And the winners of our comic contest are…

Finally, we have the results of our comics contest. We know that the suspense has been killing you.

Without further ado, here are our favorites. We got many great submissions, choosing was a bit tricky.

The overall winner is Danny Mills:

The following 4 winners will also be getting Exchange swag:

Petrenyi Jozsef... Petrenyi has chosen to go for full-drawing style rather than use our templates; please click on the thumbnails to see them in full resolution!

Tony Woodruff:

Jeremy Wood:

Kale Davis (click on it to see the whole thing):

Thank you for all your submissions! We will be contacting the winners for their snailmail address or the address confirmation before we send out the swag.

- The Exchange Team

Comments (8)
  1. Mike Crowley says:

    The cluster house and passive node are my favorite of the ones shown here…

  2. Indy7 says:

    Petrenyi your first comic should have 4 speakers, not 2!    ;)

  3. KFL says:

    Passive node is so funny! :D

  4. Eric says:

    passive node one is really funny :)

  5. joep says:


    Congratulation! You have found the SPOF on the cartoon. :)

  6. JRedmond says:

    Passive node is definately the funniest.

  7. Matt says:

    I liked the passive node one the best and the cluster one second :)

  8. Exchange Ed says:

    i had bring out my Exchange manual to understand those!!

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