Ayla Kol’s Bio

My name is Ayla (pronounced eye-la), I am from Turkey. I have joined Exchange Performance Analysis team right after Exchange 2000 shipped. I am currently the Program Manager for  database backup/restore and disaster recovery  of the mailbox server. I am a physicist by training, and worked in Academia prior to joining Microsoft.

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  1. Serhat Turker says:

    Merhaba Ayla,

    I am glad to see you are also on the exchange team. I work for SAIC and located in DC. I really liked your blog about backup/restore of exchange. We do have a big challenge with our backups and trying to find a better way to streamline our back up procedure. At the moment we are taking about 20 hrs to back up one of the exchange servers. Any help or feedback on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    Cok Tesekkurler, Selamlar,

    Serhat Turker,

    Serhat.turker AT secureskies DOT net

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