Video: Demonstration of the Scheduling Assistant

Paul Tischhauser demonstrates the "Scheduling Assistant" feature in Outlook 2007 that is enabled with Exchange 2007. You can see the video here:

Jason Mayans discussed the behind-the-scenes evolution of this feature on his Exchange 2007 IW Connections blog. To read this, go to part 1 and part 2.

- The Exchange Team

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  1. Hi Exchange Team:

    I couldn’t get this .wmv file to play correctly in either the embedded player (using IE7 Beta 3 on XP Pro SP2) or by downloading the file and playing it in WMP 11.

    The sound is good but the video is basically overlayed with wavy lines that prevent a viewer from seeing much of anything.

    I then looked at the comments to see if others were experiencing a similar problems but I see no one else has posted a comment. I wonder if that is because they couldn’t view the video…

    I looked for an email address to send you an FYI rather than posting a comment but couldn’t find one. First thought: “No email address for the Exchange Team? How ironic is that?” Second thought: “WWST: What would Scoble think?” I would encourage you to follow the lead of many other MS blogs and post an email address for this type of communication.

    When I started using the form on the blog to prepare this comment I noticed that as I typed, the text scrolled out of site to the right in the form window. I switched to Word to draft this comment.

    You guys are making me do an awful lot of work just to tell you that I am excited about your blog and want to see the stuff you are posting but that we seem to be having multiple failures to communicate.

    Hopefully a couple tweaks on your end will solve this minor annoyances and we can get on with some more sweet Exchange 07 stuff.

  2. Ricky says:

    I have trouble viewing too. The end of the video freezes and the audio resumes.

  3. Exchange says:

    Robert and Ricky,

    Thanks for letting us know – I am looking into the video issue right now. I should have the updated video shortly (I am repackaging it and am hoping that makes it better).

    Robert – which browser did you use to try drafting the comment that made it scroll to the right? I can not reprodice that problem with 2 3rd party browsers I tried?

    Thanks for the email comment… we do have an email link (the link for the suggestions in the right frame) – but I do understand what you mean. We used to have a problem where the "Email" link essentially became a place where people were sending in their technical problems hoping to get help… which quickly becomes a problem of course for us trying to run the blog. But I’ll give it a shot again I think to see if the situation has changed.

    We also get notified when there are new comments. :)

  4. You're KILLING ME! says:

    I love this idea, but where did the equipment button go that could be seen on the other blog?  What about if you want some sort of catering done for a meeting during breakfast or lunch?

    Did I miss something?  Are features like this available?  PLEASE tell me that I just didn’t see these.  If so, you will allow me to retire a product that is a TOTAL pain in the rear to manage.

    Please hear my cry for help!!!

  5. jmayans says:

    You’re KILLING ME!:  Yes, in some early visual prototyping (never in working code), we had the idea of a separate "Equipment" button.  This didn’t end up making the cut for the final release but I definitely see value in having this eventually.

    Can you send me an email with more information about being able to "retire a product that is a TOTAL pain in the rear to manage" and what it would take to do that?  jmayans [at] microsoft [dot] com.  

  6. Email sent! says:

    I just talked to our BA’s and I don’t think that you’ll get all of those requests in by launch.  SP1, maybe? :)

  7. Cheers!

    I am using the Release Candidate build of IE7. I was able to reproduce the issue in posting this comment.

    As for your email address, I actually navigated to that page before posting my original comment but read the instructions for use as being limited to content suggestions. I’ll use email in the future for these blog issues. (BTW: I totally understand your desire to avoid technical issue emails that are not relevant to running the blog.)

    I’ll also let you know when and if I can view the video in either RC of IE7 or a downloaded version in WMP 11.


  8. Exchange says:

    I have just uploaded a new video, had no problems playing this one locally in several computers – hopefully that one works better!

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