Enterprise Messaging Support – Support Escalation Engineer positions available!

(This job listing has expired. The updated one is here.)

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  1. yotu says:

    i am a chinese guy, i love exchange soooo much yo. Now, i work for Microsoft Technology Center@guangzhou, a province@china.Today i need more improve’, tomorrow i will work with U!

  2. Tony Hart says:

    If you’re looking for guys in the minneapolis area I may know of a few.

  3. Chris Haaker says:

    Redmond based positions only?

  4. Chris Haaker says:

    Natch. Las Colinas, TX; Charlotte, NC or Issaquah, WA

  5. Exchange says:


    Thanks for your question and answer… we have updated the posting to specify that that is indeed the case!

  6. Chris Haaker says:

    Someday I hope MS embraces the virtual workplace as much as they push their products as an enabler of it. I have always dreamed about working for MS but am not in the position to re-locate.

  7. MarleyMambo says:

    How can I find out who the Manager is for the Product Support Team for Exchange Server?  I’d like to contact them directly about this position.

  8. Jaime says:

    If you email EXSUPJOB@microsoft.com you will get through to them.

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