Take my job. Please.

We just built a new website aimed at helping job-seekers figure out if they might be interested in working in the Exchange team: http://www.exchangeyourcareer.com.

Our goal in building the site was to let people know more about what kind of work we do on the Exchange team, showcase a few of the people who already work in Exchange, what it's like living in the northwest, and show how Exchange has helped change the world.

As you can see, the site is written in a light tone and intended to showcase the sense of humor the team has as well as make the content easier to read. There are also a few 'easter eggs' (for lack of a better term) hidden throughout the flash on the site, including at least one that long-time Exchange administrators who've ever done JET performance tuning[1] should find amusing :-)

So if you or someone you know of might be interested in one of the many roles on the team (not just dev/test/PM but also build engineers, writers, editors, designers, user researchers and more) and seeing what it takes to design, develop, test and ship a world-class product, then check out http://www.exchangeyourcareer.com.

If you're interested in a job in Exchange, send your resume to xcareer AT microsoft DOT com, if there is a potential fit in one of the openings you'll be contacted with the next steps in the process.

We've also included below some segments of an article written for Microsoft's internal newsletter about the site because, well, frankly, we just thought it was funny and well-written.[2]

[1] To quote the developer responsible for the original checkin[3]: "That is by far the most annoying animation I have ever seen (and heard)! ;-)"
[2] Just to head the comments off at the pass, we know that we have a bug in the timeline related to when something came out. If you spot the error, then you might be a good fit – send us your resume ;-)
[3] Who yes, still works in Exchange, 10 years later.

Excerpt from the internal newsletter article:

It's not every day you see an employment site urging project managers to "make the product kick some major ass." Or one that includes jokes about testers ("Pushing the limits of things or systems - until they explode.") or company work habits. ("You won't be in the office 24/7. Honest. No, really.")

"We didn't want to do just another recruiting-type web site," said Lynne Andersen, the former Business Manager for the Exchange Group who led development efforts on ExchangeYourCareer.com. Set to launch August 13, the site takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to hiring, augmenting the usual factual information about job opportunities with comic riffs on technology history and obsessive coders.

"Exchange is growing... and we knew we needed to keep infusing the team with new talent," said Andersen, who now serves as Director of Staffing for the Entertainment and Devices Division. "We were looking for interesting ways to recruit and this idea sort of came up."

Andersen and Program Manager Mark Protus brought the project to the creative team at Ramp Group, a consulting firm hired to design the site. At first, comedy wasn't mentioned as one of the components. Then Jonah Sterling, a Creative Director at Ramp Group, visited the Exchange Group team on campus, "When I went in and actually got a chance to look around their offices and see the types of people who were in there - what their humor level was - I was really surprised," Sterling said. "Bringing out that humor and exposing it suddenly became our top priority."

As a conduit for that humor, the team created a trio of cartoon characters that welcome visitors to the site and reflect the style and attitude of the Millennial generation - those born during the last two decades of the 20th century. So you have Josh, the program manager, T.C., the developer, and Stephen, the tester, all of whom were drawn in an edgy style that Sterling described as "more like the Gorillaz and less like Scooby-Do." The team even developed bios for the trio and left clues to their personalities on their badges and PDAs.

The team hopes the recruitment site will change people's perceptions of Microsoft - or, at the very least, give them a laugh. "We're dealing with capable, intelligent people, and capable, intelligent people are funny, and value funny," noted Jamie Gower, one of the writers for ExchangeYourCareer. "As my grandmother said, 'You catch more flies with honey than with a static, text-based page of corporate-speak.' But then, she always talked like that ...."

- The Exchange Team

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  1. Matthew Loraditch says:

    The site is great, i submitted my resume so here’s hoping! I’ve been trying for a job at MS for a few months now and it’s been no hit and lots of miss so far.

