Preparing for DST 2007: Friday Session, February 16 at 1 PM PT

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Preparing for Daylight Saving Time: This WebCast will provide an overview of information on Microsoft products and resources available to help businesses prepare for the US Government-mandated change to Daylight Saving Time. Microsoft Information Technology will share the results of the company's own internal testing and approach to updating systems.

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- Nino Bilic

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  1. Larry Heier says:


    I want to raise a concern as we’re a month away from the DST change and I don’t see a change yet.  I have a few clients on Exchange 2000 who are planning upgrades to Exchange 2003/2007 but they will definitely will not be able to finish this work prior to 3/11.  

    With the large base of SBS 2000 and Exchange 2000 (notice I am not even bringing up Exchange 5.5 which I agree is out of support), doesn’t it make sense for Microsoft to freely distribute the Exchange 2000 DST CDO patch?

    Customers are either not going to pay $4,000 for this patch or if they do, then won’t upgrade to Exchange 2003/2007 in the same timeframe they had planned.  We all unfortunately have a lot of work to do to assist our customers and companies with this "crappy" work due to a decision in Washington.  Can’t Microsoft relax their support rules and as show of good faith, release the Exchange 2000 (and Windows 2000 wouldn’t be so bad either) to the general public NOW.  It’ll be a piece of good press before you see the trade magazines/etc deride Microsoft on their policies regarding this issue.

    thanks for listening.

    Larry Heier

  2. John says:

    DST- I have been working haply with Microsoft

    product since DOS / Win 1.1. The lack of planning,

    tools, documentation and support for this DST change is pathetic. At this point I am embarrassed to be a supporter of Microsoft products.

    I hope you can get it together before I have to roll

    this out to my 20,000 clients next week.

  3. Tim McCarty says:

    This event is full . . . will there be another soon? (Very Soon)

  4. David A. Bermingham says:

    Yes, I agree with Tim, please add another event as this is something we are all interested in.

  5. Mike Dunphy says:

    I add my support to adding an additional event.  

  6. Jonathan Kalmes says:

    I won’t add to the harping other to say that I agree with other’s sentiments about the poor planning with the whole DST process.  I’d also like to add that it would be nice if you post up a notice when the webcast is posted in a recorded format so those that didn’t register in time can access it as soon as possible.

  7. R says:

    Last webcast they said that they would post the Q&A (which by the way they were very contradicting saying that the exchange tool had to be run from the workstation; makes no sense) and they also said the 932836 would be available on WSUS in which it wasn’t.  I blame Microsoft for making this more difficult than it really should be.

  8. Jillwi says:

    I think you mean 931836. It is available on WSUS, but if you have your WSUS server configured to only give you Critical Updates and Security Updates, you won’t see it. They classified this under Updates Rollups.

  9. eric c says:

    I am looking for some guidance on how Exchange CDO components interact with Blackberry Server’s.  

      We are a Exchange 2000 shop and have a Blackberry server, we don’t really need to update the CDO components on the Exchange server since almost none of our users use OWA for calendaring.  My question is whether or not you can install ESM 2003 SP2 with the DST hotfix and whether this will resolve how the Blackberry server handles DST.  From what I have read the reason that the ESM needs to be installed on a BES is so it can use the MAPI and CDO components, the big question is whether or not the CDO components on BES handle the time zone info or whether the CDO components on the Exchange server do.

    Anyone have any info regarding this?

  10. Janie P says:

    Eventhough I did get registered for Webcast, we had no, well scrappy, audio.  When I called the support number to get a dial-in phone number to "hear" the webcast, support was not allowed to publish it.  I too look forward to it being posted for downline review.

    Are any of you testing the Exchange Calendar Update Tool and having inconsistent results with same recurring appts that appear on calendars of different mailboxes on same server / same tz for client?  I am – but not sure if its a problem in our lab or if such inconsistencies are to be expected.

  11. stevo says:

    I was able to join the WebCast yesterday, and I printed off the PDF slides, but I forgot to save the file before shutting down to start my weekend :-(.  If anyone saved the PDF, I would be very interested in obtaining so I can share with others.

    I too was disappointed that the Q&A from the Exchange/Outlook WebCast a couple of weeks ago was not published, as promised.  So, this time I copied/pasted into Notepad.  If anyone is interested, I am happy to share.

  12. says:

    Is there a way to see this webcast… the link says it’s not availble…

    Thanks !!!

  13. David Sharpe says:

    Thanks for pointing this out.  IT professionals worldwide need to be cognizant of the DST2007 problem, especially if your organization, your organizations customers, or your partners have a physical or electronic presence in the United States or Canada. There is a small but growing body of information available online to help address the DST2007 problem. For example, there is a tool available at to help with one of the toughest parts of the problem – unsupported versions of Microsoft Windows.

  14. Yadontsay says:

    You wouldn’t be plugging your own product, would you?

  15. Yadontsay2 says:

    I used Exchange 2003…plain and simple, the organization I worked for decided to move from an unsupported Exchange 5.5 platform to a supported Exchange 2003 platform.  It was painful, but they are not dealing with these issues now.

    Microsoft has stood firm in it’s decision to provide security hotfixes free and to require an agreement when a product is out of its supported lifecycle.  DST 2007 was not a security hotfix.  They have given us Patch Tuesday and they have stood firm regarding their LifeCycle.

    IF they would have done something like give the folks who haven’t upgraded a patch, they would be on the hook to support unsupported customers.  

    IN ADDITION – THERE WOULD BE A LOT OF FOLKS WITH SHAREHOLDER ATTORNEYS LINING UP TO SUE THEM!  Three or four of my mutual funds have MS stock in them.  If they created a liability and opened the waters for a SarBox lawsuit, I would be on that bandwagon.

  16. ppollack80 says:

    In response to Eric C’s post- we are also running exchange 2000 with BES.   Wondering if you got any answers to your question about whether ESM 2003 sp2 with the dst patch will work.   Can I have a different version cdo on the BES server from my exchange?    

    If not, what else is there to do if we don’t want to pay $4000?  We’ve already patched all operating systems and clients.   Should I patch the handhelds if I don’t patch the BES?   What can I expect to happen to my users if I don’t patch the BES?    

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