We enabled CAPTCHA on blog comments today

You might have noticed that starting today, in order to post comments, you have to type in a series of numbers to post a comment to our blog, even if you are logged in your blog account (for those that created accounts).

While we really want to keep the comments open to everyone, there have been times when we'd get a lot of comment spam that would get past our spam filters and cleaning that up can be somewhat painful.

We are hoping that the addition of CAPTCHA will help with the spam and will not discourage people from commenting on our blog posts! If you want to drop us a note related to this, use our suggestions page.

- Nino Bilic

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  1. Andrew Lampert says:

    Why not use recaptcha (http://recaptcha.net/) instead? At least it then puts the effort from commenters to good use – commenters can improve the process of digitizing books by deciphering words that cannot be read by computers.

  2. chatou7 says:

    Well, I think it’s a good idea … and it only takes an extra 2 seconds …

  3. maria cristina says:

    I am receiving spams through comments and lately also mail

  4. Awxus says:

    Its interesting to read this all

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