Video: TechED 2007 talk; Charlie Chung on Exchange 2007 SP1 Transport

At Tech Ed 2007 in Orlando, Florida, I was able to get some time with Charlie Chung, Senior Program Manager, to record a quick interview around some enhancements in the Edge Transport role and some other Transport related items in Exchange Server 2007 SP1. 

Download the video for higher resolution version!

TechED 2007 talk: Charlie Chung on Exchange 2007 SP1 Transport

- Harold Wong

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  1. Dan_IT says:

    How do I post a new question? I wanted to know how to install hte Edge transport server role and can it be installed on a windows 2003 server?  I will have exchange server 2007 installed on only 1 server, as that’s all we can afford for the hardware, being 64 bit. So can the Edge transport server role be installed on any server?

    I would appreciate any replies at



  2. Exchange says:


    If you are asking if Edge can be installed on a 32 bit hardware/OS – then the answer is – not in production environment, no. We support server roles in production only on 64 bit OS (other than the management tools).

  3. Dan_IT says:

    Ok, great, so now I know I need to have a 64 bit server to install hte edge server role, but since I only have 1 64 bit server, can I also intall the edge server role on the same server that I’m installing exchange, can I just install all the server roles on the same server?

  4. Exchange says:


    Well – Edge Transport is deployed on the Internet… in other words – it will not have access to Active Directory. That being the case – you can not install other roles on the same machine:

  5. Dan_IT says:

    Thanks, I’ll read that article.  So basically, I will need to have another 64 bit server with windows 2003 installed and that’s where I install hte edge transpot server role, right?

  6. Ron Rossi says:

    Where can I get Exchange 2007 SP1?  I understand there is a beta 2 release.  Thank you.  

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