server.

    3.install the IIS and after the exchange client access. no shutdown, no restart de server.

    4.-configure any service that already had in IIS.

    and ready. Operated without any problem. push mail, contact and calendar.

  100. Romych says:

    had the same problem – iphone kept saying that my password is wrong.

    installed service pack 2 on exchange and it worked. iphone connected to exchange.

  101. Romych says:

    I also ticked "enforce password on device" (exchange system manager > global settings > rigt click on Mobile Services > click properties > click Device Security). not sure if that did a trick or sp2 on exchange.

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