Announcing Service Pack 1 Beta 2 for Exchange Server 2007

We have some great news - today, Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 Beta 2 is available as a community technology preview.  This is a great milestone for the product and the team and builds on the great work we did in Exchange 2007.  We are distributing the release through MSDN and TechNet Plus subscriptions.

We've added many enhancements to SP1 Beta 2, including:

  • Standby Continuous Replication – Now Exchange's built-in log file shipping can be used to keep a standby server up-to-date.  This is great for organizations who need to quickly recover from datacenter-level failures, such as those caused by power failures or natural disasters. 
  • Office Communications Server 2007 integration - Certain OCS 2007 and Office Communicator 2007 qualified devices will work with Exchange Server 2007 for added functionality like a new message indicator that shows when a user has new voice mail messages waiting in their inbox.  Now you can also use your Office Communicator 2007 client to call Outlook Voice Access directly without the need to enter an access number, extension, or pin as it uses your Communicator credentials to authenticate.
  • Windows Server 2008 support - Exchange now runs on Windows Server 2003 SP2 and Windows Server 2008.  The update also allows Exchange Server 2007 management tools to run on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.  Among other benefits, Windows Server 2008 clustering will make it easier for companies to deploy geographically dispersed Exchange Server clusters.
  • Exchange ActiveSync Policies - New policies in SP1 build on Exchange Server 2007's security and management features with new policies for synchronization, authentication, and encryption.  For more advanced data protection needs, Exchange Server 2007 SP1 also offers device, network, and application controls.  These new features allow network administrators to help manage and secure Exchange ActiveSync enabled mobile devices.

Overall, these features should add up to greater security, easier management, and advanced mobility tools for our customers.  You can check out a full list of the features included in SP1 Beta 2 here.

At Microsoft, we are now running Exchange Server 2007 SP1 Beta 2 with over 60,000 users.  I hope many of you decide to try this release and give us feedback.  As always, we're eager to hear from you!  Please remember that Exchange Server 2007 SP1 Beta 2 is for lab use only.

Thank you for choosing Exchange!

- Terry Myerson

Comments (63)
  1. Colin Bowern says:

    What’s the timeline for a final release for those of us running E2K7 in production today and eager for SP1? :)

  2. Anthony says:

    Do we need to uninstall Beta 1 first?

  3. Exchange says:


    An in-place build to build upgrade should work. This is all in the lab anyway, right? :)

  4. MrX says:

    What month is SP1 for Exchange 2007 due to be released? Thx

  5. 2beta says:

    When will it be on the MSDN downloads page, can’t see it yet?

  6. Arne Lovius says:

    Its not on TechNet yet…

  7. Shawn Martin says:

    When SP1 RTMs, will it be possible to slipstream the service pack with the RTM install DVD so that I can have a full install with SP1?

  8. Elan Shudnow says:

    Shawn, there is no need for that.  The Exchange 2007 Dev Team have designed SP1 so if you have not deployed Exchange 2007 RTM, you can use SP1 to deploy a new server.  This is a good change to me as now businesses will not have to worry about deploying RTM and then installing SP1 on those systems.

  9. Ramesh says:

    I had briefly heard of X.400 support in SP1 at TechEd.  Does the Beta2 have this

  10. Exchange says:

    FYI everyone – I have just updated the above post to link to a document that better describes new features.

  11. Kurt Phillips says:

    There’s been a slight delay in getting the SP1 Beta 2 build posted to the TechNet site.  It should be live by Thursday at noon.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


  12. terry says:

    Typical of Microsoft, dragging everything out , stringing up slong and draing every penny out of the purchasers.  Check out the new Lynux, it’s free!!! and it works great.

  13. terry says:

    What itiot decided to revert back to DOS for Exchange 2007?  They should be promoted to bill gates position.  What a brilliant idea to go back to the "dark" age!

  14. mike says:

    Obviously the folks that are whining about the powershell don’t know how to script. If they did, they would understand it is the coolest thing since donuts with holes.

    Here is a clueby4. The ability to click a mouse does not a IT expert one make.

    So for my question- can we export to .pst yet?

