Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 Documentation Updates – September 2007

The Exchange Server documentation team is pleased to announce the following new Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 content.

You can see this content and other Exchange Server documentation in the Microsoft Exchange Server TechCenter.

As mentioned in my previous post, all our topics in the Exchange Library now have a "Topic Last Modified" date at the top of the topic. And, if you wonder which topics apply to Exchange Server 2007 with Service Pack 1, we now have an "Applies to" tag for Exchange 2007 content.

- Cathy Anderson, Content Release Manager, Exchange User Documentation

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  1. pesospesos says:

    Is there (or will there soon be) documentation regarding moving to a new ex2007 server, including how to remove the first/original ex2007 server from the domain completely?



  2. tomkern says:

    any way to change the  built in delay of 50 log files before a db is created in the scr target?

    i’m only interested in this for lab scenarios where one might not want to wait or try to create the needed transactions for the target db creation.

    i’ve looked through the docs and can’t find any EMS cmdlet to do this.

    is this a non-configurable limit?


  3. BrantEH says:

    Does this service pack change the log on procedure?  I just applied the patch and now, everyone must log in each time they start/restart Outlook 2007.  This was not a problem before the patch, but now the issue is coming up with everyone.

  4. KB says:

    On the technet pages, does leaving feedback on errors in the documentation make it back to the user documentation team?  One reason why I ask is for one example, the set-imapsettings page for both RTM and SP1 lists defaults and ranges which are completely totally not what is in the product.  Example on that page: maxcommandsize default is really 10240, with the actual range being 1024-16384.  This is correct in powershell help.  However in the technet docs, it says that the default is 1024, and the range is 40-1024 (totally bogus).  Also on the same page, the defaults for some other numbers are wrong.  Does anyone sanity check these? I left feedback on the RTM pages but it is still wrong on the SP1 pages.  I’d like to think that feedback on the actual pages with the error is the most efficient way to correct errors…

  5. Exchange says:


    Indeed that feedback does make it to documentation team… but because of different things (like release schedule, timing of problem report etc) – it can take a bit until stuff gets updated.

    All the same, I have forwarded your comment to the documentation team now too.

  6. Eyad says:

    i couldnt find the documents mentioned below, and when do u expect exchange 2007 sp1 to be officially released.

    thanks in advanced

  7. Eyad says:

    sorry i mean documents mentioned above.

  8. dido says:

    agree with eyad is there an unswer for the same

  9. r0nin says:

    When is this service pack actually going to be released…..!

    If we’d known earlier in the year that we’d waiting a month of sundays for this service pack we probably would never have touched exchange 2007 with a 50 foot barge pole….

    Please pull your finger out and properly advise people on a actual date for this Service Pack Release so we can plan accordingly!!!!

  10. manitou says:

    an unofficial inside source tells me Nov. 15th.. but even if not..

    you might want to calm yourself in regards to email systems.. too many good admins with heart troubles these days.  No worries take up knitting or

  11. Sticky says:

    I agree an actual release date (give or take a couple of weeks) would be very usefull… We started a project to upgrade to E2k7 over a year ago now, got to about July/Aug and realised there are features in the Service Pack essential to us so have been waiting for it ever since (it always seems to be ‘about’ to be released!). Most sources seemed to think it was going to be released in November, doesn’t look promising now. Will have to go back to our user community to say they still can’t use our flash new Exchange environment :-(

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