Exchange Server 2003 Technical Library Documentation Changes – November 2006

The Exchange Server documentation team is pleased to announce the following additions and changes to our content. For a complete list of topics that changed, see Exchange Server Documentation Updates.

Changes to Online Content

The following topics are new:

Changes to Downloadable Content

To read the most current version online of the Exchange Server 2003 documentation, see the Microsoft Exchange Server TechCenter.

The following documentation downloads have been updated:

- Cathy Anderson, Content Release Manager, Exchange User Documentation

Comments (2)
  1. Scott says:

    Minor feedback on page:

    DDR in the context of memory = double data rate

    "Memory Module Size: What is the largest memory module size the server will support? Generally, the larger the memory module, the more expensive it is; 2x1GB dial on demand routing (DDR) SDRAM memory modules generally cost much less than 1x2GB DDR SDRAM memory modules. When planning for an Exchange 2007 server, make sure the maximum memory module size allows you to meet your target memory requirements."

  2. Exchange says:

    Thank you Scott, will get this fixed!

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