How many Exchange administrators does it take to…

Folks on Ferris Research are running an interesting somewhat informal survey on the size of the IT support staff for different email systems. We wanted to link to it from here so if you wish to - you can provide information for your organization too, so we can all better understand how various organizations are staffing their email system support!

The direct link to the survey is here:

- Nino Bilic

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  1. alexh92 says:

    Looking for assistance in troubleshooting an Exchange 2007 problem. I installed Exchange 2007 in Co-existance with Exchange 2003. Everything appears to work ok with the exception on one key thing. User on EX2007 cant send to users on EX2003.

  2. test says:

    Try the MSDN fourms,  not sure why you would post here

  3. sailorlena says:

    Do you have a connector for the E2K3 bridgehead to your E2K7 servers?

  4. alexh92 says:

    Just the one that Exch07 created. It appears to be a know issue but i cant find any post with a solution. Someone on posted what appears to be a fix but either i configured it wrong or it didn’t work.


    ORIGINAL: jboxer

    I called Microsoft tech support yesterday with the same problem. They said I need to create a virtual SMTP server on my exchange 2003 under the connectors. I did now all works perfectly. Also make sure the address space is a * so it will send tofrom all domains.

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