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I am a Program Manager on the Exchange Web Services team. I have been working professionally as both a developer and a program manager for the last ten years. Before I joined Microsoft, I lived and worked in France which is my home country. That makes me a Frenchman, which might explain in part why I enjoy good food and (red) wine as much as I do. I am a hobbyist guitar player and a huge fan of Dire Straits/Mark Knopfler. I like traveling, skiing, eating (did I mention that already?), cooking... and spending quality time with my wife and my son.

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  1. JohnB says:


  2. Joey says:

    Nice to meet you. Food, red wine, Dire Straits AND Exchange? We have similar interests!

  3. James Marcus says:

    did you forget to mention Pastis?


  4. Josh Maher says:

    Welcome to Microsoft!! We’re all looking forward to seeing where you take the platform..

  5. David Keimig says:

    Has anybody seen  – Blank To: field after sending email.

    When i send an email in outlook 2003. I go into sent items and open that email, the "to" field is blank, although the email went to the person i specified. Does not happen every time and out the whole office (80 people) is only happening on 5 machines, all Win XP. We need confirmation copies of sent emails for our records, so its very confusing to have a page with the TO line blank. Have found one mention of this on the web but with no answer. Am baffled and have a number of users wanting an answer!!!!


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