We have updated our guidance on Configuring, validating and monitoring your Exchange 2007 storage

The updated blog post can be found here.

Edits made on 7/3/07:

- Updated the Log Capacity guidelines in Capacity section

Edits made on 3/15/07:

What has changed?

  1. Calculation cleanup to align with new recommendations
  2. Transaction Log Generation based on message profile
  3. Online Mode implications in terms of database read I/Os

In more detail, specific sections that have changed are:


  • Database Dumpster
  • Database Size

Log Capacity:

  • Added the table estimating the transaction log numbers
  • Log Growth Factor and examples

Predict Exchange 2007 Baseline IOPS:

  • Added the Effect of Online Mode Clients

Partition Design:

  • Lun Example
  • Move Mailbox


- Ross Smith IV

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  1. DLoker says:

    A question – since we have only 2 RAID ‘spindles’, is it best to put the transactional logs on an isolated spindle, and have the system files, database, and pagefile on the other spindle, or can we get by with transactional logs and pagefile on one, and the database and system files on the other?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Disk Performance Testing with Jetstress 2007 Installing Exchange 2007 into a Small Business Server 2003

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