Video: TechED 2007 talk; Kristian Andaker on Exchange 2007 SP1 OWA improvements

At TechEd 2007 in Orlando, Florida, I was able to get some more time with Kristian Andaker, Group Program Manager, to record a quick interview around new or updated capabilities for Outlook Web Access (OWA) in Exchange Server 2007 SP1. 

Download the video for higher resolution version!

Harold Wong

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  1. John Fletcher says:

    Will SP1 provide any updates to the Transport Rules engine?  I would love to create a rule with a condition of "where number of recipients is greater than x" (I’m aware I can reject mail with too many recipients but I need more flexibility).

  2. Harold Wong says:


    Now that’s a good question.  Unfortunately, Kristian isn’t responsible for Hub Transport (or Transport Rules) so it would have been unfair to ask him that question.  Since I haven’t heard any news on this area, I will have to do some research and find that answer.

    Harold Wong

  3. Fatih Bahar says:

    I would like to hear when SP1 would be released if clear or what is the most likely expectation?


  4. Harold Wong says:

    John: The functionality you are asking for is not available in today’s version and is not in SP1.  I don’t know if that is planned in the future, but I will pass your feedback along.

    Fatih: SP1 is schedule to be released by the end of this calendar year.

  5. jeremyvalentine says:

    As a forced early adopter (we have many mac clients using entourage – if you didnt know already that causes your streaming and EDB files to go crazy which is supposed to be gone in 2007) there are quite a few issues with OWA light.

    – no way to enable read, delivery receipts, nor do they work if set globally from a PC client and then use OWA light

    – no weekly calendar (monthly isnt there on either I know)

    – GAL searching isnt alphabetical with more than one page of results

    – GAL searching for Groups dont yeild all results with more than one page of results

    – no way to see your whole system folder list (that dropdown is a joke and nearly impossible to use if you have many folders)

    – cannot remove folders manually added to folder list

  6. William Tait says:

    Will there be added address book search capability in SP1 for OWA? We would like to have refined search with in the address book instead of creating distribution groups.

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