Exchange TechCenter got a face lift

We've just redesigned the homepage of the Exchange TechCenter to give Exchange administrators a single place to start when they're looking for information about Exchange. We're pretty confident that you're going to find it easier to get where you want to go by beginning at this redesigned homepage.  That should be true whether you need a quick answer to a specific question; are doing heavy-duty planning and research for, say, a large deployment; want to read the feature articles for the current month; or just want to catch up with the Product team to see what's going on in the Exchange ecosystem.

In our redesign we placed the things we think you're most interested in front and center.  So, for instance, there's now a search box in the left pane where it's hard to miss; search queries entered here will scour the core product documentation in the Exchange TechCenter library, the events and errors database, KB articles, and other Microsoft collections for relevant content.  There's a link to "You had me at EHLO" (this blog) on the homepage now, and you can get to Exchange forums, downloads and webcasts with one click.   The Exchange MVPs also get some face time here, via a rotating display and a link to their dedicated page. 

More changes are on the way.  But for now take a look-and consider adding the homepage to your favorites list. We think you'll probably use it a lot.  And let us know what you think about the changes!

- Tim Lulofs

Comments (5)
  1. Niklas Nord says:

    It´s great !! Thank you all !

  2. sepeck says:

    It looks much cleaner and easier to rapidly find resources you are looking for.

  3. iamme says:

    I like it.  All I can say is, I would add a section for KB’s so every time a new KB comes out, we can see.

  4. Joey (MSFT) says:

    That’s a great suggestion – thanks for the input!

  5. Nuno Mota says:

    Very nice job! Is excellent and easy to use! Congratulations!

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