  15. Rob says:

    Unrelated to the Powershell comments, but aimed at the doughnut comment.

    Who wants doughnuts with holes in. Anyone thats anyone knows that doughnuts should have jam in.

  16. Rich says:

    We made the migration to EX 2007 just recently.  We are desperatley missing some features of OWA.  I understand that SP1 will resolve the issues.  My question should I have any confidence that this will run in my production env We made the migration to EX 2007 just recently.  We are desperately missing some features of OWA among others.  I understand that SP1 will resolve the issues.  My question should I have any confidence that this will run in my production environment effectively?  When the final release of SP1is available will it install over the top?   I really need the enhancements in my real world environment.  Anyone else using it in production?


  17. Exchange says:


    With SP1 – yes you can export to PSTs. Please see the following:

  18. Exchange says:


    Please don’t put Beta in production. It is a Beta for a reason. Even if 10 people told you that it ran just fine in their production environment, that still does not mean that it will run fine in yours. And if you do have a problem – there is no support venue for it…

    The following really applies to any of our Beta releases:

  19. Jeff25 says:

    The release notes are still for SP1 Beta 1.  Where can I find the release notes for Beta 2?

    I’m particularly interested to find out if the original release of ForeFront Security for Exchange Server is still incompatible with SP1 Beta 2.


  20. Ghost Rider says:

    Powershell Turns me on. I do miss some GUI options from 2003 but I am sure SP1 will address that. SP1 will upgrade my already in production server or how is the process? I know another dom admin that loves to install betas on production servers…he is no longer in IT…..

  21. Exchange says:

    Ghost Rider,

    Yes, SP1 will be an in-place upgrade from a RTM server.

  22. bday says:

    Hi there.

    I’m curious if SP1 fixes the problem large AD environments have with users being unable to modify their own DLs and Delegates? I understand that 2007 RTM Topology Generator like 2003 SP2 only picks a max of 10 DCs/GCs for DSAccess. Outlook uses that list for GAL lookups, DL and Delegate modification, etc.

    When you Exchange servers centralized in one domain (we do) and have greater than 10 AD domains (we do), you can get random domains being unable to use these features. Hard-coding a GC in the registry for Outlook is pretty much of out of the question as a "fix".

    There is major lack of support in the 3rd party land for DL modification (and none for delegate modification that I know of). Quest rolled their ActiveGroups product into another one (ActiveRoles, which has too many features we do not need nor want to pay for.), and Ianami’s SmartDL product isn’t yet supported on 2007. Having 1 product to choose from kind of sucks when Exchange is supposed to be able to do this natively. :) I’d rather not have to pay for anything to ‘fix’ it.

    I’m also curious if Outlook (wrong blog I guess) is going to use RODC or ROGC for GAL lookups then fail back to a writebale DC/GC for DL/Delegate modification, or if Exchange will only tell it about writeable servers.

    Hoping for good news!!! Thank you.

  23. Mick377 says:


    Where can I post problems found with SP1 Beta2. I’m trying to use import-mailbox and getting 8007007f.


  24. Jaguar645 says:

    Unfortunatly SP1 Beta2 still gives an when you install it on Server 2008. The Client Access Role has trouble finding the root of the website (whilst IIS6 Metabase compatibility is installed) and errors out of it.

    Is there anything that needs to be specially done before you can install it on 2008?

  25. John Jay says:

    I was told that the Edge Transport role was removed in Beta2  – is this correct, and what’s best practice to replace?  Network Engines or something?

  26. Exchange says:

    John Jay,

    Edge role is deifnitely not going away in SP1.

  27. Exchange says:

    For those that have asked this question:

    Exchange Server 2007.  SP1 is slated for release in the fourth quarter of 2007.

  28. Jeff25 says:

    Again, where are the Beta 2 release notes???

  29. Andy Grogan says:

    To all you folks that have worked on Exchange 2007 and play a part in the support of the product (hiya Nino long time no speak) – all I can say is well done. Been planning my upgrade from 2003 to 2007 for a while now, but you now go an throw all kinds of exciting stuff into the mix I will probably wait for SP1 Final.