  2. bday says:

    Oh oh oh… did squeaky lobster make an appearence somewhere??!?! :P

  3. Steven Presley says:

    Always wanted to me a msftie, but I continue to be dissapointed that the Exchange team is not more global.  I’ve been 100% telecomutting for 3 years as a messaging engineer and had great success.  Maybe one day the Exchange team can spread out a bit so all for those of us Exchaneg super stars who can’t make the move to Washington can be considered :).

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Washington, but I love the REAL Washington (DC) better  :).

    And yes…I see that dang lobster under the desk.

  4. bday says:

    I just of it right after the lobster post, but will this site include Exchange Rangers, ROSS Engineers, etc.?

  5. KC Lemson says:

    Steven: There are a few people here and there who telecommute from long distances but you’re right, it’s rare. I am hopeful that as our RTC technology matures it will help not just our customers but ourselves make that transition to a more distributed workforce.

    BDay: At the moment, it doesn’t, it’s focused on core product team roles. I’m not sure who does the hiring for ROSS/etc roles but it can’t hurt for forward in your resume and see.

  6. evetsleep says:

    KC:  You’re right it is rare.  I was one of the first in my IT org to telecommute (now there are 2 or 3).  I’m not suggesting that MSFT should entertain the idea of hiring telecommuters (at this time I kind of feel that should be left for proven employees), but try to spread some of these Exchange teams out more so you have a larger pool of talent to choose from.  I imagine you can only hire so many people out of Washington before you start importing from around the world, which MSFT has been doing for quite some time (I suppose this is true for any big company).

    Not that I’m complaining..when I was younger and didn’t actualy own a house that I wasn’t willing to sell (not in this economy anyways)…I’d totally be in Redmond or Issaquah, although I have a hidden love for Spokane in the winter :).

  7. Marcel Jeanneau says:

    Hi there, I’m actually finishing my Systems Engineering studies, I guess I should send my resume after that or maybe I could do it right away?  I’ve been working on infrastructure for two years now, though. Would I be considered?

  8. KC Lemson says:

    Marcel: My advice is that it can never hurt to send in an open and honest submission/inquiry – to us or to any other job.

  9. Andy Grogan says:

    It’s a great site, and certainly a major change from the usual corporate job sites, however it has crossed my mind that the Exchange team have always seemed somewhat more "approachable" when  compared to others within Microsoft – an example being the regular "informal" posts on this very site, and I have had a few members of your team reply to me directly on issues I have had (one in particular was of great help when my dad passed away) – I am not criticising other Microsoft teams – it’s just the Exchange group seems different and more open and in touch with the customer base.

    Alas there seems to be nothing for me advertised (I am more of a 3rd line support monkey) and the states is a long way from London, but I really welcome this new stance on recruitment in Microsoft – dare I say Google look out!

  10. basil says:

    are you accepting resumes from those of us outside the US? more specifically, the UK?

  11. God I’m a geek — I figured out the timeline error the first

    read through.  I’m an admin though, not a developer.  Want

    to hire me anyway?

  12. KC Lemson says:

    Basil: Yes, absolutely… if you go through the process and get an offer then we’d have to figure out the visa issues but we do hire many people from outside the states.

    Tim: We don’t have any of those kinds of jobs on our team (unless a transfer to test might work for you… I myself was a sysadmin before I first moved into test many years ago and I found that some of the same skills transferred, troubleshooting problems, that kind of thing. These days testers are expected to be good coders though, in my day it wasn’t a requirement). We can fwd resumes on to other teams like MSIT, but we don’t track that extensively.

    Andy: Your comment got forwarded around the team :-) We like to think we’re very approachable and customer-focused too. Very nice, thank you for sharing.

  13. Abhi says:


    i have gone through the website you mentioned (http://www.exchangeyourcareer.com) but the only options available are:-


    Developer In Test

    Program Manager

    and i am none of the above and i was a part of PSS group supporting E5.5,E2K and E2k3 and i am looking for such kind of role.



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