Exchange 2007 at play…

We got two cool photos we wanted to share with you today:

First, we have Dave Thompson, our Vice President (on the left) and Steven Connor, Director of Test in Exchange (on the right) showing off Exchange 2007 colors while snowboarding. Pretty cool, eh!

Then, we wanted to show you Alek, son of Jeremy Kelly, Supportability PM in Exchange. Alek already knows who's the bad boy on the block and isn't hesitating to show it off. On the way back from his soccer game, his parents discovered a recent new edition this past weekend. After his dad's heart skipped a few beats, in a moment of foreboding, he came to his senses; Alek had gotten into dad's E2007 stash of goodies and wanted to be cool too!

- The Exchange Team

Comments (5)
  1. jeremyk says:

    Yes, for those that have asked, that is a temporary tattoo..

  2. Mads Jensen says:

    A cool one though… :)

  3. chatou7 says:

    Where can I get some of those tattoos ????  Pleeeaaassseee !!!

  4. lee says:

    Is there anywhere to get a good hi-res image of the 2007 logo?

  5. Juan says:

    Snowboarding??!!?? Get that SP1 out already! Slackers…  


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