Exchange Server 2007: Comparing editions and CALs

We get the following questions quite often:

What will be the difference between Standard and Enterprise versions of Exchange 2007?

What about CALs (Client Access Licenses)?

And the answers are on this page.

- Nino Bilic

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  1. Nunof says:

    Hi, in the Standard Edition is it 5 Database for storage group or 5 Database in the sum of all Database of the storage groups?


    Best regards

  2. Exchange says:


    5 databases are the maximum. You can have 5 DBs each in it’s own SG or 2 SGs one with 2 and one with 3 DBs, as you wish. We suggest to use 1:1 ratio. Also – if you want to use LCR, you will have to use the 1:1 ratio (both LCR and CCR enforce it).

  3. mike says:

    Can server versions be mixed for different roles?  i.e. Standard edition for Client Access role, but Enterprise edition for the Mail Box role.

    Similar to FE/BE in 2003 today.



  4. Nunoxf says:

    Thanks for the answer. But one other think. If i install the edge roll in one server and all the other rolls in another server, how many licences i need? After all, all the roles are installed only in one place.


  5. Daniel says:

    So there won’t be a software imposed storage limit on standard?  What does it mean by hardware – if ihave a 250GB available, could i have that large a mailstore?    

  6. Exchange says:


    The answer is yes. :)

    Hardware and your backup/restore window is what will limit the practical size of the database for you.

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