    Really like the Exchange Management shell (if a little departure from what I am used to in terms of making Exchange tick) however when you get into it – loads of things make more sense and it is easier to do many tasks that previously I would of scripted using VB anyway! but the CMDLets are a dream. Keep up the good work folks and thank you for taking me back to my discovery days of Exchange (5.5) where everything was new and exciting).

    Andy Grogan

  30. Aaron K says:

    I agree with Andy fully. Because of powershell, it is much much faster to administer Exchange 2007. There was SOOO much tedious gui work that had to be done before for a large environment.

    Keep it coming!!

  31. Thomas K.H. Bittner says:

    When preparing the organization we get:

    Saving object "All Rooms" of type "AddressBookBase" and state "New".

    [18.08.2007 11:21:17] [2] Canned address list ‘All Rooms’ with a different recipient filter already exists.

    [18.08.2007 11:21:17] [2] Previous operation run on domain controller ‘’.

    [18.08.2007 11:21:17] [2] [WARNING] An unexpected error has occurred and a Watson dump is being generated: The value ‘All Rooms’ is already present in the collection.

    [18.08.2007 11:21:17] [2] [ERROR] The value ‘All Rooms’ is already present in the collection.

    [18.08.2007 11:21:46] [1] Exception : System.Management.Automation.CmdletInvocationException: The value ‘All Rooms’ is already present in the collection. —> System.InvalidOperationException: The value ‘All Rooms’ is already present in the collection.

      at Microsoft.Exchange.Data.MultiValuedProperty`1.Add(T item)

      at Microsoft.Exchange.Management.Deployment.InstallCannedAddressLists.PostOrganization(ADObjectId resAl)

      at Microsoft.Exchange.Management.Deployment.InstallCannedAddressLists.CreateCannedAddressList(String name, QueryFilter recipientFilter)

      at Microsoft.Exchange.Management.Deployment.InstallCannedAddressLists.InternalProcessRecord()

      at Microsoft.Exchange.Configuration.Tasks.Task.ProcessRecord()

      at System.Management.Automation.Cmdlet.DoProcessRecord()

      at System.Management.Automation.CommandProcessor.ProcessRecord()

      — End of inner exception stack trace —

      at System.Management.Automation.Internal.PipelineProcessor.SynchronousExecuteEnumerate(Object input, Hashtable errorResults, Boolean enumerate)

      at System.Management.Automation.Parser.PipelineNode.Execute(Array input, Pipe outputPipe, ArrayList& resultList)

      at System.Management.Automation.Parser.StatementListNode.Execute(Array input, Pipe outputPipe, ArrayList& resultList)

    [18.08.2007 11:21:46] [1] [WARNING] An unexpected error has occurred and a Watson dump is being generated: The value ‘All Rooms’ is already present in the collection.

    [18.08.2007 11:21:46] [1] [ERROR] The value ‘All Rooms’ is already present in the collection.

    [18.08.2007 11:21:46] [1] [ERROR] The value ‘All Rooms’ is already present in the collection.

  32. Exchange says:

    Thomas K.H. Bittner: Try to delete the All rooms address list and recreate it with a default filter?

  33. bday says:

    Hi folks. Should I take the non-response as meaning the non-Home Domain Global Catalog server issue exists in 2007 SP1 for large AD organizations with centralized Exchange servers? Thank you.

  34. Nathan J says:

    Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster.

    An upgrade from SP1b1 to SP1b2 seems to be a bust at least on my system, keep getting this error at the org prep stage:

    Organization Preparation



    PrepareDomain for domain domain1 was unable to add the group CN=Exchange Install Domain Servers,CN=Microsoft Exchange System Objects,DC=domain1,DC=local to the group CN=Exchange Servers,OU=Microsoft Exchange Security Groups,DC=domain1,DC=local on domain controller DC.domain1.local, because the current user does not have permissions to modify Exchange Servers. Please ensure that the current user can modify the membership of Exchange Servers and run PrepareDomain again.

    Active Directory operation failed on DC.domain1.local. This error is not retriable. Additional information: Insufficient access rights to perform the operation.

