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I relocated to North Carolina from New York in April 2001 where I started working for Microsoft as an Alliance Support Professional. This role entailed being a dedicated support professional 24/7 x 365 for the Financial Services Group (FSG). The FSG catered to the New York Metro Financial Clients.

In Jan 2003, I moved out of the Premier organization and joined the Product Support Services (PSS) organization. While working in the PSS organization, I worked in several roles. I worked as an Exchange Admin support professional; helped start up the 3rd Tier Critical Response Team; moved over to become a Problem Control (PC); and finally became an Exchange Escalation Engineer (EE).

Most of my time these days is spent mentoring and working the most technically challenged issues the company has to offer. I am happily married and enjoy spending my time with my wife and two dogs.

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  1. Ronald Top says:

    Hi Dave,

    I have read the articles on creating a hosting env. with Exchange 2007. One issue that has nowhere been addressed is the use of the postmaster account for sending out NDR’s. Essentially you want to have a different postmaster account per virtual company, so NDRs seem to be originating from postmaster@virtualcompany01.com. With the default installation the account is postmaster@hostingorg.local (or something alike). In Exchange 2003 you could fix this with editing the IIS meta database with MetaEdit2.

    How must this be accomplished with Exchange 2007 ? Postmaster accounts are now set per transport server, where in my opninion this should be per recieve connector.

    Can you please tell me how to deal with this in E2k7 ? Do you need a complete transport server per virtual company ?

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,

    Ronald Top

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