Jared (Ji-Chao) Zhang’s Biography

I'm Jared Zhang (??? in Chinese), a Program Manager on the System Management team in Exchange, where I contribute to the design of Exchange 2007 (E12) and the planning of the next generation of Exchange from a system management perspective. My focus is in the Admin area including Exchange management GUI and command line. I worked on various GUI features (recipient management, client access, etc) and wrote scripts and one-liners using PowerShell for Exchange 2007 management.

I joined Microsoft in 2005. Previously I was a developer at Sun Microsystems for 3 years. I worked on Java projects integrating APIs into JDK 6.0 and Solaris Common Desktop Environment sustained engineering. I spent a lot of time working with Java and Linux communities.

I'm located in Beijing, China and graduated from Tsinghua Univ. China with a M.S. degree in Computer Science in July 2002. My research interests included system architecture and high-performance computing (HPC) as a graduate student.

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