A demo of many new features for Outlook Web Access 2007

This is a Flash demo showing off some of the great new features for Outlook Web Access 2007:

Thought you might be interested if you did not see Exchange 2007 OWA in Action yet!

- DJ Schwend

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  1. Chad says:

    Nice Demo…

    Self initiated mobile device wipe from OWA is a sweet feature I would have never expected to see! :D

  2. J.Cruz says:

    It’s strange…because OWA is so close to Outlook 2007, I learned a little bit more about how to use some of the advanced features in Outlook because they’re so much alike!

    And yeah, the mobile device remote-wipe feature is really sweet!

  3. Michael S. says:

    Very great demo that I’m having some clients see for them selves.  I think it will be a great selling tool.  Thanks for the link!

  4. Stephen W says:

    That is a superb demo, thanks for posting the link. Are there any more of these for Exchange 2007?

  5. Ben says:

    Wish we could use a lot of the cool features in FireFox and Safari :(

  6. carl says:

    Does anyone know if OWA 2007 can FINALLY be set as the default client (not possible with OWA 2003) so that on click of any email link on the web, it brings up your OWA "compose to" window instead of regular Outlook ?

  7. Lukas Beeler says:

    This is a really great presentation. Even tough i’ve played with the new OWA since beta 2, i’ve learned of several features i haven’t used yet.

    I also forwarded this to our sales staff, they will love this :)

  8. Chris says:

    OWA 2007 is missing Rules and Distribution List management.

    When will we seen them again?

  9. owafreak says:

    I have to say I like the new features of ex07 but I would say that I wont be moving to it anytime soon if there are no Rules, or distribution lists. Also the 64bit restriction. because i just bought a 10k$ 5u exchange server and its 32bit. I have about 350 users in a ex03 pure OWA enviroment because outlook…. well its outlook. We also bought the messageware suite for 03. Because of the address book and im not sure im to hot for the new address book. I think what you got going on is great even though i have been talking down thats just me. But you are doing a great job and thanks.   Also I have a exchange 07 demo set up if some one would like to try it out send me a email @ shirkey@gmail.com and i will send you some info.

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