TechNet Webcast Series: 24 Hours of Exchange Server 2007

Get a comprehensive look at Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 with the new "24 hours of Exchange" series. Our Exchange experts cover in-depth topics such as deployment and migration, the new Exchange Management Console and Shell, Unified Messaging, high availability, and security, providing you with the tools and knowledge that help optimize your Exchange Server environment. Whether you are currently administering Exchange Server or looking to migrate to Exchange, you do not want to miss these webcasts. This series runs through April 14th, 2007.

This month's webcasts:

A lot more to follow too! You can keep track with it all on this page.

- Nino Bilic

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What, you haven’t sign up for them yet? What have you been doing with your time? You can check out my

  2. Hi Nino:

    Part 1

    Thanks for the link.

    While I can see what is offered on that page, there is no way for me to “keep track with it all on this page” or any other page that I am aware of on”

    For example, if I register for even one of the series of 24, I am immediately taken to a “Register Online” page. If I click on that, I am taken to a passport sign-in page. If I fill in the requested data I am taken to an “Event Registration” page. If I fill in the requested data, I am taken to a “Thank You For Registering!” page, where I can download a calendar reminder if I want to. Since I want to add the event to my calendar I click “Add a reminder to your calendar for this event.” That opens a File Download Window which lets me open or save an ical file. If I click “Open,” an “Appointment” window in Outlook opens and is pre-populated. I then make minor modifications and hit “Save and Close.”

    In my case, if I want to register for another of the 24 sessions, I return to my still open window and repeat the process.

    At this point, I have done down seven clicks to register for and insert a reminder in Outlook for a single webcast. If I register for all 24 sessions, I need to complete 168 clicks and spend a considerable amount of time doing that – and that is before I have watched one minute of the series.

    Why isn’t there a choice to register for all 24 webcasts in this series at once? For example, If I want to register for the SBSC 70 – 282 Exam Prep series (, and choose “Register Now” it takes me to, shows all five webcasts in the series and with one click, I am registered for all five.


    For another example, if I use the Monthly Event Calendar for the Longhorn beta over on the connect site, it allows me select and download all the relevant ical files I need at one time?

    It seems to me that this issue with registering for a series with a single click should be a very simple fix? Am I missing something here?

  3. Part 2

    Assuming that I have registered for all 24 webcasts, or any subset thereof, does not tell me which ones I am registered for and which ones I am not.

    I could use the “My Events” page at to check on my registration but it covers all of the events that I am registered for including 0n-demand webcasts. It also only shows five events per page. Earlier this month, I
    registered for 54 on demand webcasts. That meant the first ten pages of five entries each showed an on demand webcast. When I was trying to use “My Events” page, I remember that even though my “History” page showed over 200 events, I was only able to navigate
    the first ten – so events 51 on were inaccessible.  I don’t remember if the same type of limitation is imposed on the “Registered Events” page but I think it was.

    Neither nor shows me not only what day the webcast went live but also what day I watched and whether or not I filled out an evaluation at the end of either.

    Microsoft has the relevant information. For example, every event has an “Event ID”. Every viewer has a “Contact ID” and every evaluation has an “Evaluation ID”

    For example, for the first of the 24 sessions, we see:

    Evaluation Id: xxxxxxxxxx ( a ten digit # that I redacted here)
    Event Id: 1032322086
    Contact Id: xxxxxx (a six digit # that identifies me and that I redacted here).

    Isn’t the solution to just do something like integrate the BDC and/or BA with MOSS and put the information for each registrant on a page that he or she accesses using the passport account and which isn’t limited to 5 entries per page or ten pages in total?

    The kicker for me in all this is that I sit through these webcasts that show all the great technologies and I am left to track this stuff in a spreadsheet of my own devising. The irony grates.

    Can you do something – at least with regard to this series and the labs to alleviate the series user experience pain?

  4. Kevin Napier says:

    The fact one has to jump though 168 clicks to view a previous webcast or register for a future one seriously diminishes any interest I had in viewing these things.   If they were 2-3 clicks away from watching, like most the channel 9 content is I’d spend all day watching these but in these case.. I just said .. screw it not worth the effort.


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