    Active directory response: 00002098: SecErr: DSID-03150A45, problem 4003 (INSUFF_ACCESS_RIGHTS), data 0

    The user has insufficient access rights.

    I’m logged on as Administrator and that account has all the rights in the world to do ANYTHING in the domain.  Thought about trying to uninstall SP1b1 but doesn’t seem like that’s possible.

  35. Thomas K.H. Bittner says:

    First what we did was to delete the All Rooms address list. Done this we get


    [ERROR] The ResourceAddressLists property can have at the most one member.


    We also deleted the other address lists, they will be recreated, but same error occurs.

  36. Rolando Rodriguez says:

    Does anyone know if SP1 Beta 2 fixes the Moving of mailboxes from an Exchange 2000/2003 Org that has one of the servers (Exchange 2000) installed on the GC of a 2000 DC Forest?

  37. Stephen Beasley says:

    What do I think?  I think it is an extremely bad decision to try and make people pay another $500 bucks for a technet subscription (or more for msdn) just so we can solve our PF problems, when MS will be releasing an RTM version in the very near future (4Q).  Please “give us some credit”, anybody who can plan, implement, and administer an application so extensive and complicated as Exchange knows what a beta is, and the consequences of using them.  BUT, I would rather brick and re-install while trying to solve my problem, as to not have tried at all!  And besides, there are PUBLIC download links for silverlight RC1 on MS home page and a beta 2 for VMM 2007, and a beta link on almost every page you go to at MS.  What is the big deal with Exchange?  If it’s not the $500 buck, please release it!!!

  38. Exchange says:


    I beleive you are correct, this is still one of the best references on this issue and how to work around it:

  39. bday says:

    Thank you. :)

    Believe it or not none of those workarounds will actually work for our environment without fixing one issue and breaking another. Forcing Outlook to use a particular GC might, but it also which breaks our AD redundancy and could possibly overload a GC if Admins get sloppy and do not balance the users out among them in each domain.

    I’m begging, pleading, will give my first born to whomever can code the fix for this for large AD organizations. :) :) :) Seriously, what kind of beer/soda and Doritos do you like so I can ship em’ that way??!! :P

  40. GregV says:

    Wow… I can’t start to tell you how badly our organization needs to get Exchange 2007 SP1 to get released.  The functionality that is missing from the RTM comes back to bite us every day.  I dare to say that we will never roll out an RTM version again.  A Q4 release just can’t come quick enough for us…. not to mention that we’re drooling over the teasers and sadly drooling more over the prospects/fantasies of Exchange 2007 SP1 than Halo 3 – and we’re hard core gamers at home!   ;)

  41. bday says:

    Me again, sorry for being a pest. :) Is Exchange 2003 development done/dead/old habit at this point, or can we expect an SP3 for it? If even there were no new features, it’d be nice to have so you can install an SP3 instead of SP2 + update after update. :) Thanks! Maybe another security rollup?

  42. Mick377 says:


    Using XPSP2-32b, Office2003, Exchange 2007SP1 Beta2 management shell with import-mailbox and getting 8007007f (see below).

    import-mailbox -identity testexcha -pstfolderpath x:data3

    -martestexcha.pst -startdate 3/1/06 -enddate 3/2/06

    WARNING: An unexpected error has occurred and a Watson dump is being generated:  Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {08D1AA55-704E-4397-AB29-55D2A3972BCB} failed due to the following error: 8007007f. Import-Mailbox : Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {08D 1AA55-704E-4397-AB29-55D2A3972BCB} failed due to the following error: 8007007f. At line:1 char:15 + import-mailbox  <<<< -identity testexcha -pstfolderpath

    x:data3-martestexcha.pst -startdate 3/1/06 -enddate 3/2/06

    Was working on same PC with Beta1. I tried installing on a second PC that does not have the Exchange2003 system manager, and received same error.

    I did ask a week ago if there was a better way to report bugs than post here, but no answer to that post as yet.

    Thanks in advance

  43. Lurker says:

    Is Q4 Oct-Dec?  For those not living in the US, and having a Financial year not based on Calendar Year, this is often confusing.  Our Q4 (based in Financial Year) is April-June.

