The Microsoft Office Outlook Team Blog is here!

Not really Exchange Server post but:

KC just dropped me a note that the Outlook product team has recently started their official blog site. Here is their first post that introduces the blog to the world.

The blog URL is:

- Nino Bilic

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  1. Daniel Harker says:


    Not sure where else I can post this, but:

    The outlook team have produced a plug in for Outlook that lets one access Hotmail from within Outlook.

    What I thought would be useful would be a plug in for exchange, which would in a similar way to how LCS lets staff access MSN in a monitored, secured fashion, allow administrators to give staff access to their Hotmail (and maybe even POP3/IMAP?) accounts via exchange, applying Antivirus and attachment controls (blocking everything other than pictures would be best, but configurable options!).

    Also a limit in the maximum size of the e-mails etc.

    I’m sure a lot of people would be pleased of this as many administrators feel that a small amount of personal e-mails is reasonable, but the security implications of viruses and lack of monitoring is always a worry.


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