  44. Gish says:

    In the release notes for beta 2 it states:

    "You must deploy the Exchange 2007 SP1 Beta 2 Unified Messaging server role on a dedicated computer. Specifically, no other services or Exchange 2007 server roles should installed on a computer that is running the Unified Messaging server role."

    Is this a must because it breaks something?  If so, what does it break?

  45. Exchange says:


    We are not ready to talk about future service packs at this time but, without promising anything let me say that – I would not call Exchange 2003 development "dead".


    Correct, this is Q4 of calendar year, not our fiscal year.

  46. Exchange says:


    Thanks – I have pinged people that work on this featur to have a look.

  47. Simo says:

    Hello team,

    a/ Can we use french RTM language pack on UM server with SP1 beta 2, I mean, can the lp be added ?

    b/ does the SP1 beta 2 require a schema upgrade ?


  48. Exchange says:


    In your lab, you can install multiple roles on the machine, yes. This was not worded the best – and it comes from the fact that OCS customers may need to use the E2007 SP1 in production for UM role. For them, they can install only UM in production, so this note is really for OCS customers. In the lab – you can install any role combination that you might need.


    To answer your 2nd question – yes E2007 SP1 DOES do a small schema extension as part of it’s AD preparation stage.

  49. Lynn says:

    Regarding the application of the Language pack.    Yes, you may install the RTM lang pack to your sp1beta2 UM.

    For clarification on the schema update.   The schema is NOT updated if you only install the SP on a UM only install.  More accurately, as long as no other roles are installed (other than UM); on the server you are applying SP1beta2, the schema update is NOT performed.  This is to facilitate the no schema update until RTM requirement for those customers that choose to install OCS2007 in production prior to E2k7 SP1RTM.  The UM server should be in the same site/domain as the schema master.

  50. Simo says:

    Thanks !

  51. Geoff says:

    Would installing into a Live Production Domain that is connected to a production 2003 server be a bad idea.  Is my risk relatively low if I don’t have production mailboxes on the server

  52. Thomas K.H. Bittner says:


    [ERROR] The ResourceAddressLists property can have at the most one member.


    Any solution about this? We even deleted all address lists, which will be re-created with SP1, but still get this error?

  53. Jeremiah4 says:

    Still no news about SCR and what edition will it support? I have to purchase within next week right before out budget allocation expires, and buy enterprise, if standard supports SCR which is all that I need, is a huge waste of money!!

  54. Exchange says:


    Both Standard and Enteprise will work.

  55. ExchangeMonkey says:

    I am just about ready tu migrate to 2007. I have the hardware and software purchased. When is the official service pack1 out? Should I wait?

  56. ExchangeMonkey says:

    I am just about ready tu migrate to 2007. I have the hardware and software purchased. When is the official service pack1 out? Should I wait?

  57. kprofit7180 says:

    Printing in OWA light – Could you add back the view as web page option to allow printing of messages versus a full print screen.

  58. ph4tman says:


    I am in the middle of deploying a prodcution ech 07 26 server enviorment (win2k3 ent.), and I am having no issues, but in our test lab we are running server 2008 b3. I am having trouble installing The client access role, it just errors out. Is there a fix or a work around?


  59. tommyb2010 says:

    Now that we are in Q4 of 2007, is there an update on when Exchange Server 2007 SP1 will be released? I am running Exchange 2000 and I am dying to move our production network to Exchange 2007. I already have all the licensing and new server hardware. Just waiting for SP1…

  60. easy1ndian says:

    I have the same question as tommyb2010. it’s already Q4 October. the strange thing is that Microsoft site is still shy of any information regarding SP1. is there any change to the fact that windows server 2003 can not be upgraded to windows server 2008 while running exchange 2007? this is insane. are you guys developing or destroying our infrastructure?

  61. Alginald says:

    At the Microsoft Partner Conference in Duesseldorf last week, we were told that SP1 will be released at the beginning of November. I hope this helps….

  62. easy1ndian says:

    Thanks Alginald, thats a relief. I’ve the hardware and software sitting idle for the last 4 months.

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